Wall-mounted Sideboards

Suspended and wall-mounted sideboards

Functional, versatile and 100% Made in Italy: three features of our luxurious collection of suspended sideboards for fixing to the wall. These modern sideboards, with unique combinations of doors, drawers and open compartments, don’t feature any kind of base structure and can be fixed to the wall at any height.

Wall-mounted sideboards: modern looks and flexible positioning

Suspended sideboards, often characterised by a unique and eye-catching design, are the ideal accessory in any modern environment. One of the many advantages of choosing from our range of suspended models, is that they are particularly versatile and can be placed in various strategic positions around the house. The wall-hanging sideboards from this luxurious collection have a distinctive look. They have been designed and created by Italian designers and craftsmen, bringing a unique touch to any environment. To create your own unique aesthetic, choose from our extensive range of materials finishes such as classic wood or bright and glossy lacquer.

Wall-mounted sideboards don’t touch the floor and can be fixed at any height, allowing you to select a model with various doors, storage compartments, shelves and other elements, all without creating a composition that is visually excessive or overbearing. The suspended nature of these pieces draws the eye upwards and gives a light-weight effect to the entire room.