Modern Italian armchairs: our collection

A collection of living room armchairs featuring the exquisite quality of Italian craftsmanship and design. Here you will find a range of upholstery options in fabric, velvet, leather and faux-leather, as well as a variety of classic and original shapes. These ergonomic armchairs are perfect for furnishing your living room, study or bedroom with style.

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  • Agata swivel armchair with high backrest

    Ergonomic Armchair

    Starting from €1,175

    Agata swivel armchair with high backrest, available in fabric, faux-leather, velvet and leather. Wooden or chromed base.

  • Agata swivel armchair with high backrest

    Agata Lounge
    Armless Armchair

    Starting from €1,029

    Agata is a lounge chair with swivel base low backrest; also available in a fixed version with wooden feet.

  • Ales Made in Italy retro armchair

    Design Armchair

    Starting from €1,264

    Ales Made in Italy retro armchair with fabric, faux-leather, velvet or leather upholstery. Also available without armrests and with contrasting stitching.

  • Poltroncina senza braccioli per cameretta Alice con base a pouf e schienale ovale o a cuore. Disponibile in tessuto, similpelle o velluto

    Design Armchair

    Starting from €882

    Poltroncina senza braccioli per cameretta Alice con base tipo pouf e schienale ovale o a cuore. In tessuto, similpelle o velluto con profilo in tinta o a contrasto.

  • Poltroncina bassa senza braccioli Amanda completa di cuscino di schienale in appoggio

    Armless Armchair

    Starting from €1,572

    Amanda low armchair without armrests, only 70 cm wide. Tall legs in dark wood and upholstery in fabric, faux-leather, leather or velvet.

  • Poltrona di design con seduta larga e comoda Bailey

    Armchair with Armrests

    Starting from €1,791

    Bailey armchair with large and comfortable seat, rounded backrest and decorative metal legs. Upholstery of choice.

  • Bellagio modern button tufted armchair, covered in velvet

    Tufted Armchair

    Starting from €2,139

    Bellagio modern button tufted armchair in velvet, leather or fabric. Classic design revisited with a contemporary twist and hand-made production.

  • Poltrona a conchiglia in velluto Diva

    Swivel Armchair

    Starting from €1,752

    Diva velvet shell armchair with swivel base by Borzalino, in Art Deco style. Also available in fabric or leather, and as a sofa.

  • Poltrona elegante da salotto Eve

    Armchair with Armrests

    Starting from €2,110

    Eve elegant velvet armchair by Borzalino with metal or oak-wood base. Smooth or tufted backrest in leather, fabric or velvet.

  • Poltroncina moderna bassa con poggiapiedi Harriet Lounge

    Harriet Lounge
    Armless Armchair

    Starting from €789

    Harriet Lounge low modern armchair with footstool. Wooden or lacquered frame, with upholstered seat and backrest.

  • Holly wood and leather armchair

    Armless Armchair

    Starting from €1,305

    Holly wood and leather armchair. Design solid ashwood frame in several finishes and square-quilted leather seat with headrest available in leather or fabric.

  • Iris swivel relax armchair, upholstered in fabric, faux-leather, velvet or leather. Polished chromed base.

    Relax Armchair

    Starting from €1,908

    Iris swivel relax armchair, available upholstered in fabric, faux-leather, velvet and leather. Dual electric movement controlled by concealed hand control.

  • Isabel wing back armchair with wooden feet

    Bergere Armchair

    Starting from €1,442

    Isabel elegant modern wing back armchair suitable for sitting rooms or bedrooms. Upholstered in fabric, velvet, eco-leather or leather.

  • Janet swivel upholstered armchair

    Design Armchair

    Starting from €1,281

    Janet swivel upholstered armchair is available in fabric, leather, eco-leather with decorative piping, ideal for relaxing.

  • Poltrona comoda con braccioli Jolie con piedini alti in metallo e rivestimento in tessuto, similpelle, velluto e pelle

    Design Armchair

    Starting from €1,199

    Poltrona comoda con braccioli Jolie con piedini alti in metallo verniciato e rivestimento in tessuto, similpelle, velluto o pelle. Disponibile monocolore o bicolore.

  • Poltroncina moderna di design con gambe in metallo Just

    Design Armchair

    Starting from €1,292

    Just metropolitan design armchair with metal legs, padded and covered seat and back. Ideal for home or collective spaces.

  • Medea low lounge armchair with feather cushions

    Armchair with Armrests

    Starting from €1,351

    Medea low lounge armchair with feather cushions for high relax and pleasant comfort. Modern armchair covered in fabric, leather, faux leather or velvet.

  • Olivia retro swivel armchair with high backrest

    Ergonomic Armchair

    Starting from €1,048

    Olivia high back wing armchair with wooden feet and an elegant retro vibe. Also available with swivel mechanism and in a two tone version.

  • Olivia wingback rocking armchair

    Olivia Rock
    Rocking Armchair

    Starting from €1,499

    Olivia wingback rocking armchair features head and low back cushions; is available in fabric, faux leather or leather with wood rockers.

  • Poltrona bassa in legno massello Sean di Borzalino

    Armchair with Armrests

    Starting from €2,888

    Sean low armchair in solid oak or Canaletto walnut. Down-filled seat cushions upholstered in leather, fabric or velvet.

  • Poltrona compatta per la camera da letto o il salotto Serena

    Armless Armchair

    Starting from €835

    Serena bedroom tub armchair with fabric, velvet or faux-leather upholstery cover and wooden feet.

  • Poltrona bergère con schienale alto Spring

    Bergere Armchair

    Starting from €2,572

    Spring high-backed bergère armchair with matching settee and ottoman. Fabric, velvet, faux leather and leather cover. Solid wood base.

  • Aralia round design armchair

    Design Armchair

    Starting from €3,015

    Aralia round design armchair characterised by soft volumes and covered in fabric, velvet or leather, with solid wood base. Optional ottoman.

  • Poltrona con piedini a forcina in metallo Beatrix rivestita in velluto color ocra

    Armless Armchair

    Starting from €1,904

    Armchair with metal hairpin legs Beatrix. Vintage design without arms and comfortable with its lumbar cushion. Cover in fabric, velvet or leather.

  • Dallas vintage longue armchair

    Design Armchair

    Starting from €1,380

    Dallas vintage lounge armchair with slim hide-leather arms and wooden feet. Covered in fabric, eco-leather or leather.

  • Eames armchair in blond walnut and black leather

    Design Armchair

    Starting from €1,955

    Eames is a lounge armchair created by designer Charles Eames. Seat upholstered and covered in leather or fabric; structure in curved plywood

  • Poltroncina moderna, comoda e compatta Frida


    Starting from €875

    Frida comfortable compact armchair covered in fabric, faux leather or leather with contrasting piping. Perfect for young and modern living areas.

  • Gilmour bespoke design armchair

    Design Armchair

    Starting from €1,737

    Gilmour is a bespoke design armchair available in fabric, velvet or faux-leather. Plump comfy armchair for your modern living room.

  • Isadora tufted chesterfiel armchair on casters for an easy displacement

    Tufted Armchair

    Starting from €1,287

    Isadora tufted chesterfield armchair on casters for easy displacement around the house. Classic swirl rounded arms and high comfortable seat cushion.

  • Vista frontale e proporzioni contenute della poltrona Maggie

    Design Armchair

    Starting from €2,009

    Maggie armchair with metal tube structure. Upholstered seat in soft expanded foam and feathers lumbar cushion. Cover in fabric or leather.

  • Mia design Bergere armchair with headrest by Borzalino

    Bergere Armchair

    Starting from €2,542

    Mia Bergere design armchair with headrest, in leather, fabric or velvet with a modern style. Metal or wooden base and high backrest.

  • Poltrona moderna con gambe in metallo Rakel

    Armless Armchair

    Starting from €1,542

    Modern armchair Rakel with metal legs; upholstered seat and back covered in fabric, velvet or faux-leather.

  • Rubina occasional chair with high wooden feet

    Armchair with Armrests

    Starting from €901

    Rubina occasional chair with high wooden feet, compact comfy seat in fabric, faux leather, velvet or leather. Also available swivel with spoke base.

  • Yoko 50s swivel armchair with a compact style

    Swivel Armchair

    Starting from €2,018

    Yoko 50s swivel armchair, compact in style with metal base and leather, faux-leather, fabric or velvet upholstery cover.

  • Amaya vintage wooden armchair with cushions

    Design Armchair

    Starting from €1,509

    Amaya vintage wooden armchair with cushions, also available as a two-seater small sofa. Hand-crafted in Italy.

  • Poltrona minimal con gambe alte in metallo Athena

    Armless Armchair

    Starting from €1,505

    Poltrona minimal con gambe alte in metallo Athena dal design minimale e dalle forme avvolgenti. Disponibile rivestita in tessuto, velluto, similpelle o pelle.

  • Poltrona a dondolo in metallo Aurora di Cantori

    Design Armchair

    Starting from €1,969

    Aurora modern metal rocking armchair with upholstered cushions by Cantori. Also available in the fixed version with low legs and high seat-back.

  • Betty comfortable modern design armchair

    Armchair with Armrests

    Starting from €1,251

    Betty is a comfortable modern design armchair marked by a low seat. Upholstery covers available in fabric, velvet, eco-leather and leather.

  • Poltrona in pelle con gambe in legno Blossom

    Armchair with Armrests

    Starting from €2,973

    Blossom leather armchair with elegant solid ash wood legs. Also available with fabric, velvet and faux leather upholstery.

  • Camilla rocking modern armchair in a urban-chic living

    Rocking Armchair

    Starting from €2,084

    Camilla rocking modern armchair with structure in bent metal. Ideal to create chatting areas inside wide sitting rooms.

  • Poltrona da lettura con schienale alto Esme di Borzalino

    Armchair with Armrests

    Starting from €2,445

    Esme armchair with tall backrest and metal legs by Borzalino, perfect for reading. Available in leather, velvet or fabric.

  • Poltrona con tavolino incorporato Fortune


    Starting from €1,222

    Fortune armchair with incorporated coffee table, covered in fabric, velvet, faux-leather or leather. Coordinated pouf and chaise longue from the same collection.

  • Poltrona capitonnè in velluto George di Cantori

    Tufted Armchair

    Starting from €7,035

    George tufted velvet armchair by Cantori, exquisite tailoring. Available in velvet, faux leather and leather with removable seat cushion.

  • Poltrona bergère da lettura Harmony di Borzalino

    Bergere Armchair

    Starting from €3,067

    Poltrona bergère da lettura Harmony di Borzalino in pelle, velluto o tessuto, tinta unita o bicolore, con struttura in metallo. Pouf coordinato opzionale.

  • Poltrona con braccioli dal design essenziale Keel

    Design Armchair

    Starting from €1,265

    Keel upholstered armchair with armrests in a minimalist design in fabric, velvet, faux leather or leather. Ash wood backrest and painted metal frame.

  • Lock round armchair with central hole by Bonaldo

    Design Armchair

    Starting from €1,612

    Lock round armchair with central hole by Bonaldo. Upholstered structure in fabric or leather set on 4 legs or a swivel base.

  • Lovy modern velvet bergère armchair by Bonaldo

    Bergere Armchair

    Starting from €2,155

    Lovy modern bergère armchair by Bonaldo, also in a tub chair version. Reinterpretation of a vintage piece with tall, pointy legs. Available in several fabrics.

  • Marion comfy fabric armchair with wooden feet


    Starting from €1,193

    Marion comfy fabric armchair available also in eco-leather and leather. Bergère and reading versions. Wooden feet.

Living room armchairs: comfortable and attractive

Upholstered seating is usually the focal point of any living area, so selecting a comfortable armchair and sofa is the best way to add a touch of personality and stylistic direction to your living room. Reading armchairs, with high backs and wraparound seats, are an elegant choice and perfect for positioning beside the fireplace. You will also find low, round armchairs with more contemporary shapes and a wide range of base options; a metal swivel base, minimalist and industrial-style legs, or even without any visible legs. Each model has a furnishing style that is suitable for decorating modern and sophisticated environments.

Small and comfortable: adding an armchair to a bedroom or hallway

Soft, upholstered and space-saving: armchairs for the bedroom are more than just furnishing objects. With comfortable seats, rounded backrests, shaped armrests and decorative legs, low armchairs in pastel colours become the protagonists of an environment that is no longer just dedicated to resting, but oriented towards new interior design trends. This range offers a luxurious selection of small and space-saving armchairs, perfect for an elegant dressing table corner, or for a sophisticated lounge area in a hallway or study.

Bergère armchairs and tub armchairs: the answer to every style and comfort need

Revisited in a contemporary style, the classic bergère armchair is a star of modern living. Simultaneously both traditional and modern, this style of armchair reinterprets the look of the original model and further enhances its characteristics. The wide, enveloping backrest guarantees maximum comfort and support, while the modern, removable and washable fabric cover ensures an extremely contemporary look without sacrificing on practicality.

There is no lack of simple and elegant options, thanks to the compact shapes and minimal overall dimensions of the bucket armchair. Formal and compact, hugged by rounded backrests or softened by shell-shaped upholstery, these armchairs celebrate contemporary design by becoming authentic symbols of style. Customise your chosen model by selecting the colour and material that best suit your tastes and needs.

Italian design: unique armchairs for special environments

A thorough search for excellence and unparalleled Italian craftsmanship has led our collection to include a Made in Italy reinterpretation of famous designer armchairs, as famous as the designers who designed them. In this collection, lovers of the great names in furniture and the main stylistic trends of the 20th century will find the classics of Bauhaus and Charles Eames, Marcel Breuer, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Eileen Gray. Alongside these cornerstones of design are the finest contemporary armchairs, characterised by original, minimalist shapes, bright colours and distinctive, recognisable materials such as genuine Italian leather and chrome-plated steel.