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Record modern round bed with low bed frame available with curved headboard or in a sommier version. Fabric, faux leather or leather cover.


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Record is a modern round bed with low bed frame available with curved headboard or in a sommier version. Its fabric, faux leather or leather cover is available in a wide range of colours and shades. Its essential design express itself at its very best in the sommier version, without headboard, perfect fir a minimal bedroom.
Available also in an outstanding version with curved back headboard which embraces the structure for a more artistic look.
In addition to the optional lighting system with sensor, placed under the sleeping surface, it is possible to equip the bed with a motorized mechanism that allows to rotate the entire structure by 360° other than give a unique visual effect, the solution is particularly convenient to rotate the bed when comfortably seating on it, to look at the TV or relax while admiring the view from your bedroom windows.

wide range of colours and covers
available also in the sommier model without headboard or with headboard
fabric entirely removable in both versions
also with lightning system with timer and presence sensor
optional swivel system to rotate the bed by 360° with remote control

Model and Measurements
Models: round sommier, standard double, with or without headboard
- sommier without headboard: Ø cm 220
- with headboard: cm 220 x 233
Headboard Thickness: cm 12
Headboard Height: cm 93

Materials and Finishes
Headboard Cover:
- fabric (removable)
- faux leather (non removable)
- leather (non removable)
Bed Frame Cover:
- fabric (removable)
- faux leather (removable)
- leather (removable)

Information for your Purchase
Mattress not included. You could find a suitable mattress into our Mattress Section.
To be matched with a mattress in the same measurements of the slat.

Technical study

Technical Specifications and Equipment
Sleeping Surface: travels non assembled and divided into 2 half moons
Structure: wood, agglomerate, fibre and wooden plywood 
Bed Frame Filling: expanded polyurethane D.25
Headboard Filling: expanded polyurethane covered in polyester wadding and/or coupled interline
Feet: n.4 feet in black painted metal

Lightning system: integrated lightning system set under the bed frame for the suspended models. Light with presence sensor with adjustable timer (minimum 6 seconds).
Motorized system for 360° swivel mechanism: equipped with a 220-240W engine 50 hertz, it can be activated through a wireless remote control; the wire is placed in the middle of the bed. 360° one-way rotation with full rotation in around 40-45 seconds. Note: the bed equipped with swivel mechanism comes with a high bed-frame to contain the engine.

Additional Information

Area of Production
Exportable to the United Kingdom or Ireland with restrictions
Easy Assembling
90 / 124 Kg
Cubic Metres
1,45 / 1.9 m³
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This article is produced by a Friuli-based company that has been active in the upholstered furniture sector for over forty years, particularly in the production of beds, convertible sofas and lounge sofas.
The company was born from the craftsmanship experience of its founders, an experience rooted in the production know-how that distinguishes north-eastern Italy. Over the years, the workshop has developed into a modern structure oriented towards maintaining the excellence of craftsmanship which, combined with the valuable contribution of architects, designers and technological innovation, enables it to offer quality products that are always in line with the latest trends.
The company works constantly to create a recognisable design: a combination of flexibility, harmony and attention to the needs of the public and the contemporary home. Originality and attention to detail are the hallmarks of its beds and sofas, created with the purchaser's desire in mind, to reinvent the home through an extensive customisation of the products.
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