Mirrors with Frame

Bathroom mirrors with frame

Choose your bathroom mirror with frame from our online collection: with glass light running along the perimeter, with lacquered frame or in coloured glass in different shades. The perfect mirror for your bathroom is just one click away.

Mirrors with frame for your bathroom

A bathroom mirror with frame is a catchy and refined accessory. Frames give personality to a product that will otherwise result a simple functional object. A mirror with a Luis XVI frame can embellish walls and furnish the space in an elegant and refined way. If you don't love classic and retro atmospheres you can opt for a modern bathroom mirror in clear glass or with a colour matching your furniture finish. In some models, the look is well combined with the convenience of use to get a useful yet pretty furniture piece: as a matter of fact you can choose a mirror with one or more shelves for the make up, toiletries, candles or any other decoration.