2 - 3 - 4 seater Sofas

2, 3 or 4-seater linear sofas

This high-quality collection features a range of large, comfortable and modern sofas with 2, 3 or 4 seats. There are various types available including sofas without backrests, or with reclining seats and matching ottomans. Choose between unique models in colourful fabric or more traditional models in leather, with tall legs, sled legs or low bases.

  • Abbey sectional sofa with feather filled back cushions

    Sectional Sofa

    Starting from €2,029

    Abbey sectional sofa with soft back cushions and high feet. Available as a 2,3 or 4 seater but also L-shaped. Cover in fabric, faux-leather, leather or velvet.

  • Aker sleek design sofa

    Linear Sofa

    Starting from €2,875

    Aker sleek design leather sofa with soft goose down filling. Available with modern high feet or with a more classic skirt.

  • Divano moderno componibile con piedini alti Antibes

    Sectional Sofa

    Starting from €2,838

    Antibes modern sectional sofa with tall legs and a 10, 20 or 30 cm armrest. Also available with an integrated storage table. Linear, corner, peninsula or open-ended sofa.

  • Divano moderno con cuscini di schienale in appoggio Antigua

    Sofa with Chaise Longue

    Starting from €1,913

    Antigua modern sofa with independent backrest cushions, available in a linear version or meridienne model. Single seat and tall metal legs.

  • Modern, modular sofa with high feet Arren

    Sectional Sofa

    Starting from €2,380

    Arren 2, 3 or 4 seater high modular modern sofa, corner or chaise longue; foam and feather cushions with textile or leather upholstery.

  • Bellagio modern tufted sofa in a 3 seater maxi linear model

    Tufted Sofa

    Starting from €2,953

    Bellagio elegant modern tufted sofa with pointy metal legs. Luxury design that mixes a classic structure and contemporary details.

  • Modular designer sofa with low seating Biarritz

    Sectional Sofa

    Starting from €2,103

    Biarritz modular designer sofa with a suspended effect thanks to its high feet and seats resting on slender platforms. Optional back cushions and headrest.

  • Divano componibile con basamento in legno Cassis

    Sectional Sofa

    Starting from €4,144

    Cassis sectional sofa with wooden base, comfortable foam seats resting on a slim wooden frame with high metal feet.

  • Modern Exeter sofa with adjustable headrest

    Sofa with Adjustable Backrest

    Starting from €2,500

    Exeter modern sofa with adjustable headrest in fabric, leather or faux-leather. Available as a 2, 3 or 4-seater sofa; corner model or linear with chaise longue.

  • Divano moderno con sedute estraibili Foster

    Sofa with Pull-out Seats

    Starting from €1,993

    Foster modern sofa with pull-out seats offered in a linear, chaise longue, corner and meridienne version. Reclinable backrests for maximum comfort.

  • Greg low sofa in real leather

    Leather Sofa

    Starting from €4,083

    Greg low sofa in real leather with wooden base. Also available in high-quality velvet or fabric. Several models available.

  • Divano moderno in piuma Hyeres comodo e confortevole

    Sectional Sofa

    Starting from €1,726

    Hyeres modern and comfortable down sofa featuring a backrest with bolster cushions. A sectional and customisable sofa with a removable upholstery cover.

  • Malibù designer sofa with upholstered armrests

    Sectional Sofa

    Starting from €1,874

    Malibù upholstered cushion-shaped designer sofa with armrests in two sizes. Modular with optional headrest and multiple covers.

  • Modular sofa with thin armrests Maxime

    Sectional Sofa

    Starting from €4,025

    Maxime modular sofa with thin armrests, wide seats and cosy back cushions with lumbar support for a minimalist sofa that is high off the ground.

  • Divano curvo bicolore Messico

    Curved Sofa

    Starting from €2,499

    Messico curved two-tone sofa with coordinated ottoman. Cover in fabric, faux-leather or leather with optional decorative cushions.

  • Monterey luxury sectional sofa adjustable headrests

    Sectional Sofa

    Starting from €1,264

    Monterey is a luxury sectional sofa with adjustable headrests,linear modules and chaise longue without arms. Fabric and velvet upholstery cover.

  • Divano con piedini alti e sedute scorrevoli Newport

    Sofa with Pull-out Seats

    Starting from €1,876

    Sofa with high feet and extendable seats Newport; linear, corner models or with meridienne and chaise longue. Adjustable head-rests and 2 arms models available.

  • Osaka 50s style vintage sofa

    Love Seat

    Starting from €3,348

    Osaka 50s style vintage sofa, available 2 or 3 seater and characterised by a curved backrest. Upholstery cover in fabric, velvet, faux-leather or leather.

  • Prado modern recliner sofa with motorised mechanism for seat and back

    Sofa with Relaxing Mechanism

    Starting from €2,138

    Prado modern recliner sofa with motorised mechanism to move both back and seat; reclining headrest too. Available with chaise longue, corner or linear, also fixed.

  • Prisma modular sofa system with movable backrests

    Sectional Sofa

    Starting from €750

    Prisma modular sofa system with movable backrests is composed of several elements that can be matched together for a young style.

  • Prisma Air modular high feet sofa

    Prisma Air
    Sectional Sofa

    Starting from €959

    Prisma Air modular high feet sofa features a metal base and movable backrests that can be freely positioned. Fabric and velvet cover.

  • Prisma Rock shaped sectional sofa with movable backrests

    Prisma Rock
    Sectional Sofa

    Starting from €719

    Prisma Rock shaped sectional sofa with movable backrests; fabric covers in different patterns and colours.

  • Richmond goose-down corner sofa

    Sectional Sofa

    Starting from €4,539

    Richmond goose-down corner sofa in fabric, velvet, leather or faux-leather. Available as a 2, 3 or 4 seater and in various models. Option to include an integrated bookshelf.

  • Divano componibile con braccioli larghi Square

    Sectional Sofa

    Starting from €1,017

    Square modular sofa with big armrests, comfortable and elegant at the same time, perfect for modern living areas.

  • Divano facilmente sfoderabile Strip con rivestimento in tessuto

    Fabric Sofa

    Starting from €1,725

    Sofa with an easily removable fabric cover Strip. Available as linear 2, 3, 4 seater sofa, with chaise-longue, corner sofa and with meridienne. Low feet.

  • Attitude is a sofa with pull-out seat that becomes a chaise longue

    Sofa with Pull-out Seats

    Starting from €1,459

    Attitude is a sofa with pull-out seat that becomes a chaise longue. Available in a linear, with chaise longue or meridienne version.

  • Carnaby sofa with folding backrests and armrests

    Sofa with Adjustable Backrest

    Starting from €2,334

    Carnaby sofa with folding backrests and armrests; linear, corner or with chaise longue. Upholstery cover in fabric, faux-leather or velvet.

  • Clive sofa with goose down cushions

    Sectional Sofa

    Starting from €2,133

    Clive sectional sofa with goose down cushions and high armrests, available in fabric, leather, faux-leather or velvet.

  • Davos elegant sofa with sliding seats

    Sofa with Pull-out Seats

    Starting from €2,344

    Davos elegant sofa with sliding seats; it is available in linear, corner or L-shaped model. Upholstery cover in fabric, faux-leather, velvet or leather.

  • Elwood Made in Italy vintage leather sofa

    Sectional Sofa

    Starting from €2,037

    Elwood is a Made in Italy vintage leather sofa with high wooden feet. Also upholstered in fabric, velvet or faux-leather in many colours.

  • Modern sofa with a curved peninsula Galway

    Sectional Sofa

    Starting from €2,539

    Galway modern sofa with curved chaise longue, also available linear or with curved corner. High "V" shaped or semi-hidden feet; cover in fabric, faux-leather or leather.

  • Sofa with low, horizontal armrests Heritage, padded or with a container

    Sofa with Adjustable Backrest

    Starting from €4,161

    Heritage sofa with low, padded horizontal armrests, walnut container or vertical armrests. Folding backrests and high metal feet.

  • Holiday modern sectional sofa

    Sectional Sofa

    Starting from €1,792

    Holiday modern sectional sofa, with chaise longue, oblique peninsula and corner unit. It can be matched with coordinated book shelving coffee tables.

  • Divano componibile Jude con seduta profonda 110 o 90 cm, ampia e comoda

    Sectional Sofa

    Starting from €2,445

    Sectional sofa deep seat 110 or 90 cm Jude. Linear sectional sofa with chaise longue, corner elements, meridienne, armchair and ottoman.

  • Laurent modular sofa with curvy shapes

    Curved Sofa

    Starting from €4,206

    Modular sofa with curvy shapes; composed of linear, corner or shaped elements. Also with chaise longue and pouf. Fabric or leather cover.

  • Divano componibile moderno Marlow

    Sectional Sofa

    Starting from €2,434

    Marlow feather sectional sofa with high feet; modern style comfortable seats, also available with low base.

  • New Kap modern handcrafted chesterfield sofa

    New Kap
    Tufted Sofa

    Starting from €4,728

    New Kap modern handcrafted chesterfield sofa, available in real leather, velvet or fabric. Linear sofa, corner sofa or with chaise longue.

  • Modular capitonné sofa Oban

    Tufted Sofa

    Starting from €4,591

    Oban modular capitonnè sofa revisited in a modern style with high designer feet. Available as linear 2, 3, 4 seater, corner or chaise longue.

  • Divanetto 2 posti moderno Rakel

    Love Seat

    Starting from €1,875

    Rakel contemporary upholstered loveseat with simple, rounded volumes and metal legs covered in fabric, faux leather and velvet.

  • Ravel

    Curved Sofa

    Starting from €1,216

    Ravel curved sectional sofa with faux leather, velvet or fabric cover. Sitting room sofa with an original and welcoming design, and a great price-quality ratio.

  • Upholstered sofa with walnut base Raymond

    Sectional Sofa

    Starting from €3,788

    Upholstered sofa with walnut platform Raymond, available either in fabric or leather, also with platform matching the cover. Wide armrests and generous padding for the utmost comfort.

  • Modern soft and casual sofa Softly

    Sectional Sofa

    Starting from €1,658

    Softly modern soft and casual sofa available in linear, corner versions or with chaise longue. Upholstery in leather, faux-leather or fabric.

  • Divano componibile con tavolini Aliante di Bonaldo

    Sectional Sofa

    Starting from €4,774

    Aliante modular sofa by Bonaldo, upholstered in fabric or leather with high metal feet. Fully customisable.

  • Divano morbido dal design vintage Ayton

    Design Sofa

    Starting from €4,725

    Ayton comfortable retro-style sofa in velvet, fabric or real leather. Available as a linear sofa, corner sofa, armchair or pouffe.

  • Bailey single seat cushion sofa

    Love Seat

    Starting from €2,419

    Bailey single seat cushion sofa, available 160 and 190 cm wide. High decorative metal feet and cover in fabric, velvet and leather.

  • Banus design sofa with low asymmetric backrest

    Design Sofa

    Starting from €3,746

    Banus design sofa with low asymmetric backrest; available as a corner or linear and in fabric, velvet, leather or faux-leather. Cushions included.

  • Blend sectional sofa in belting leather and fabric by Bonaldo

    Sectional Sofa

    Starting from €6,745

    Blend sectional sofa in belting leather and fabric. 2-3 seater, with chaise longue in 3 sizes, with corner or ottoman.

  • Divano moderno alto da terra con piedini di design Burton

    Fabric Sofa

    Starting from €1,650

    Divano moderno alto da terra con piedini di design Burton con chaise longue, 2, 3 posti o angolare, anche con poggiatesta regolabile. Pouf opzionale.

Perfect 2-seater sofas or loveseats

Our high-quality 2-seater sofas are the perfect option for furnishing a smaller environment. Start with the width of your wall, then look at the product page of your desired sofa where you will find all of the sizes available for that model. If you are working with a small room or a narrow niche, two-seater sofas are ideal for optimising the space. If you want to place the couch in the middle of the room, you can opt for a loveseat with two matching armchairs, a rug and a floor lamp. You can also combine two sofas, perhaps a 2-seater and a 3-seater, with a low side table in a corner. Once you have chosen the most appropriate sofa size for your home, you can focus on the colour and material of the upholstery. In this exquisite collection, you will find high-quality fabrics, practical and resistant faux-leathers as well as elegant real leather. For classic and luxurious environments, you might opt for precious upholstery materials such as leather or velvet.

3-seater sofas available in several models and colours

Sectional, 3-seater sofas can be used in both modern and classic contexts. The two most important factors to bear in mind are the style of sofa and the type of upholstery. In more traditional environments, a classic 3-seater sofa often features a formal seat, tall visible legs (or legs covered with a skirt), rounded armrests, and a rounded backrest. In more contemporary contexts, you will often find modern, 3-seater sofas with a relaxed or informal seating style, squared shapes, wide armrests and metal legs. The other fundamental factor in personalising your sofa is the type of upholstery cover and its colour. Thanks to our extensive catalogue of materials and finishes, you will find a range of high-quality fabrics with varying characteristics and textures, including several stain-resistant options. In a refined and sophisticated living room, a leather sofa is often available in shades such as dark brown and cognac, or in petrol blue, green or grey if you opt for velvet upholstery.

Sit back and relax with our reclining sofas

Reclining sofas are equipped with a mechanism (often electric) that allows you to adjust the backrest or the seat of the sofa. This mechanism is usually operated with a control panel on the side of the armrest. These solutions provide total relaxation and allow you to lie out on your sofa. If electric mechanisms aren’t for you, you can also choose a sofa with a manual pull-out seat which allows you to transform each seat into a chaise longue, or a sofa with an adjustable backrest.