Round Rugs

Round rugs for the living room or bathroom

Thanks to their unique style, round rugs are able to liven up even the most formal of rooms, creating an interesting contrast with other traditional square and regular pieces of furniture. Round rugs are available in a wide range of different sizes and can be made to measure.

  • Aliwal custom made carpet rug by Homeplaneur


    Starting from €379

    Aliwal custom made carpet rug made by hand. Available in several shapes and many colours.

  • Anversa tailor cut one coloured rug


    Starting from €264

    Anversa tailor cut one coloured rug, available rectangular, square, round or elliptical with customisable measurements. Several colours available.

  • Baltimora soft custom made rug


    Starting from €282

    Baltimora soft custom made rug, available in several colours. Tailor cut measurements in rectangular, square, round or elliptical shape.

  • Tappeto tinta unita con bordo Bruges


    Starting from €436

    Bruges low pile rug available in 36 colours and 4 shapes. Tufted custom tailored rug made by hand.

  • Dublin handmade wool rug


    Starting from €167

    Cardiff soft high pile rug with tailor-cut measurements to the centimetre. Available in several shapes and colours.

  • Coimbra high pile rug


    Starting from €557

    Coimbra high pile rug custom made in 4 shapes and 18 colours. Ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, sitting rooms and offices.

  • Delhi rectangular shaggy rug


    Starting from €521

    Delhi rectangular shaggy rug available in 11 colours with different type of edges. Also available with custom measurements and with square, round and elliptic shape.

  • Dublin handmade wool rug


    Starting from €512

    Dublin handmade wool rug available in custom made sizes with square, rectangular and round shape and in 8 colours with different edge types.

  • Liverpool velvet rug with vintage bouclé effect


    Starting from €347

    Leeds printed bouclé velvet carpet available in various colours and customised sizes in square, rectangular, round or oval shapes.

  • Liverpool velvet rug with vintage bouclé effect


    Starting from €276

    Liverpool velvet rug with vintage bouclé effect. Available in many colours and customized sizes, square, rectangular, round or elliptical.

  • Tappeto slavato con decori astratti Mumbai di Cattelan nel modello rettangolare


    Starting from €1,161

    Mumbai modern industrial area rug by Cattelan. Abstract pattern with shades of black, dark and light grey for a bleached look.

  • Tappeto fantasia dallo stile vintage Radja di Cattelan


    Starting from €1,161

    Radja contemporary vintage carpet by Cattelan characterised by melange colours with neutral shades.

Shaved or low pile round rugs

Round shaved or low pile rugs are made of resistant, easy-to-clean materials, ideal for high traffic areas such as corridors or entryways. Very practical, they bring a younger, more dynamic look to the room, while remaining cosy and elegant. The design of modern round low pile rugs is characterised by distinctive geometric patterns, bright solid colours such as acid green or red, or neutral colours such as beige, grey or ivory. They fit perfectly in sober and essential spaces, but can also be used in more classic contexts to create original and trendy contrasts.

Round rug with high pile

Among the most popular round rugs in modern spaces we can easily find long or curly pile carpets. Also known as shaggy, they give a warm and cosy look to the room thanks to their softness, obtained using interwoven yarns to evoke the feel of fur. Due to their aesthetic characteristics, long-pile round carpets are often used in living rooms, bedrooms or any other room dedicated to relaxation. They are also suitable as bedside accent rugs: the little ones will appreciate the comfort and softness, as well as the special and colourful shades in our sample book, including white, pink, green, blue and many others.