Wooden Extending Tables

Extendable wood tables for the kitchen or dining room

Our selection of extendable tables in solid wood or veneer brings the warmth of a natural material to the kitchen or living room without sacrificing practicality or versatility. Also available fixed with a solid wood top and irregular edges, for a rustic effect in contrast with the modern design of the stained wood or lacquered metal frames.

  • Basil modern rectangular extending table

    Extending Table

    Starting from €1,047

    Basil modern rectangular extending table with 4 metal legs as a structure and top in melamine, wood, glass. fenix or ceramic.

  • Hiroshi extendable dining table perfect for both the kitchen and dining area

    Extending Table

    Starting from €1,377

    Hiroshi extendable kitchen table available rectangular 120, 140, 160 or 180 cm wide. Top and legs in a selection of finishes.

  • Shore Modern Glass Ceramic Table

    Modern Table

    Starting from €1,598

    Shore modern ceramic glass table in various sizes and finishes, fixed or extending version up to 3 m. Painted metal structure.

  • Adrian kitchen table with metal legs

    Kitchen Table

    Starting from €720

    Adrian modern kitchen table with metal legs, also for the living room; wood, resin or glass top. Inner butterfly extension leaf.

  • Alastor table with tubular metal legs - completely extended with op in Primordial Oak HPL

    Design Table

    Starting from €636

    Alastor table with tubular metal legs available with rectangular or shaped top in Fenix HPL or natural oak wood. For modern living rooms.

  • Argus extending table with crossed metal base - Vintage Walnut HPL top and white painted metal base

    Table with Central Leg

    Starting from €745

    Argus modern extending living room table with crossed metal base; top made of Fenix laminate, HPL or veneer. From cm 170 to 200.

  • Big Table by Bonaldo with colourful legs

    Big Table
    Design Table

    Starting from €2,880

    Big Table with coloured legs by Bonaldo; fixed or extending dining table; lacquered, solid wood or ceramic stone top.

  • Damon dark ash dining table painted in Tobacco

    Dining Table

    Starting from €1,869

    Damon 12 seats extending dining table is available completely made of wood or with resin or marble effect ceramic top. Also not extending version for 8 people.

  • Elio extending round table with circular top

    Extending Table

    Starting from €1,331

    Elio extending round table with circular top that becomes oval when extended. Central base that recall vintage look Bauhaus tables.

  • Gary metropolitan metal dining table with wooden top

    Industrial Table

    Starting from €1,627

    Gary is a metropolitan metal dining table with wooden top and extension leaves; also suitable for kitchen. Modern made in Italy design.

  • Tavolo rotondo con basamento in legno massello Intreccio

    Table with Central Leg

    Starting from €7,504

    Intreccio round table with solid wood base, offered in extendable all stained ash wood or fixed with marble top.

  • Tavolo da pranzo allungabile in laminam Jacob

    Dining Table

    Starting from €910

    Tavolo da pranzo allungabile a botte Jacob. Proposto in pietra laminam, Fenix, HPL, legno essenza o scortecciato, disponibile anche rettangolare fisso.

  • Jake extending table with wooden top

    Modern Table

    Starting from €1,175

    Jake extending table with wooden top with a remarkable textured effect and contemporary style; painted metal legs.

  • Tavolo da pranzo rotondo allungabile Lawrence

    Dining Table

    Starting from €596

    Extendable round dining table Lawrence, also available as a fixed or rectangular table, in different sizes. Laminate, wood, glass or Laminam top.

  • Mistral extending rectangular table with four sabre-shaped legs

    Dining Table

    Starting from €1,776

    Mistral extending rectangular table with sabre-shaped legs. Tabletop from 120 to 160 cm, in wood veneer, or wood, marble or stone-effect laminate.

  • Tavolo moderno in legno Nelia con lavorazione d'ebanisteria del piano

    Wooden Table

    Starting from €2,202

    Nelia modern wooden table with carpentry workmanship of the top and legs in oak with metallic details.

  • Paros table with central extension

    Extending Table

    Starting from €2,241

    Paros modern living room wood table with pedestal available in brushed oak or open pore lacquered finish, extending up to 320 cm.

  • Tavolo rotondo allungabile in legno Pipe

    Design Table

    Starting from €4,975

    Pipe round extending wooden dining table, also available in fixed rectangular 260 or 300 cm with wooden, white marble or black porcelain stoneware top. 

  • Redmoon extending table in ceramic and wood

    Design Table

    Starting from €3,987

    Redmoon extending table in ceramic and wood, available in three sizes and extending up to 250 cm. Also with marble effect top.

  • Shield extending table for open spaces

    Extending Table

    Starting from €1,047

    Shield extending table for open spaces, with 4 metal legs and top in laminate, wood, glass, fenix or ceramic.

  • Tavolo allungabile con basi a slitta Sorrel in metallo e il piano in legno essenza

    Extending Table

    Starting from €2,613

    Sorrel extendable table with sled base in metal and top in oak or secular wood. Available in four sizes, also fixed.

  • Tavolo sagomato allungabile in ceramica Trevor

    Design Table

    Starting from €1,821

    Extending ceramic shaped Trevor table in various sizes, with matching extension leaves. Made with fine finishes in modern style.

  • Art by Bonaldo faux-marble dining table by Bonaldo

    Dining Table

    Starting from €3,238

    Art faux marble dining table by Bonaldo featuring a base with inserts; also available in other materials and with rectangular, round and shaped top.

  • Ax wooden table with X legs by Bonaldo

    Table with Central Leg

    Starting from €3,659

    Ax wooden table with x legs by Bonaldo. Top also available in solid wood with natural edges or ceramic. Painted metal base.

  • Tavolo allungabile in frassino Blossom

    Extending Table

    Starting from €6,366

    Blossom modern and elegant extending ash table with wooden top and legs. Ideal for living and dining rooms with warm tones.

  • Tavolo con piano in legno tamburato Calepio

    Extending Table

    Starting from €2,384

    Calepio table with wooden top and big legs. Available in two different extending sizes. Legs match the top, also available in matt or glossy lacquer.

  • Tavolo da soggiorno moderno Coast

    Dining Table

    Starting from €2,260

    Coast è un tavolo da soggiorno moderno con struttura in legno massello e piano in vetro, legno o marmo. Disponibile anche allungabile.

  • Daiki checked top wooden table, with walnut wood veneer top

    Extending Table

    Starting from €3,604

    Daiki checked top wooden table; structure and legs are in solid wood whereas the top is made of walnut veneer. 100% Made in Italy.

  • Extending white glass Desire table

    Dining Table

    Starting from €1,233

    Desire white glass extending table with prominent central metal base. Top available in numerous other finishes.

  • Tavolo allungabile rotondo con base centrale Diva

    Extending Table

    Starting from €6,229

    Diva extending round table with central base in painted metal or stainless steel and top in stained oak. It is also available in an oval version.

  • Eliot table with wood top and steel structure

    Design Table

    Starting from €3,326

    Eliot table with wooden top and steel structure by Cattelan. Available fixed or extending, and also with glass or marble top.

  • Fashion dining table with solid wood structure

    Dining Table

    Starting from €3,010

    Fanny dining table with solid wood structure: available in a fixed or extending model.

  • Tavolo allungabile con base circolare Grace

    Extending Table

    Starting from €4,472

    Grace extending table with circular base available in oval or round version with matching top and legs. Ideal for highly aesthetic environments.

  • Ikon wooden table with glass legs by Cattelan

    Wooden Table

    Starting from €4,694

    Ikon wooden fixed table with glass legs by Cattelan; available with top in canaletto walnut or oak, and central beam in wood or metal.

  • Plurimo table extending in width and length

    Extending Table

    Starting from €2,529

    Pares table extending in width and length, available in four models and sizes as well as in several colours. Bicolour possibilities.

  • Premier large extending dining table by Cattelan

    Table with Central Leg

    Starting from €3,930

    Premier large extending dining table by Cattelan. Top with oblique borders in wood, glass or keramik stone. Also in the fixed model.

  • Raffaello table with sabre-shaped legs by Cantori

    Classic Table

    Starting from €5,481

    Raffaello classic table with sabre-shaped legs available in a fixed and extending model with lacquered or etched glass top.

  • Sigma extending iron and wood table by Cattelan

    Wooden Table

    Starting from €4,070

    Sigma design wooden dining table by Cattelan, with iron legs and solid-wood top and irregular edges. Available in fixed and extending versions.

  • Tavolo con base in ferro Torii

    Shaped Table

    Starting from €3,519

    Torii iron base trestle table by Bonaldo is available round, fixed rectangular and extending or barrel shaped. Metal base also with ceramic inserts.

  • Dining table with wooden top and structure

    Design Table

    Starting from €2,281

    Zeta dining room table in wood available in several fixed or extending measurements with space at the head of the table.

  • Chester extending wooden table

    Extending Table

    Starting from €2,468

    Chester is a living room extending round wooden table, also suitable for the kitchen. Made of RAL coloured solid ashwood or open pore.

  • James modern-style extending table

    Modern Table

    Starting from €1,207

    James modern-style extending table with wooden, ceramic or glass top. Rectangular or barrel-shaped, also fixed, with metal legs with a particular design.

  • Tavolo moderno in melaminico Scuba versione fissa

    Modern Table

    Starting from €1,388

    Scuba is a modern table with top in melamine, laminate, glass and ceramic in various finishes. Metal frame painted in various colours. 

  • Ship marble-effect ceramic extending table

    Modern Table

    Starting from €1,403

    Ship marble-effect ceramic extending table, also in glass, laminate or wood veneer with straight or debarked edges. Elegant and sophisticated design. 

  • Tavolo allungabile a botte con base sagomata Wing

    Design Table

    Starting from €1,775

    Tavolo allungabile a botte con base sagomata Wing, realizzato in vetro laccato, vetro ceramica o legno. In grado di ospitare comodamente fino a 10 persone.

  • Tavolo allungabile in ceramica o in legno Winston

    Extending Table

    Starting from €1,014

    Winston extending dining table in ceramic or wood, square or rectangular top able to welcome up to 10 guests. Extension leaves in matching colour.

  • Elvis table with a fingerprint-proof stainless steel base by Cattelan

    Table with Central Leg

    Starting from €970

    Elvis table with a fingerprint-proof stainless steel base; glass, ceramic or wooden top. Designer dining table by Cattelan

  • Tavolo bianco modello Lanzi

    Dining Table

    Starting from €2,113

    Lanzi white graceful dining table is available in numerous finishes such as lacquer, brushed oak, gold/ silver coated leaf and colours.

Extending wood and metal tables for functional industrial-style kitchens

With a careful selection of high quality raw materials, the industrial-style expandable tables in our collection are born from the combination of a solid wood or veneer top and a minimalist, modern metal frame. A sampler of exclusive and high-end finishes allows for a combination of materials suitable in any space in which the wood-metal contrast can fit: from the juxtaposition of light wood and white steel, typical of Scandinavian minimalism, to a modern mix of dark wood and lead or anthracite colored iron, the possibilities are many and all interesting.

We selected the best wood expandable tables to ensure that even the structure of the table was tailored to the client taste, thus ensuring total customization of the product. Both tables with four legs, which always remain at the corners, wood models with a central structure and dynamic and innovative tables with an original trestle structure are available.