Pocket Spring Mattresses

Pocket and micro-pocket springs mattresses

Discover our selection of pocket sprung mattresses in various sizes: single, large single, double or king size. Available with 800 or 1600 individual springs and with tops in different materials, such as latex, memory foam or the innovative soy and Thermo Breeze.

Pocket spring mattresses with memory foam: the last frontier of sleep

Experience the comfort of a mattress with individual springs and a foam top and discover why it is the latest trend in the mattress world. The springs provide the right amount of support during the night, while the Memory, Breeze or Latex layer offers maximum comfort enveloping your body. Memory and pocket sprung mattresses are available in all sizes: from single 80 x 190, to double 160 x 200, to king size 200 x 200.

800 or 1600 pocket springs for exceptional comfort

Pocket springs mattresses are characterised by a layer of 800 or 1600 pocketed springs, designed to work individually and react to body pressure independently. Increasing the density of the micro-springs, we can offer more support to the cervical and lumbar region, ensuring an even more comfortable and rejuvenating sleep.