Sommier Beds and Headboards

Sommier beds without headboards: the collection

Choose your double or single sommier bed and customise it with a built-in storage box under the bed base. Whether you choose a high or low bed frame or tall legs, place your sommier bed in the middle of the room for a modern and innovative look, or combine with wooden or upholstered panelling for an elegant, trendy and personalised bedroom.

  • Wall panelling for Beat P17 bed with high element in 105 Cast Iron lacquer and headboard in 101 eco-leather

    Beat Wall Panel
    Wall Panelling

    Starting from €959.15

    Wall panelling for Beat P17 bed, available for one or two nightstands, in wood, lacquer or eco-leather.

  • Beat P17 headboardless upholstered bed frame matched with Beat Wall Panel. Single model with 603 eco-leather bed frame.

    Beat P17
    Sommier Bed

    Starting from €418.32

    Beat P17 headboardless upholstered bed frame, also available in wood or lacquered. Perfect in combination with Beat Wall Panel.

  • Birba upholstered trundle bed for kids by HomePlaneur

    Upholstered Bed for Kids

    Starting from €996.79

    Birba is an upholstered trundle bed for kids available with a wide range of options and covers.

  • Jolly bespoke upholstered wall panels

    Jolly wall panels
    Wall Panelling

    Starting from €202.26

    Jolly bespoke upholstered wall panels are decorative accessories for your bedroom, serving as a headboard. Several material, also with extra shelf.

  • California wall panels system for bedroom, available upholstered or made of wood and with optional shelving unit

    California Wall Panels
    Wall Panelling

    Starting from €51.25

    California is a system of wall panels for beds, available both upholstered or in wood, which can be combined with bed frame and shelving unit from the same line.

  • Cinnamon slim bed-frame without headboard

    Cinnamon Sommier
    Sommier Bed

    Starting from €739.21

    Cinnamon slim bed-frame without headboard available with high feet or a convenient bed with storage box. Upholstery can be fully removed.

  • Freeport headboard less double bed with Freeport wall panelling

    Sommier Bed

    Starting from €547.80

    Freeport headboard-less double bed matches the Freeport wall panelling for decorative furnishing ideas in your bedroom.

  • Freeport bedroom wall wood panelling

    Freeport Wall Panelling
    Wall Panelling

    Starting from €116.53

    Freeport bedroom wall panelling serves as a modular headboard for Freeport bed, is available upholstered or in wood for mixed compositions.

  • Lounge elegant platfrom bed with wall panelling

    Sommier Bed

    Starting from €5,171.50

    Elegant platform bed with upholstered customizable wall panelling, also available full height. Upholstery in fabric, faux-leather, leather and accessories.

  • Jolly customisable upholstered back panel

    Jolly Back Panel
    Wall Panelling

    Starting from €219.49

    Jolly customisable back panel, a convenient upholstered wall panel to use as a bed headboard or to cover up the walls. Removable cover.

  • Pannelli boiserie per la testiera del letto Sorvolo

    Sorvolo Boiserie
    Wall Panelling

    Starting from €250.46

    Wall panelling for Sorvolo bed headboard, customizable in size and finish. Perfect for corner layouts, with drawers or open shelving unit.

  •  More&Plus headboard less double bed

    More&Plus Sommier
    Sommier Bed

    Starting from €928.49

    More&Plus is a headboardless platform bed. Squared smooth, rounded smooth, rounded tufted bed frames.

  • Record modern round bed with low bed frame

    Round Bed

    Starting from €921.85

    Record modern round bed with low bed frame available with curved headboard or in a sommier version. Fabric, faux leather or leather cover.

  • Soleil round upholstered bed

    Round Bed

    Starting from €4,287.39

    Soleil is a round upholstered bed, It can be fitted with two reclining cushions and optional corner-shaped platforms.

  • Letto contenitore senza testiera Etienne

    Sommier Bed

    Starting from €717.46

    Letto contenitore senza testiera Etienne in tessuto o similpelle. Letto singolo, piazza e mezza, matrimoniale o king size anche senza box.

  • Globe convenient bed with very good price

    Round Bed

    Starting from €995.19

    Globe is a round convenient bed with excellent value for money available in fabric or faux leather. Both with or without headboard.

  • Tequila headboardless high bed (recessed bed base)

    Sommier Bed

    Starting from €539.30

    Tequila headboardless high bed is available in storage versions and 13 versions of bed frame. A modern bed design.

  • Boiserie imbottita modulare Geco componibile con 7 pannelli di dimensioni differenti.

    Boiserie Geco
    Wall Panelling

    Starting from €130.02

    Geco wall mounted upholstered boiserie with modular elements. Fabric or faux leather single panels to be set behind a sommier bed.

  • Nasua bed with pull out drawers

    Sommier Bed

    Starting from €673.02

    Nasua bed with pull out drawers. Modern sommier also available with storage box or pull out under bed. Single, double and king size.

  • Boiserie in abbinamento al letto sommier imbottito sfoderabile Tamia.

    Sommier Bed

    Starting from €498.08

    Tamia sommier bed with breathable fabric. Removable bed frame cover available in different colours.

Single, double or king size: choose the best sommier bed for you

Like all products, these sommier beds are of the highest quality and are highly customisable, starting with the dimensions. Standard sizes include 160x190 cm double beds, or singles and small doubles with 90 and 120 cm mattress widths respectively. The 180x200 cm and 200x200 cm sommiers, known as king and superking size, are suitable for larger bedrooms, positioned either in the centre of the room or as part of a wall composition with panelling.

Built-in storage and no headboard: the practical design of sommier beds

The minimalist style of beds without headboards leaves ample room for customisation, both structurally and from a purely aesthetic point of view. The first thing to choose is the type of bed frame: high, low, upholstered or wooden, finished on all sides for placing in the middle of the room or designed to be mounted to the wall. As an alternative to the floor-standing models, there are also sommier beds supported by high wooden or metal legs, as well as models that are anchored to Plexiglas supports and other transparent materials that give the optical illusion of a suspended bed.

In order to make clever use of the space between the bed frame and the mattress, sommier beds are often equipped with a storage box, which can be accessed by means of a quick and intuitive mechanism that lifts the mattress upwards. An under-the-bed storage box can hold pyjamas, out-of-season clothes, blankets and more, for a more organised bedroom that leaves more space for furniture design.

Wall panelling as an alternative to a headboard

As an alternative to positioning your sommier bed in the centre of the room, it can also be placed against a wall and completed with modular and customisable wall panelling, to be applied behind the bed. Our collection includes modules of all sizes and materials: from the warmth of natural wood to original fabric or leather upholstery.

You can also choose from a large number of accessories that are customisable in number, type and positioning. Explore maximum functionality and aesthetics by inserting suspended bedside tables, open compartments, closed storage units, LED light points at the front or back of the headboard, and entire dressers and chests of drawers. These latter options can be fixed on a second wall but connected to the back of the bed with a unique composition of panels and modules.