Modular Bookcases

Modular bookcases: the collection

Choose the practicality of online purchasing and discover our exclusive collection of modern bookcases, created by combining multiple modules, doors, shelves and upright supports. These modular systems can be used in contemporary living spaces or businesses, in a floor-standing or suspended model, fixed to the wall or between the floor and ceiling, and in metal, iron or wood: Our bookcases are inspired by international trends but are particularly emblematic of a pronounced Italian style.

  • Airport design modular bookcase by Cattelan

    Modular Bookcase

    Airport by Cattelan is a modular bookcase with ceiling or wall rails, also for the centre of the room. In steel, wood and lacquer.

  • Libreria a parete moderna con vetrina Aliant 03

    Aliant 03
    Modular Bookcase

    Libreria a parete moderna con vetrina Aliant 03, ideale in soggiorno o in un grande open space abbinata alla cucina. Realizzabile su misura.

  • Libreria divisoria da ingresso in legno Aliant 04

    Aliant 04
    Partition Bookcase

    Libreria divisoria da ingresso in legno Aliant 04, realizzabile su misura a tutta altezza e personalizzabile in larghezza per adattarsi a qualsiasi spazio.

  • Libreria componibile con ante Aliant p.32

    Aliant p.32
    Modular Bookcase

    Aliant p.32 modular bookcase with doors, customisable in size, finishes and accessories. Made in Italy quality, ideal in large modern living rooms.

  • Libreria bifacciale a ponte Aliant p.32

    Aliant p.32 Bifacciale
    Partition Bookcase

    Libreria bifacciale a ponte Aliant p.32, modulare e realizzabile su misura. Grande varietà di colori e materiali, completata da ante, vetrine e divisori.

  • Aliant p.41,6

    Aliant p.41,6
    Modular Bookcase

    Libreria modulare a parete con vetrine Aliant p.41,6, realizzata su misura anche a tutta altezza o con moduli sospesi. Numerose finiture e accessori disponibili.

  • Libreria divisoria bifacciale Aliant p.41,6

    Aliant p.41,6 Bifacciale
    Partition Bookcase

    Libreria divisoria bifacciale Aliant p.41,6, con vani a giorno, ante e vetrine. Elevata personalizzazione, grazie alla realizzazione su misura e a un vasto campionario.

  • Betis aluminium modular shelving system, modern and functional wall-mounted bookcase

    Modular Bookcase

    Betis aluminium modular shelving system. Floor-ceiling or floor-wall fixing, shelves in glass, wood or lacquered; optionals drawers or storage units.

  • Libreria componibile Byron con montanti nel modello pavimento / soffitto

    Modular Bookcase

    Byron shelving bookcase composed of rods. Customisable with shelves, storage drop-down compartments, baskets or chest of drawers.

  • Libreria da cucina componibile Byron Dispensa

    Byron Dispensa
    Modular Bookcase

    Libreria da cucina componibile, con portabicchieri e portabottiglie in dotazione. Personalizzabile per elementi e finitura, anche a parete.

  • London is a modern pantry shelving unit

    Modular Bookcase

    London is a modern pantry shelving unit for kitchens and open spaces made of metal and wood, customisable measurements and many accessories to choose from.

  • Almond d.32,8 lacquered modular bookcase white and yellow: cm 243 (modules 60 + 30 + 60 + 30 +60) h.222,8 - height modified in h. 232

    #Almond d.32,8
    Modular Bookcase

    Almond d.32,8 lacquered modular bookcase; also available in laminate. Combinable with Tilt hinged wardrobe.

  • Almond d.32,8 lacquered double-sided bookcase cm 303 (modules 60 + 60 + 60 + 60 + 60) nella finitura laccato opaco Moka

    #Almond d.32,8 Double-sided
    Partition Bookcase

    Almond d.32,8 lacquered double-sided bookcase, available in laminate as well. In nine heights and three widths.

  • Almond d.45,6 wall modular bookcase in wood effect melamine

    #Almond d.45,6
    Modular Bookcase

    Almond d.45,6 wall modular bookcase. Available with doors and combinable with Tilt hinged wardrobe.

  • Almond d.45,6 double-sided modular bookcase cm 273 (modules 45 + 60 + 60 + 60 + 45) h.259,6 in Ocean matt lacquer

    #Almond d.45,6 Double-sided
    Partition Bookcase

    Almond d.45,6 double-sided modular bookcase; available in three widths and nine heights. Laminate or matt lacquer finises.

  • Libreria componibile in metallo Batuan in appoggio a terra con ripiani in melaminico

    Modular Bookcase

    Libreria componibile in metallo Batuan in appoggio a terra o sospesa con ripiani in melaminico, laccato opaco, cristallo o lamiera metallica.

  • Hudson modular steel bookcase by Cattelan

    Modern Bookcase

    Hudson modular steel bookcase by Cattelan is suitable to create compositions in the middle of the room as well as against the wall.

  • Libreria minimal componibile in metallo Milton

    Modular Bookcase

    Libreria minimal componibile in metallo Milton, con montanti a parete o a soffitto per la massima libertà compositiva. Ripiani in cristallo, legno o metallo.

  • Elisabeth asymmetric bespoke bookcase, fixed to the wall

    Wooden Bookcase

    Queen asymmetric bespoke bookcase made of wood or lacquered; 3 widths and h. cm 192, 256 or customisable up to 285 cm; also double-sided.

  • Libreria freestanding bifacciale in legno Windsor

    Partition Bookcase

    Windsor freestanding double-sided wooden bookcase. Sectional bookcase which can be made with bespoke measurements. Metal supports and wooden shelves.

  • Libreria componibile con ripiani sfalsati Blabla di Bonaldo

    Bla Bla
    Modular Bookcase

    Libreria componibile con ripiani sfalsati Blabla di Bonaldo. Anche con specchio e mensola svuotatasche ideale come mobile ingresso.

  • Domino modern modular bookcase with a contemporary design

    Modular Bookcase

    Domino modern modular bookcase. Colourful compartments to store books, decorative objects or to crate a room divider.

  • Myoko bespoke walnut shelving system

    Wooden Bookcase

    Myoko bespoke walnut shelving system with live edge wood shelves and sides. It also features optional metal shelves and storage units.

  • Treccia wall mounted glass bookcase in the model with back cm h.96 equipped with n.4 shelves

    Wall Bookcase

    Treccia wall modular glass shelves with back panel. Custom made width for a highly customised compositional bookcase.

  • modern asymmetrical bookcase by Cattelan

    Design Bookcase

    Wally modern asymmetrical bookcase by Cattelan suits your living room in black, white and many more colours.

Modular bookcases for customised solutions

Modularity, sequentiality and versatility. These are the hallmarks of this exquisite collection of modular bookcases with outstanding compositional freedom. Adaptable in width, height and depth, the brackets, side panels, shelves, doors and glass panels all combine to give shape to an open, semi-closed, linear or unstructured shelving unit. The variety of different elements, such as open compartments, doors, shelves, storage containers and boxes all redefine the very idea of a modern bookcase, an idea which has been transformed into a fluid and dynamic design concept with an unpredictable design. The range of different furnishing solutions is almost endless; you can find basic units for simply holding books or exquisite luxury shelving. You can also choose partition bookcases for dividing your living room or self-supporting open structures in vertical or horizontal models.

Sectional bookcases in wood or metal

Functionality is crucial but we must not sacrifice aesthetics in the search for practicality. Modern bookcases experiment with colours, finishes and materials, offering both contemporary and more traditional living rooms the opportunity to adapt to current trends. As a quintessentially noble material, wood is often the most obvious choice for shelving units with a classic charm. In our extensive range of materials you will find wood veneer finishes such as Canaletto walnut, elm and beech, both in natural versions and in original lacquered varieties with visible veining. Lacquered bookcases in bold colours, such as red, blue or orange, are inspired by Italian design. These accented shades are an alternative to pastels, or to white and black which can be used to convey a sense of timeless elegance. There are also several original designs featuring a raw material such as iron, aluminium or steel as the protagonist of the bookcase. These metal structures, which are an expression of creativity and craftsmanship, are often finished with wooden or glass shelves to create an impactful "mix and match" effect.