Modern Sideboards and Cupboards

Virginia is a sideboard in wood and glass, also available as a high cupboard and TV unit. Different feet sizes and materials.

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Virginia is a living room sideboard in wood and glass, also available in the sideboard and TV stand model. Each model has a different arrangement of frontal elements, doors and/or drawers, with overlapping top or with perimeter frame on three or four sides. Each hinged door is supplied with an internal glass shelf (two for some sideboard models), which can be replaced by the optional internal drawer available in the same finish of the structure or the perimeter frame, where provided as per the scheme.
The glass doors have a metal frame with a choice of titanium or brown colour, it is also possible to choose the finish of the glass: clear or smoked. Virginia is a modern sideboard ideal to furnish a living room with a contemporary style, in the warm tones of wood or in lacquered colours combined with the refinement of glass.

sideboard for modern living areas with fronts in wood and glass
available in several models, sideboard, cupboard and TV unit
low feet or high metal or transparent ones, also wall mounted
wooden doors and doors with push-pull opening
optional internal drawer in melamine, matt lacquer, metallic and wood veneer

Width: from cm 90 to 301,5
Depth: cm d.46,5 / 56,1
Height: from cm 48 to 160 (without feet)

Materials and Finishes

Structure and Fronts:
- melamine
- matt / metallic / glossy lacquer
- wood veneer

Information for your Purchase
By selecting cylinder, shaped or methacrylate feet; cupboards and sideboards from 120 cm are supplied with anti-flexion metal base with feet.

Technical study

Technical Specifications
Perimeter Frame: cm 1,5 thick. The upper top matches the vertical side elements with a 45° cut joining points. The lower part is joined to the vertical elements by juxtaposition.
Fronts: thickness cm 2. As well as the open elements, the fronts are also set back by 1,5 cm compared to the perimeter structure.
-in black ABS Ø cm 0,5 and height cm 2,7, internal adjustment cm 1,2.
- methacrylate / shaped cm 1,5 thick
- cylinders  Ø cm 2 thick
- Segno: cm 8 h.0,5 - d.1,4 (built-in the frame)

Table matching the handle Sign with the structure

Structure Handle
Clay oak matt Terranova
Coal oak matt Brown
Ash oak matt Piombo
Knotty Natural oak matt brown
Knotty Caramel oak matt brown
Heat-treated oak matt brown
Grey oak matt Brown
Canaletto walnut matt Brown
matt lacquer matt lacquer
glossy lacquer glossy lacquer
metallic lacquer metallic lacquer
Medium Elm textured Gunmetal lacquer
Dark Elm textured Brown lacquer
Nature Loto textured Rope Grey matt
Taupe Loto textured Rope Grey matt
Terra Loto textured Terranova matt
White 10 Ash-wood textured White 10 matt
Canvas Ash-wood textured Canvas matt

Table matching Structure with Backrests

Structure Backrest
Clay oak clay matt
Rope oak brown matt
Ash oak slate matt
Knotty Natural oak magnolia matt
Knotty Caramel oak magnolia matt
Heat-treated oak brown matt
Grey oak charcoal matt
Canaletto walnut canvas matt
matt lacquer matt lacquer
glossy lacquer glossy lacquer
metallic lacquer metallic lacquer
Medium Elm textured canvas matt
Dark Elm textured brown matt
Natura Loto textured magnolia matt
Taupe Loto textured rope grey matt
Terra Loto textured terranova matt
White 10 Ash-wood textured white 10 matt
Canvas Ash-wood textured canvas matt

For more information...
Heat-treated Oak: this type of oak finish is characterised by the contrast between light grains and a dark background. This effect is given by the heat this veneer undergoes, resulting in a different shade between the harder and softer parts of wood, with a charming yet random play of light and dark areas.

Additional Information

Area of Production
Cubic Metres
from 0,52 to 1,2 m³
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