Shaped Mirrors

Shaped mirrors, unique shapes for a special living room

Our collection of shaped mirrors for the living room and bedroom, includes a wide range of unconventional reflecting surfaces: polygon or tear-shaped, design mirrors or with a customisable funny shape.

  • Specchio Julius quadrato e rettangolare con fascia perimetrale colorata


    Starting from €165.16

    Julius custom-made wall mirror in natural, smoked or bronzed glass. Available in any shape or size. Colourful edges, shaped frames and LED lights.

  • Specchio sagomato con struttura in metallo Medea di Cantori


    Starting from €968.22

    Specchio sagomato con struttura in metallo Medea di Cantori dalla forma ettagonale e dal design raffinato, disponibile in diverse finiture.

  • Africa di Cattelan, specchio di design a forma di Africa in cristallo specchiato


    Starting from €1,462.32

    Africa by Cattelan, design mirror with the shape of Africa in smoked mirrored glass or bronze. Available in two sizes.

  • Specchio fumè Aida


    Starting from €1,711.50

    Aida modern baroque mirror by Cantori. With shaped edge smoked glass mirror for a vintage look.

  • Specchio con cornice in legno massello Bungie


    Starting from €2,525.20

    Specchio con cornice in legno massello Bungie in essenza noce canaletto, anche tinto o laccato poro aperto, ideale per ambienti eleganti.

  • Camelot modern design wall mirror by Cattelan


    Starting from €1,578.30

    Camelot modern design wall mirror by Cattelan is marked by shield like shape. Made in Italy furniture accessory.

  • Diamond wall multi-faceted mirror with Baban lamp by Cattelan


    Starting from €1,099.18

    Diamond wall multi-faceted mirror by Cattelan. It can be hung vertically or horizontally; suitable in the living room or hallway.

  • Emerald octagonal design mirror by Cattelan


    Starting from €1,216.25

    Emerald octagonal design mirror with mirror frame by Cattelan, available in two shapes and sizes, totally made in Italy.

  • Specchio con orologio Fusion


    Starting from €1,203.49

    Specchio con orologio Fusion caratterizzato da due superfici circolari a formare il quadrante. Le ore sono divise tra numeri arabi e numeri romani.

  • Hawaii modern design mirror by Cattelan


    Starting from €328.45

    Hawaii modern design mirror by Cattelan; 7 measurements available with standard, smoked or bronze mirror.

  • Specchio sagomato con cornice in legno Janeiro di Cattelan nella dimensione cm 120 x 110


    Starting from €1,768.00

    Janeiro mirror with natural wooden frame by Cattelan. Irregular shape with smooth and curved edges in Canaletto walnut, burnt oak or black lacquer ashwood.

  • Specchio con orologio integrato Leave


    Starting from €957.32

    Lo specchio con orologio integrato Leave è composto da una superficie in vetro effetto gres, con lancette in metallo e inserito in una superficie specchiata.

  • Specchio dalla forma irregolare Stone


    Starting from €349.89

    Madeira irregular shaped mirror without frame in different dimensions with clear or bronze mirror.

  • Specchio sagomato Mulan


    Starting from €178.84

    Mulan shaped wall mirror, suitable for kids bedrooms; available in six creative shapes such as butterflies, teddy bears and bowling pins.

  • Stripes italian design wall mirror by Cattelan


    Starting from €1,022.21

    Stripes is an Italian design wall mirror by Cattelan. This furniture accessory is made of glass slats set one next to the other.

  • Tower è uno specchio pendente a pavimento con cornice in legno massello


    Starting from €2,552.15

    Tower è uno specchio pendente a pavimento con cornice in legno massello di noce, rovere o frassino abbinata all'elegante vetro specchiato argento o bronzo.

Shaped wall mirrors, unique and designer accessory

The unique feature of shaped mirrors is their ability to break away from conventions, in order to decorate in total freedom with irregular shapes and great personality. Instead of the more traditional rectangular or square, you will find tear shaped mirrors, octagonal or irregular shaped ones, with rounded edges and wooden or metal frames, to contrast or limit their creativity. Beside more playful shapes you will also find mirrors shaped after a personalised design: the highest form of customisation, for a truly unique mirror.

Irregular and unconventionally shaped mirrors can be grouped together to furnish entire walls. Our collection includes many different models, freely placeable one beside the other to bring dynamism, volume and brightness on an entry hall wall or in the living area, otherwise empty and uninteresting from a decorative point of view.