Armchairs and lounge chairs for all styles and house environments

A wide collection of living room armchairs, also perfect for a reading corner or a bedroom. Upholstery cover available in leather, fabric and faux-leather. Modern, classic and design they are also available in relaxing reclining variants, with riser mechanism or transformable into beds.

  • Agata swivel armchair with high backrest

    Ergonomic Armchair

    Starting from €1,042.79

    Agata swivel armchair with high backrest, available in fabric, faux-leather, velvet and leather. Wooden or chromed base.

  • Agata swivel armchair with high backrest

    Agata Lounge
    Armless Armchair

    Starting from €912.97

    Agata is a lounge chair with swivel base low backrest; also available in a fixed version with wooden feet.

  • Ales Made in Italy retro armchair

    Design Armchair

    Starting from €1,026.13

    Ales Made in Italy retro armchair with fabric, faux-leather, velvet or leather upholstery. Also available without armrests and with contrasting stitching.

  • Amaya vintage wooden armchair with cushions

    Design Armchair

    Starting from €1,194.34

    Amaya vintage wooden armchair with cushions, also available as a two-seater small sofa. Hand-crafted in Italy.

  • Bellagio modern button tufted armchair, covered in velvet

    Tufted Armchair

    Starting from €1,423.93

    Bellagio modern button tufted armchair in velvet, leather, fabric or faux-leather. Classic design revisited with a contemporary twist and hand-made production.

  • Betty comfortable modern design armchair

    Armchair with Armrests

    Starting from €1,032.79

    Betty is a comfortable modern design armchair marked by a low seat. Upholstery covers available in fabric, velvet, eco-leather and leather.

  • Poltrona bergere dal design moderno Coralia

    Bergere Armchair

    Starting from €1,215.61

    Coralia velvet bergere armchair is available also in fabric, faux leather and leather with optional complementing ottoman.

  • Dallas vintage longue armchair

    Design Armchair

    Starting from €1,142.15

    Dallas vintage lounge armchair with slim hide-leather arms and wooden feet. Covered in fabric, eco-leather or leather.

  • Edith shaped upholstered armchair

    Armless Armchair

    Starting from €625.00

    Edith shaped upholstered armchair available with removable cover in fabric, faux-leather or leather.

  • Frida comfortable compact armchair


    Starting from €646.49

    Frida comfortable compact armchair covered in fabric, faux leather or leather with contrasting piping. Perfect for young and modern living areas.

  • Poltrona girevole in tessuto Ghost

    Swivel Armchair

    Starting from €1,250.00

    Ghost swivel fabric armchair with removable cover. Also available fixed and with faux-leather or leather cover.

  • Gilmour bespoke design armchair

    Design Armchair

    Starting from €1,322.84

    Gilmour is a bespoke design armchair available in fabric, velvet or leather. Plump comfy armchair for your modern living room.

  • Poltroncina moderna bassa con poggiapiedi Harriet Lounge

    Harriet Lounge
    Armless Armchair

    Starting from €606.00

    Poltroncina moderna bassa con poggiapiedi Harriet Lounge; telaio in legno o laccato e seduta e schienale imbottiti e rivestiti.

  • Holly wood and leather armchair

    Armless Armchair

    Starting from €992.02

    Holly wood and leather armchair. Design solid ashwood frame in several finishes and square-quilted leather seat with headrest available in leather or fabric.

  • Isabel wing back armchair with wooden feet

    Bergere Armchair

    Starting from €1,193.51

    Isabel elegant modern wing back armchair suitable for sitting rooms or bedrooms. Upholstered in fabric, velvet, eco-leather or leather.

  • Isadora tufted chesterfiel armchair on casters for an easy displacement

    Tufted Armchair

    Starting from €1,043.50

    Isadora tufted chesterfield armchair on casters for easy displacement around the house. Classic swirl rounded arms and high comfortable seat cushion.

  • Janet swivel upholstered armchair

    Design Armchair

    Starting from €980.00

    Janet swivel upholstered armchair is available in fabric, leather, eco-leather with decorative piping, ideal for relaxing.

  • Lock round armchair with central hole by Bonaldo

    Design Armchair

    Starting from €1,324.80

    Lock round armchair with central hole by Bonaldo. Upholstered structure in fabric, leather or faux leather set on 4 legs or on a swivel base.

  • Lovy modern velvet bergère armchair by Bonaldo

    Bergere Armchair

    Starting from €1,656.00

    Lovy modern velvet bergère armchair by Bonaldo, also in a tub chair version. Reinterpretation of a vintage piece with tall pointy aggressive feet, also covered in other fabrics.

  • Marion comfy fabric armchair with wooden feet


    Starting from €986.19

    Marion comfy fabric armchair available also in eco-leather and leather. Bergère and reading versions. Wooden feet.

  • Medea low lounge armchair with feather cushions

    Armchair with Armrests

    Starting from €1,098.68

    Medea low lounge armchair with feather cushions for high relax and pleasant comfort. Modern armchair covered in fabric, leather, faux leather or velvet.

  • Moser Scandinavian modern armchair with a vintage flavour

    Armchair with Armrests

    Starting from €907.91

    Moser is a Scandinavian modern armchair, 100% Made in Italy. Its comfortable wrap-around upholstered seat is matched with metal or wooden high feet.

  • Olivia retro swivel armchair with high backrest

    Ergonomic Armchair

    Starting from €929.83

    Olivia high back wing armchair with wooden feet and an elegant retro vibe. Also available with swivel mechanism and in a two tone version.

  • Olivia wingback rocking armchair

    Olivia Rock
    Rocking Armchair

    Starting from €1,329.41

    Olivia wingback rocking armchair features head and low back cushions; is available in fabric, faux leather or leather with wood rockers.

  • Rubina occasional chair with high wooden feet

    Armchair with Armrests

    Starting from €800.01

    Rubina occasional chair with high wooden feet, compact comfy seat in fabric, faux leather, velvet or leather. Also available swivel with spoke base.

  • Poltrona in pelle rossa Shine

    Design Armchair

    Starting from €857.00

    Shine modern puffy armchair with leather cover also in fabric or faux leather. Soft upholstered seat in a wide range of colours.

  • Alaska polished stainless steel armchair by Cattelan

    Design Armchair

    Starting from €2,973.51

    Alaska stainless steel armchair by Cattelan obtained from a steel sheet folded like an origami. Design armchair for the sitting room.

  • Alfie armchair with hide leather body

    Design Armchair

    Starting from €1,679.00

    Alfie armchair with hide leather body available with leather, eco-leather and fabric cover in a wide range of colours and finishes.

  • Annette Made in Italy wooden armchair by HomePlaneur

    Armchair with Armrests

    Starting from €936.44

    Annette is a Made in Italy wooden armchair; seat with cushion in fabric, eco-leather, leather.

  • Antea wrapping swivel armchair

    Swivel Armchair

    Starting from €580.00

    Antea wrapping swivel armchair in fabric or faux leather with a completely removable cover and metal spoke base.

  • Arno vintage accent armchair by Bonaldo

    Armchair with Armrests

    Starting from €1,554.80

    Arno vintage accent armchair by Bonaldo with high painted metal feet, available in a wide range of colours.

  • Poltrona a dondolo in metallo Aurora di Cantori

    Design Armchair

    Starting from €1,477.95

    Aurora modern metal rocking armchair with upholstered cushions by Cantori. Also available in the fixed version with low legs and high seat-back.

  • Barcelona armchair designed by designer L.M. Van der Rohe

    Design Armchair

    Starting from €1,623.47

    Barcelona armchair designed by L.M. Van der Rohe. A design armchair covered in tufted leather available in different colours.

  • Poltrona Bella & Brava con base laccata nera

    Bella & Brava
    Swivel Armchair

    Starting from €1,612.04

    Bella & Brava swivel modern reading armchair available in two models with low or high back.

  • Bibendum armchair created by Eileen Gray with leather cover

    Design Armchair

    Starting from €1,838.91

    Bibendum design armchair inspired by Eileen Gray's original project. Structure in chromed metal and covered in leather.

  • Poltrona di design bicolore Blazer di Bonaldo.

    Design Armchair

    Starting from €1,646.80

    Blazer two-tone design armchair by Bonaldo. Versatile and original, it is upholstered in leather or fabrics while the structure comes in painted metal.

  • Bobo swivel leather armchair by Bonaldo


    Starting from €1,527.20

    Bodo swivel leather armchair by Bonaldo also available in the version with fabric cover or with feet.

  • Bolt electric recliner armchair

    Relax Armchair

    Starting from €1,095.00

    Bolt electric recliner armchair features a dual motor that allows backrest and footrest to move autonomously. Manual mechanism version.

  • Bruno nubuk leather armchair by Bonaldo


    Starting from €1,748.00

    Bruno nubuk leather armchair with two-tone inserts; also available in standard leather and fabric.

  • Burton comfy leather bergère armchair

    Bergere Armchair

    Starting from €1,230.00

    Burton comfy leather bergère armchair. A vintage armchair reinterpreted in a modern way. Leather and valuable finishes.

  • Camilla rocking modern armchair in a urban-chic living

    Rocking Armchair

    Starting from €1,407.15

    Camilla rocking modern armchair with structure in bent metal. Ideal to create chatting areas inside wide sitting rooms.

  • Claudia swivel tub armchair

    Swivel Armchair

    Starting from €650.00

    Claudia swivel tub armchair is covered in fabric or faux leather in numerous colours featuring chromed metal swivel base.

  • Poltrona elegante da salotto Cocoon

    Armchair with Armrests

    Starting from €1,701.93

    Cocoon modern round upholstered armchair with wood and leather design seatback. Same style sofa available.

  • Colette solid wood armchair

    Armchair with Armrests

    Starting from €957.47

    Colette solid wood armchair, available in canaletto walnut or oak wood. Upholstery covers in fabric, eco-leather or leather.

  • Poltrona moderna con base girevole Coline

    Swivel Armchair

    Starting from €1,146.00

    Coline is a modern armchair with swivel base upholstered in fabric, faux-leather and leather, also with matching footrest.

  • Dalia electric recliner riser armchair

    Relax Armchair

    Starting from €980.00

    Dalia is an electric recliner riser relaxing armchair, available with single e dual motor mechanism; available in fabric and faux leather.

  • Dumbo modern winged dining chair by Cattelan

    Dumbo Lounge
    Armless Armchair

    Starting from €1,052.19

    Dumbo is a leather winged lounge chair by Cattelan. Characterised by a low and deep seat cushion and a wooden structure, perfect to relax.

  • Poltrona minimal da salotto Eddy di Bonaldo

    Armchair with Armrests

    Starting from €1,635.76

    Eddy metal tubes lounge armchair with upholstered seat and optional magazine holder. With or without headrest for 2 different look.

Each situation, its own armchair

For the utmost comfort and to spend great moments of pure rest, recliner armchairs and riser recliner chairs are the perfect choice. That empty corner of your room, the one you never really care about is soon to become your favourite spot thanks to one of our modern armchairs, maybe matched with a floor lamp and a good book. Your night area too is not completed without a soft snuggler chair or a low chair where to put a blanket or to use while you're getting dressed before work. In houses with elderly you can opt for armchairs with riser mechanism to guarantee a comfortable seat at any time and ideal to spend long winter evenings.

Leather armchairs, velvet armchairs or fabric armchairs: customise your unique design

Find the right material for every room of the house and for every type of context. In classic environments, a bergere armchair in precious cotton velvet is perfect to compliment a remarkable sofa. In urban or industrial style environments, a leather Chesterfield armchair - maybe in aged leather - finds its natural collocation. In ultra-modern houses, usually furnished with a mix of metal, glass and wood, fabric armchairs are the ideal choice since they can be customised in hundreds of ways and are available in a huge range of colours: from stain-resistant fabrics with pattern to 100% natural cotton or linen fabrics. If you have a small or a one-room flat, a practical armchair bed allows you to save space and have an extra bed when you have someone over for the night. In commercial premises, law firms or elegant offices, a designer armchair is a must, with metal structure and leather seat. Either with a classic or contemporary look, armchairs meet all needs.

Buy online riser and recliner armchairs, rocking armchairs or sofa armchairs

Beside a wide selection of "standard" armchairs, on you can buy online armchairs with a special purpose. Choose the product you like, configure it, buy it and wait for its delivery. One of our furniture specialised carrier will deliver it directly to your home. Come on, add an armchair to your living room or bedroom!