Wall Lamps

  • Lampada da parete Belt


    Starting from €180.61

    Belt wall lamp with striped stainless steel diffusor with an arch shape. Available in four measurements.

  • Applique in vetro Bijoux dall'ingombro limitato


    Starting from €84.72

    Bijoux glass wall lamp with a small encumbrance which makes it suitable for hallways, halls or vestibules.

  • Dew minimalist lamp with marble base


    Starting from €189.86

    Dew minimalist lamp with marble base, models available: floor lamp, table lamp and wall lamp. vertical element in painted metal, golden or silver leaf.

  • Dublight white LED desk lamp


    Starting from €113.92

    Dublight white LED desk lamp ideal for a home, office or shop. Available in several models; table lamp, pendant light, ceiling light, wall light and floor lamp.

  • Lampada applique in metallo Halle modello applique piccola


    Starting from €120.82

    Halle metal wall lamp from Lumière collection; also available as a pendant lamp.

  • Lampada applique Linfa con diffusore in metallo


    Starting from €116.51

    Linfa wall lamp in gold or silver leaf with laser shaped metal diffusor, curved by hand.

  • Oxygen LED design lamp with circular lampshade by Linea Light


    Starting from €380.03

    Oxygen LED design lamp with circular lampshade, available in 4 colours as a pendant lamp, ceiling light, wall light or floor lamp.

  • Papillon ribbon shaped wall lamp


    Starting from €139.81

    Papillon is a ribbon shaped wall lamp available in chrome, copper, gold and silver leaf, dark bronze, gypsum. LED or halogen light bulb included.

  • Pinha design metal lamp with bronze and white base


    Starting from €75.08

    Pinha design metal lamp with bronze base; also available in white colour and as a pendant, chandelier or wall lamp.

  • Ricciolo white curly glass lamp


    Starting from €111.33

    Ricciolo is a white curly glass lamp available in a pendant, floor, table, wall or chandelier model. Lampshade available in several colours.

  • Lampada da parete artistica modello Skin


    Starting from €438.50

    Skin artistic wall lamp available in two sizes and finishes. Energy-saving light bulb included.

  • Tablet design lamp with rotatable LED by Linea Light in the double wall light version


    Starting from €193.13

    Tablet design lamp with rotatable LED which can shine light in any direction. Available as a wall light, pendant lamp or floor lamp.

  • Lampada a sospensione a LED Turning nelle versioni a sospensione piccola e media


    Starting from €141.53

    Turning pendant lamp with LED light bulb; also available in a wall or table model.

  • Lampada applique in ferro Yole con paralume ellittico in lino con un decoro a ricciolo nella parte inferiore


    Starting from €307.70

    Yole iron wall lamp with linen elliptical lampshade by Cantori. Fabric in a neutral mastic colour and iron decoration in 3 different finishes.

  • Zig Zag wall light with double emission

    Zig Zag

    Starting from €72.09

    Zig Zag double emission wall light, also available as a pendant or ceiling light in either white, black or aluminium.

  • 1NIGHT-2NIGHTS wall light with kaleidoscopic filter


    Starting from €191.35

    1NIGHT-2NIGHTS adjustable wall light by Linea Light with kaleidoscopic filter which projects light effects. Also available as a pendant light.

  • Astra


    Starting from €507.68

    Astra arched floor lamp, with disk-shaped lampshade and chromed structure. Inspired by the design of Achille Castiglioni.

  • Azel lamp with pleated lampshade by Homeplaneur


    Starting from €207.12

    Azel lamp with pleated lampshade, available in ivory or coffee and with chromed metal structure. Available as a floor pendant, wall or table lamp.

  • Bulle round glass and metal lamp by HomePlaneur


    Starting from €115.64

    Bulle round metal and glass lamp available pendant, as a table lamp or wall lamp in several colours.

  • Lampada da parete in acciaio satinato Circuit di Cattelan


    Starting from €917.32

    Wall lamp in brushed steel Circuit by Cattelan, with lampshades in clear and smoked glass. Also available in the pendant version.

  • Lampada applique in vetro Cloudy nella versione a soffitto nelle tre dimensioni disponibili


    Starting from €125.69

    Cloudy ceiling lamp in frosted glass with spiral decorations. Available with a square and rectangular shape, also available as a wall lamp.

  • Cuddle design steel pendant lamp by HomePlaneur


    Starting from €158.79

    Cuddle design steel pendant lamp characterised by a long narrow lampshade; also available as a wall lamp.

  • Fisherman wall arch shaped adjustable led lamp by Cattelan in titanium embossed metal


    Starting from €1,458.44

    Fisherman arch-shaped adjustable LED wall lamp by Cattelan. Long lightning surface in embossed metal, titanium, white, black or graphite colour.

  • Lampada in cristallo bisellato Inline


    Starting from €162.93

    Inline bevelled glass lamp available in white, black and metallic silver glass and in several models.

  • Plafoniera dal design contemporaneo Jolly


    Starting from €100.55

    Jolly ceiling lamp from Lumière Collection, available in several sizes and in a wall model.

  • Lampada plafoniera in vetro Mathias disponibile in quattro dimensioni nei modelli a plafoniera e applique


    Starting from €133.13

    Mathias glass ceiling lamp from Lumière collection in four sizes; also available as a wall lamp.

  • Oh! modern spherical ball light by Linea Light


    Starting from €92.56

    Oh! modern spherical ball light by Linea Light. Available in various models and sizes; wall light, floor light or pendant light.

  • Lampada vintage in vetro soffiato incamiciato Penguin


    Starting from €189.92

    Penguin vintage pendant lamp, also available in other models and sizes. Lampshade in 5 colours.

  • Planeta by Cattelan ground design lamp


    Starting from €682.48

    Planeta by Cattelan design floor lamp with spheres in blown glass. Available as a suspension, ground, table and applique lamp.

  • Lampada di design Quad luce a biemissione


    Starting from €162.87

    Quad geometric design lamp composed of aluminium squares in black or white. Available as a wall light or pendant light with 3, 7, 9 or 12 lights.

  • Lampada moderna Rocket - sospensione piccola con diffusore bianco, grande con diffusore arancione


    Starting from €149.89

    Rocket contemporary pendant lamp, also available in other models. Funny shape reminding a light bulb.

  • Lampada rotonda in acciaio Roundabout - sospensione


    Starting from €209.48

    Roundabout round lamp with steel structure available in several measurements and colours, for modern and refined environments.

  • Lampada con sfere in vetro soffiato a mano Sofì di Bonaldo nel modello a sospensione con 7 paralumi e struttura esagonale


    Starting from €524.48

    Sofì by Bonaldo lamp with hand-blown glass globes has a unique and exclusive design. Pendant, wall, table or floor lamp.

  • Lampada moderna in tessuto Sofia di Cantori


    Starting from €416.30

    Sofia modern fabric lamp with wire metal structure by Cantori. Available in the table, floor, pendant and wall model.

  • Lampada Talia a terra con piantana


    Starting from €918.90

    Talia glass lamp with an essential and neat design; available in a pendant, wall and floor model.

  • Venezia is a beaded ceiling light by Cattelan


    Starting from €713.64

    Venezia is a beaded pendant light by Cattelan. Available in table lamp, wall light and floor lamp models. Exquisite pendant with glass beads.

  • Lampada da soffitto in metallo Wool con paralume in metallo verniciato bianco


    Starting from €367.75

    Wool metal ceiling lamp from Lumière collection; also available as a wall lamp and with LED light bulb.

  • Poe modern metal pendant lamp for kitchen or living room with coordinated floor lamp


    Starting from €78.32

    Poe modern pendant lamp for kitchen or living room in white, black or copper metal. Available as a wall light, floor lamp or pendant lamp with one or three lights.

  • Lampada moderna in bronzo Rodin di Cantori


    Starting from €552.05

    Rodin modern bronze pendant lamp by Cantori. Also available in the table version for a sophisticated desk.