Hinged Wardrobes with Mirror Doors

Hinged wardrobes with mirrored doors: a sophistication solution for modern bedrooms

Explore this exclusive collection of hinged wardrobes with mirrored doors, available in smoked, bronzed or clear glass finishes. Made in Italy with bespoke designs, these wardrobes are designed to furnish an entire wall of the bedroom and are available in linear or corner versions. For a more diverse look, you can also choose a model that alternates between mirrored doors and wooden or lacquered surfaces.

Choose a mirror wardrobe to brighten up your hallway

Hinged wardrobes with mirrored doors are not just for the bedroom. Brighten up your hallway or an alcove in your house with one of our bespoke designs that can be customised to the centimetre. The reflective glass surface helps to diffuse light throughout the room and give a lightweight impression with a beautiful effect of reflecting colours.

What makes our high-quality, Made in Italy wardrobes particularly suitable for using outside the bedroom is that they can be customised in depth: request a space-saving solution with reduced depth without sacrificing on spacious storage compartments and other accessories.

Hinged doors in clear glass: a triumph of minimalism

An equally trendy alternative to mirrored wardrobes are glass models. Available in various different shades, clear glass doors partially reflect the light, giving, like a mirrored version, a sense of spaciousness and brightness to the entire bedroom. Glass wardrobes are particularly popular because they leave the contents of the wardrobe fully visible, while also protecting them from dust and exposure to the environment. Ideal on large wardrobes fitted with compartments, drawers and other accessories, glass doors enhance the minimalist look, as they fulfil the same functions as a traditional wooden or lacquered wardrobe with only a few visible supporting structures. These models are also available in an ultra-modern blend of wood, metal and glass; three very different materials that interact with each other and are united by their aesthetic appeal and high-quality craftsmanship.