Shaped Mirrors

  • Africa di Cattelan, specchio di design a forma di Africa in cristallo specchiato


    Starting from €1,322.40

    Africa by Cattelan, design mirror with the shape of Africa in smoked mirrored glass or bronze. Available in two sizes.

  • Specchio fumè Aida


    Starting from €1,256.70

    Aida modern baroque mirror by Cantori. With shaped edge smoked glass mirror for a vintage look.

  • Apfel mirror with colourful frame available in several colours


    Starting from €366.52

    Apfel apple shaped mirror with colourful frame. Perfect to furnish modern and young environments.

  • Biancaneve tree shaped mirror - complete mirror with upper element and trunk


    Starting from €305.76

    Biancaneve tree shaped mirror for the kids' bedroom with clothes hangers with apple shape, available white, red or violet.

  • Camelot modern design wall mirror by Cattelan


    Starting from €1,484.28

    Camelot modern design wall mirror by Cattelan is marked by shield like shape. Made in Italy furniture accessory.

  • Specchio sagomato a t-shirt modello Casual con disegno a mela.


    Starting from €329.28

    Casual t-shirt shaped mirror with coloured painted frame and central apple or biscuit drawing.

  • Diamond wall multi-faceted mirror with Baban lamp by Cattelan


    Starting from €1,003.20

    Diamond wall multi-faceted mirror by Cattelan. It can be hung vertically or horizontally; suitable in the living room or hallway.

  • Emerald octagonal design mirror by Cattelan


    Starting from €1,099.72

    Emerald octagonal design mirror with mirror frame by Cattelan, available in two shapes and sizes, totally made in Italy.

  • Fish shaped mirror and coat hanger


    Starting from €353.65

    Fish mirror and coat hanger with fish shape and chromed metal hooks. The "tail" works as a clothes hanger.

  • Hawaii modern design mirror by Cattelan


    Starting from €297.16

    Hawaii modern design mirror by Cattelan; 7 measurements available with standard, smoked or bronze mirror.

  • Specchio sagomato free standing Image di Cattelan contraddistinto da linee sinuose


    Starting from €1,404.48

    Image free standing shaped mirror in a natural or smoked finish. Wooden structure with upper hooks hiudden behind the mirror.

  • Specchio sagomato con cornice in legno Janeiro di Cattelan nella dimensione cm 120 x 110


    Starting from €1,662.88

    Janeiro mirror with natural wooden frame by Cattelan. Irregular shape with smooth and curved edges in Canaletto walnut, burnt oak or black lacquer ashwood.

  • Margherita flower shaped mirror with adjustable petals


    Starting from €530.47

    Margherita flower shaped mirror with adjustable petals placed in different angles.

  • Specchio sagomato Mulan


    Starting from €137.20

    Mulan shaped wall mirror, suitable for kids bedrooms; available in six creative shapes such as butterflies, teddy bears and bowling pins.

  • Specchio con decori colorati New New Perspective is a mirror with painted lines by Bonaldo with a young and playful lookdi Bonaldo

    New Perspective

    Starting from €775.56

    New Perspective by Bonaldo mirror with integrated coloured pattern available shaped in different colour combinations.

  • Specchio da parete con struttura in legno Obel in legno essenza noce americano


    Starting from €1,158.28

    Obel wall mirror in wood with curved and slightly sloping lines; in three finishes.

  • Specchio sagomato a gatto modello Silvestro.


    Starting from €431.20

    Silvestro cat shaped mirror fitted with 3 coat hooks made of chromed metal. Marked by a decorative and attractive design. An essential, fundamental furniture item for cat lovers.

  • Specchio dalla forma irregolare Stone


    Starting from €312.33

    Stone irregular shaped mirror without frame in different dimensions with clear or bronze mirror.

  • Stripes italian design wall mirror by Cattelan


    Starting from €943.16

    Stripes is an Italian design wall mirror by Cattelan. This furniture accessory is made of glass slats set one next to the other.

  • Drop shaped mirror by Calligaris


    Starting from €150.48

    Drop shaped mirror by Calligaris in two sizes; it features an upper ring made of white lacquer.