Rocking Armchairs

Modern and classic rocking armchairs

Rocking armchairs can come in a variety of styles: ergonomic, classic, upholstered, wooden, design or in plastic. They are perfect both in the living area or in a bedroom. Find out all models and materials and customise your bespoke rocking accent chairs.

  • Olivia wingback rocking armchair

    Olivia Rock
    Rocking Armchair

    Starting from €1,260.02

    Olivia wingback rocking armchair features head and low back cushions; is available in fabric, faux leather or leather with wood rockers.

  • Poltrona a dondolo in metallo Aurora di Cantori

    Design Armchair

    Starting from €1,599.64

    Aurora modern metal rocking armchair with upholstered cushions by Cantori. Also available in the fixed version with low legs and high seat-back.

  • Camilla rocking modern armchair in a urban-chic living

    Rocking Armchair

    Starting from €1,680.84

    Camilla rocking modern armchair with structure in bent metal. Ideal to create chatting areas inside wide sitting rooms.

  • Amaya vintage wooden armchair with cushions

    Rocking Armchair

    Starting from €1,183.30

    Poltrona a dondolo in legno massello Yumi disponibile in noce naturale o grigio con cuscini in tessuto, velluto, vera pelle o similpelle.

Rocking armchair, a blast from the past

Rocking armchairs belong - together with turntables and frequency radio - to an iconic imaginary of past objects that are still vivid in our memory. Usually their best position is next to a window to look the world outside while letting your stream of consciousness wander about. collection of rocking armchairs is available with a structure either in wood or metal and with a fabric or leather cover.

Modern rocking armchairs add warmth to minimalist environments

In modern houses, characterised by strict and geometric lines, it is always possible to add design rocking armchairs for a warm touch to the environment. You can mach them with a floor lamp and a coffee table so they can be enjoyed during long winter evenings when all you need is dozing off gently. Another solution can be to add a rocking armchair in the bedroom or in an empty corner of the house. However, in order to really enjoy rocking chairs, you just have to wait for summer evenings and get the best of the refreshing sunset breeze while gently rocking on the sledge base. No further words needed.

Materials and types of rocking armchairs

There's a model of rocking armchair for every kind of environment and, as a consequence, also the right finish that better suit one room or another. In classic environments you can opt for a velvet upholstered seat and sledges in wood. In ultra sleek and modern contexts, structures in bright colour plastic materials give a witty touch to the space balancing the rigorous clean design of a contemporary house. Rocking chairs can be upholstered in fabric, faux-leather or leather and they can be placed in different environments of the house being a living or a night area.