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California is a system of wall panels for beds, available both upholstered or in wood, which can be combined with bed frame and shelving unit from the same line.

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The California collection includes a system of wall panels for the bedroom, available with wooden or upholstered elements, as well as shelving units that can be matched with bed frames and storage units from the same collection. The panels and shelving units are modular, so they can easily be matched together by creating different layouts based on your tastes, needs and available space.
In particular, the modular wall panel can be used independently or to complete the wall panelling on either side of a California bed, and with horizontal or vertical shelving units which function as storage compartments or as shelves.
The upholstered panels are available in the flat version with a removable fabric cover, or a non-removable leather or faux-leather cover; the wooden panels and the shelving units are available in wood veneer, matt lacquer or metallic lacquer.
These compositions, which can be rearranged over time, are all available with holes at the bottom for sockets and switches, and are also available with an LED lighting system around the perimeter, creating an exquisite light effect.

modular wall panels available in upholstered or wooden versions
highly customisable and available in a range of sizes and finishes
wooden or lacquered shelving units to be integrated into the wall panelling
coordinated storage units available from the same collection.

Models and Measurements
- flat upholstered panels: cm 2,7
- wooden panels: cm 2,5
Note: The total depth of the panelling is calculated by adding the distance from the wall to the thickness of the selected panelling.
- open shelving units: from 24,5 to 54,6 cm

Materials and Finishes
- wood veneer
- matt / metallic lacquer
- fabric (removable)
- faux-leather, leather (non-removable)

Technical study

Technical Specifications and Equipment
Back Panel: 1.9cm-thick panel in black MDF available as one single panel up to a maximum size of 270x120 cm. In all other cases, the panels are coupled.
Modular Wall-Panelling: particle wood panels, 2.5cm thick, with a white melamine base for the matt lacquer, or brush-painted, open-pore, oak wood veneer for the wooden options. The flat panels are upholstered with shaped polyurethane, coated with polyester wadding and then covered in fabric (removable), leather or faux-leather (non-removable).
Shelves: 1cm-thick wood particle panels with a white melamine base for the matt lacquer, or brush-painted, open-pore, oak wood veneer for the wooden options. Fixed to the back of the panel with a specific bolt.
Glass Shelves: in 1cm-thick smoked tempered glass vetro, fixed to the back of the panel by means of a pin glued to the shelf.

It is possible to include a hole in the panelling for a socket and switch (not included). The hole can be for 4 switches (e.g. 2 switches and 2 Italian outlets or 2 switches and a Schuko outlet) placed 9 cm from the lower border and 15 cm from the side of the panel. For square or horizontal rectangular panels you can choose the left or right side, whereas on the vertical panels it will always be placed in the centre of the lower panel.
If your wall outlet is placed in a different position you can have the cables pass between the wall and supporting panel up to the slot on the panel.
Wall panels can also be equipped with a 3000K LED bar around the edge of the back panel in black MDF. This LED emits a gentle light. The LED strip comes with a power supply which is to be positioned in the provided pocket in the panel. The light is switched on and off either with the domestic system or with a remote control. The LED lighting systems are attached to the edge of the back panel, respecting the 2.5cm space behind. The wiring is secured with grooves in the back panel.
N.B. For panelling with a perimeter larger than 6m, there will be two lighting systems.

Assembly Tips
The back panel is fixed directly to the wall and is shaped on a case-to-case basis to work with the options that have been chosen for the composition.
The wall panelling and the shelves are fixed to the back of the panelling with supporting pins (applied to the back of the shelves and behind the wall panelling in the appropriate slots).


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