Wall Lamps

Wall lights and wall sconces: flush against the ceiling or walls

Wall lamps are versatile and functional lights, fixed to a wall for a diffused two-way light, useful in entrances, hallways, staircases or living rooms to create a cosy atmosphere in addition to direct light sources. Available in different shapes and sizes, which meet different functional and stylistic requirements: in blown glass, in metal, with fabric shade and with adjustable light.

  • Applique ad arco Flyer orientabile


    Starting from €1,449

    Applique ad arco Flyer in metallo nei colori nero o bianco. Una lampada da parete a sbalzo orientabile e disponibile in due lunghezze. Luce a LED dimmerabile.

  • Applique in metallo curvato Linfa


    Starting from €110

    Linfa wall lamp in gold or silver leaf with laser shaped metal diffusor, curved by hand.

  • Lampada da parete in acciaio Papillon


    Starting from €162

    Papillon is a ribbon shaped wall lamp available in chrome, copper, gold and silver leaf, dark bronze, gypsum. LED or halogen light bulb included.

  • Tablet design lamp with rotatable LED by Linea Light in the double wall light version


    Starting from €241

    Tablet design lamp with rotatable LED which can shine light in any direction. Available as a wall light, pendant lamp or floor lamp.

  • Zig Zag wall light with double emission

    Zig Zag

    Starting from €90

    Zig Zag double emission wall light, also available as a pendant or ceiling light in either white, black or aluminium.

  • 1NIGHT-2NIGHTS wall light with kaleidoscopic filter


    Starting from €239

    1NIGHT-2NIGHTS adjustable wall light by Linea Light with kaleidoscopic filter which projects light effects. Also available as a pendant light.

  • Lampada da parete Belt


    Starting from €213

    Belt wall lamp with striped stainless steel diffusor with an arch shape. Available in four measurements.

  • Lampada applique per corridoio in vetro Bijoux


    Starting from €92

    Bijoux glass wall lamp with a small encumbrance which makes it suitable for hallways, halls or vestibules.

  • Lampada da parete in acciaio satinato Circuit di Cattelan


    Starting from €972

    Wall lamp in brushed steel Circuit by Cattelan, with lampshades in clear and smoked glass. Also available in the pendant version.

  • Lampada a cilindro in cristallo Diver di Prandina


    Starting from €720

    Lampada a cilindro in cristallo Diver realizzata in vetro soffiato, con doppio diffusore e luce LED. Proposta nei modelli a sospensione, da tavolo, da soffitto e applique.

  • Fisherman wall arch shaped adjustable led lamp by Cattelan in titanium embossed metal


    Starting from €1,515

    Fisherman arch-shaped adjustable LED wall lamp by Cattelan. Long lightning surface in embossed metal, titanium, white, black or graphite colour.

  • Lampada da tavolo in vetro soffiato Gong di Prandina


    Starting from €504

    Lampada da tavolo in vetro soffiato Gong sofisticata e originale, anche a sospensione e applique. Diffusore tondeggiante verniciato o specchiato metallizzato.

  • Lampada di design con gabbia in metallo Lira di Borzalino disponibile a sospensione in due dimensioni, da tavolo, applique e piantana.


    Starting from €1,243

    Lira lamp by Borzalino with metal cage and diffuser, available as a table lamp, wall lamp, floor lamp or pendant lamp in two sizes.

  • Lampada con presa di ricarica USB Novia di Prandina


    Starting from €197

    Lampada con presa di ricarica USB Novia, ideale per il comodino o la scrivania; disponibile anche l'applique senza o con attacco per la ricarica.

  • Lampada moderna in bronzo Rodin di Cantori


    Starting from €700

    Rodin modern bronze pendant lamp by Cantori. Also available in the table version for a sophisticated desk.

  • Lampada da parete artistica Skin


    Starting from €522

    Skin artistic wall lamp available in two sizes and finishes. Energy-saving light bulb included.

  • Lampada applique in ferro Yole con paralume ellittico in lino con un decoro a ricciolo nella parte inferiore


    Starting from €394

    Yole iron wall lamp with linen elliptical lampshade by Cantori. Fabric in a neutral mastic colour and iron decoration in 3 different finishes.

  • Astra


    Starting from €539

    Astra arched floor lamp, with disk-shaped lampshade and chromed structure. Inspired by the design of Achille Castiglioni.

  • Lampada a sospensione a grappolo Bulle


    Starting from €134

    Bulle round metal and glass lamp available pendant, as a table lamp or wall lamp in several colours.

  • Lampada minimal con base in marmo Dew


    Starting from €218

    Dew minimalist lamp with marble base, models available: floor lamp, table lamp and wall lamp. vertical element in painted metal, golden or silver leaf.

  • Dublight white LED desk lamp


    Starting from €126

    Dublight white LED desk lamp ideal for a home, office or shop. Available in several models; table lamp, pendant light, ceiling light, wall light and floor lamp.

  • Lampada da soffitto Jolly


    Starting from €111

    Jolly ceiling lamp from Lumière Collection, available in several sizes and in a wall model.

  • Lampada vintage in ferro battuto Lia di Cantori


    Starting from €582

    Lia vintage wrought iron lamp by Cantori with adjustable lampshade. Available in wall-mounted or floor standing versions.

  • Lampada plafoniera in vetro Mathias disponibile in quattro dimensioni nei modelli a plafoniera e applique


    Starting from €152

    Mathias glass ceiling lamp from Lumière collection in four sizes; also available as a wall lamp.

  • Oh! modern spherical ball light by Linea Light


    Starting from €120

    Oh! modern spherical ball light by Linea Light. Available in various models and sizes; wall light, floor light or pendant light.

  • Oxygen LED design lamp with circular lampshade by Linea Light


    Starting from €375

    Oxygen LED design lamp with circular lampshade, available in 4 colours as a pendant lamp, ceiling light, wall light or floor lamp.

  • Lampada da tavolo con lavorazioni laser Pinha


    Starting from €83

    Pinha design metal lamp with bronze base; also available in white colour and as a pendant, chandelier or wall lamp.

  • Planeta by Cattelan ground design lamp


    Starting from €721

    Planeta by Cattelan design floor lamp with spheres in blown glass. Available as a suspension, ground, table and applique lamp.

  • Poe modern metal pendant lamp for kitchen or living room with coordinated floor lamp


    Starting from €119

    Poe modern pendant lamp for kitchen or living room in white, black or copper metal. Available as a wall light, floor lamp or pendant lamp with one or three lights.

  • Lampada di design Quad luce a biemissione


    Starting from €193

    Quad geometric design lamp composed of aluminium squares in black or white. Available as a wall light or pendant light with 3, 7, 9 or 12 lights.

  • Lampada in vetro bianco Ricciolo con paralume dalla particolare forma curva


    Starting from €124

    Ricciolo is a white curly glass lamp available in a pendant, floor, table, wall or chandelier model. Lampshade available in several colours.

  • Plafoniera foglia oro Roundabout


    Starting from €175

    Roundabout round lamp with steel structure available in several measurements and colours, for modern and refined environments.

  • Lampada abat-jour da tavolo Sino di Prandina


    Starting from €554

    Lampada abat-jour moderna da tavolo Sino con diffusore a campana in vetro soffiato e struttura in metallo. Luce a LED integrata, anche applique.

  • Lampada con sfere in vetro soffiato a mano Sofì di Bonaldo nel modello a sospensione con 7 paralumi e struttura esagonale


    Starting from €587

    Sofì by Bonaldo lamp with hand-blown glass globes and a unique and exclusive design. Pendant, wall, table or floor lamp.

  • Lampada moderna in tessuto Sofia di Cantori


    Starting from €542

    Sofia modern fabric lamp with wire metal structure by Cantori. Available in the table, floor, pendant and wall model.

  • Venezia is a beaded ceiling light by Cattelan


    Starting from €720

    Venezia is a beaded pendant light by Cattelan. Available in table lamp, wall light and floor lamp models. Exquisite pendant with glass beads.

  • Lampada da soffitto in metallo Wool con paralume in metallo verniciato bianco


    Starting from €446

    Wool metal ceiling lamp from Lumière collection; also available as a wall lamp and with LED light bulb.

To every space, its own wall light

Ideal in basements or attics, where the ceilings are often not too high, wall lights are a versatile accessory, to brighten and embellish a long corridor or stairs, or to create suggestive plays of light and shadows in the living room. An accent LED light is perfect above a bathroom mirror or to illuminate an unlit corner of the kitchen, while a good extendable wall lamp in the bedroom can act as a practical reading light without cluttering the bedside table. Matching ceiling, table and wall lamps can be grouped together, for matching interiors in both shapes and colours.

Modern and designer wall lamps

Lighting has a strong aesthetic impact on the overall style of your home and gives you a chance to make any room more personal and innovative. With this in mind, we have put together a collection of modern and original wall lamps with striking design features that can furnish and enhance any room. Glass and metal come together in unique, high-quality accessories, with gold, chrome, transparent, white and black finishes. Models with fabric lampshades will give even the most modern of pieces of furniture a delicate and elegant look.