Mirrors with Frame

Bathroom mirrors with frame

Discover our online collection of framed mirrors, with LED bars around the edges, lacquered metal frames or with bevelled edges. Find the mirror that best matches the size, shape and finish of your washbasin and wall units and embellish your bathroom with an original and meticulously designed accessory.

  • Specchio da bagno con profilo in alluminio Alfa nel modello in alluminio spazzolato a dodici lati

    Bathroom Mirror with Frame

    Starting from €298

    Alfa bathroom mirror with aluminium frame, available in several sizes. Frame in brushed aluminium or matt-black metal.

  • Antrim hexagonal bathroom mirror

    Bathroom Mirror with Frame

    Starting from €614

    Antrim hexagonal bathroom mirror with metal frame in matt-black, gold or copper. Integrated LED on the inside of the frame.

  • Specchiera da bagno su misura Julius con cornice sagomata in cristallo colorato

    Bathroom Mirror with Frame

    Starting from €170

    Julius bespoke bathroom mirror, also available with personalized shape, perimeter in glass, shaped frames and led back-light.

Mirrors and frames: at the heart of modern bathrooms

Framed bathroom mirrors are eye-catching and sophisticated accessories. The frame lends personality and style to a product that would otherwise have a purely practical function. We offer modern frame designs, with backlit profiles, LEDs installed around the frame, and thin lacquered metal edges in line with contemporary minimalist trends. Also following the examples of modern designs, our mirrors often have unconventional geometric shapes: they can be hexagonal and octagonal, or have irregular silhouettes with custom designs.

There is no shortage, however, of classic rectangular mirrors with large lacquered baroque frames. These accessories fit formal and elegant contexts, but are also back in vogue in modern furnished rooms, where their classic style creates an interesting contrast. For these reasons they are a great example of versatility while maintaining a strong identity. The customizable finishes, available also in bright colours, facilitates their placement in less traditional furnished rooms.

Last but not least, the combination of aesthetics and practicality can be particularly effective: some models take advantage of the natural protrusion of a metal frame to create small shelves.