Round Beds

Round beds for modern and unique bedrooms

Add a dynamic and unique touch to your bedroom with this exquisite range of round beds and customise your chosen model with a corner headboard, built-in storage or an integrated bedside table. Ideal for positioning in the centre of a room, you can choose a model with or without a headboard, in several sizes, and upholstered in fabric or leather.

  • Ring round bed with integrated nightstands

    Bed With Built-In Nightstands

    Starting from €2,366

    Ring round bed with integrated bedside tables, upholstered in faux leather or leather and available with roller headboard.

  • Wheel round bed with corner headboard

    Corner Bed

    Starting from €1,878

    Wheel round bed with corner headboard. Triangular peninsula headboard ideal to be placed in a corner.

  • Globe convenient bed with very good price

    Round Bed

    Starting from €982

    Globe is a round convenient bed with excellent value for money available in fabric or faux leather. Both with or without headboard.

  • Record modern round bed with low bed frame

    Round Bed

    Starting from €1,126

    Record modern round bed with low bed frame available with curved headboard or in a sommier version. Fabric, faux leather or leather cover.

  • Satellite modern round bed with storage box

    Upholstered Bed

    Starting from €1,530

    Satellite modern round bed with storage box with included bed base. Upholstered bed-ring covered in leather, faux-leather, velvet or fabric.

Modern and original: a round bed in the centre of the room

This striking collection of circular beds provides an unconventional solution for modern and sophisticated bedrooms. If used in large, bright rooms, these unique round models are ideal for placing in the centre of the room, particularly when positioned in front of a large window or glass door. The dimensions of these beds are, for obvious reasons, different to those of standard rectangular beds: a round bed is usually between 220 and 240 cm in diameter and requires a mattress and bed linen of the same shape and size. Our collection also includes these fundamental accessories, so you can purchase all the necessary components for your round bed in one place.

The round double beds from this collection are all upholstered in fabric or leather and can be customised in terms of both shape and material. Choose from our range of classic and trendy colours and create an interesting combination of finishes and materials in your large, contemporary bedroom.

Built-in bedside tables and corner headboards: accessories for your circular bed

Round beds don’t have to be positioned in the middle of the room and can be equally as elegant when placed against a wall. A key accessory for making this a possibility is an angular headboard; a unique structure on the back of the bed that is shaped to fill a 90-degree angle. The upholstery on these headboards, which can be removed and washed, covers all sides of the structure which allows you to move the bed away from the wall at any point, should you so wish.

In this collection, you will also find models with integrated bedside tables which are positioned on either side of the bed and attached to the bed frame. This allows you to purchase nightstands that perfectly match the bed frame and saves you trying to place a square table next to a circular bed, which can be tricky.

Lastly, several of our circular beds also include a built-in storage box for storing bed linen, pillows, clothes and more. These space-saving models will free up space in your bedroom, leaving more room to highlight the exquisite aesthetics of your round bed.