Hinged Wardrobes with Recess Grip

Hinged wardrobes with groove handles and recess grips

Furnish your bedroom with one of the high-quality wardrobes from this collection and choose recess grips over traditional handles for a smooth, sleek look. Our recess handles are available in wood veneer, back-painted glass or matt and glossy lacquer and can be chosen in a matching or contrasting finish to the rest of the wardrobe.

Wardrobes with lacquered groove handles for a minimalist look

Hinged wardrobes with recess grip handles stand out for their aesthetic purity and smooth surfaces. For an intrinsically minimalist look, we recommend choosing a matt or glossy lacquered structure with simple grooves for opening and closing the doors.

These large doors, which are uniform in colour and don’t have protruding handles, can cover an entire wall, making these space-saving models the perfect choice for furnishing your bedroom with ease and class. The lacquered wardrobes in this range are available in an exclusive range of colours, from the classic tones of white, grey, beige and brown, to more striking shades of blue, green or glossy black. Black, in particular, is a bold choice with a strong personality and the ability to introduce a dramatic effect into a large, bright bedroom.

Full-wall solutions and bespoke wardrobes

Thanks to the high quality and expert craftsmanship seen in our products, you can create your own bespoke wardrobe with groove handles, without any particular restrictions on the length or layout. Customised to the centimetre, your made-to-measure wardrobe can be small or large in size, and you can even create a full-wall composition with 4, 5, 6 or more doors.

You can also customise your chosen model with bridge structures, shoe racks, drawers, shelving and open compartments. All of these accessories contribute to making sure your hinged wardrobe is perfectly suited to your needs, while simultaneously maintaining a simple, elegant and modern aesthetic.