Laundry Cabinets

Modern, customisable laundry room furniture

A collection of washing machines units, washbasin units, cabinets and drawers with a modern feel, perfect for setting up a small laundry room inside a bathroom or in a dedicated room. Space-saving solutions that can be freely combined with wall-hung cabinets, open compartments and numerous accessories.

  • Mobile con lavatoio per lavanderia Oasis

    Oasis Washbasin
    Laundry Vanity

    Starting from €533

    Oasis washbasin cabinet for laundry room: 45, 60, 70, or 90 cm, suspended or floor standing. Washbasin available in ceramic, mineralguss or crystallite.

  • Mobile lavanderia ad angolo con porta lavatrice Oasis L01

    Oasis L01
    Laundry Vanity

    Starting from €4,289

    Oasis L01 corner laundry cabinet. 207 x 245 cm. With washing-machine compartment, washbasin base, wall units and h.210 cm column cupboards.

  • Arredo per lavanderia con piano da stiro in legno Oasis L02

    Oasis L02
    Laundry Vanity

    Starting from €10,895

    Oasis L02 laundry cabinet with wooden ironing board. Washbasin, retractable base for washing machine, column cupboards and wall units.

  • Mobile lavanderia con porta lavatrice a vista Oasis L03

    Oasis L03
    Laundry Vanity

    Starting from €3,387

    Oasis L03 laundry-room washing-machine cabinet with mirror. 221 cm. Also includes shelf, washbasin and pull-out door with laundry basket.

  • Oasis L04

    Oasis L04
    Laundry Vanity

    Starting from €3,505

    Oasis L04 laundry composition with washbasin and mirror. Also features open washing-machine compartments, base units with drawers, and column cupboards.

  • Oasis L05 corner laundry cupboard unit

    Oasis L05
    Laundry Vanity

    Starting from €10,273

    Corner laundry cupboard unit with laundry basket, washing machine compartment, foldaway ironing board and gres stone sink.

  • Oasis L06 suspended laundry unit

    Oasis L06
    Laundry Vanity

    Starting from €5,615

    Oasis L06 suspended laundry unit with gres sink, laundry basket and mirror. Plenty of storage space, thanks to the column cupboards and base units.

  • Wide laundry sink cabinet with basket on casters

    Wide Sink Cabinet - Laundry
    Laundry Vanity

    Starting from €1,079

    Wide laundry sink cabinet available in 3 widths with basket on casters. Several melamine and matt lacquered finishes.

Indispensable pieces of furniture for a modern laundry

To furnish a laundry room effectively, two basic requirements must be met: The first is the need to incorporate appliances discreetly and elegantly, concealing their presence to avoid clutter.

The most common solution is a washing machine unit, that hides the appliance behind a door, which colour can match the structure or create an interesting contrast with a different colour. An open compartment, without doors or a back panel, is a good alternative: ideal in white minimalist compositions, it will help to blend in the washing machine with the rest of the furniture without completely concealing it.

With more complex structures or less space available, it is possible to insert a column, which covers both washing machine and dryer. This solution allows to reduce the floor space needed to a minimum and gives dynamism to the entire composition, thanks to its vertical shape. Above the two appliances there is still space for a few shelves, for more storage.

The second requirement is a wide surface to organise everyday laundry work. A series of cabinets, baskets and drawers of the same height , placed horizontally next to one another, will create a unique surface where to organise, fold and iron clothes. The composition can be made even better with a ceramic or resin washbasin, available in various white or coloured models, which are durable and aesthetically unique. Wall cabinets, tall boy cabinets and laundry baskets offer other space-saving opportunities to furnish the laundry room in a modern and trendy way.

Laundry furniture online: choose the furniture perfect for you

Explore our catalogue and find the laundry unit that best meets your needs, customised in terms of position, finish and colour. Our handcrafted, high quality, Made in Italy products are fully customisable and just a click away: get ready for a convenient, fast and safe purchase.