We've been active in this field since 1911 and in 2008 we decided to reinvent it thanks to the advent of Digital solutions.

diotti.com joins a century of bespoke furniture production and retailing with more than 10 years devoted to innovate the distribution of tailor-made Italian furniture... in this way you can today furnish your home with convenience and transparency.

Each home is a mirror of its owner personality, that's why we developed our collection as a proper instrument to enhance your creativity.

In the past years we selected the best partner manufacturers, based in different Italian furniture districts, and nowadays diotti.com is a collection of modern furniture, characterised by a balance of customisation, accessibility and reliability.

You can furnish your house comfortably online (we serve all Europe), or you can come in Lentate sul Seveso (near Milan) and visit our showroom; you can create and choose your furniture pieces by yourself or we can help you out with your project.

We hope that our extensive knowledge in the furniture field will help you live at best your own personal interiors experience: on the phone, online, in our showroom.

Enjoy your choice!


1911 - An Italian Story

Just before the Great War many peasants in Brianza district gradually became "wood craftsmen": in 1911 Diotti family started their own production of wooden chairs extending the range of crafted products in the following decades; in 1954 the workshop became a small mechanised factory.

1968 - Diotti A&F

During the 60s many of the artisans tried to become "industrialists", others gradually decided to become "retailers". In 1968 Diotti A&F furniture store opened; in more than 50 years (and with dozens of thousands of served customers) it became an institution in Brianza district furnishing area.

2008 - Area D. & ArredaClick

Area D. was founded in 2008 with the clear intention of developing new retail models for the furniture field, among which multi-brand online distribution (ArredaClick.com), mono-brand portals (now part of Velve Solutions) and Digital Native Brands (HomePlaneur).

2018 - diotti.com

With the merger of Diotti A&F and Area D., diotti.com became a "digitally renewed traditional brand"; it integrates all previous experiences in a unified retail strategyy, by matching the benefits of Digital retail with the ones of a traditional furniture store.

Company Data

diotti.com S.r.l.
via Nazionale dei Giovi 274
20823 Lentate sul Seveso (ITALY)
[email protected]
UK VAT: GB162818009 - REA 1867919
Shared Capital: € 100.000,00

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Velve Solutions

diotti.com technical infrastructure (server, front-end, product configuration menus, digital samples, back-end) is handled by Velve Solutions, a company belonging to the group that develops and offers solutions for Digital Retail to brands which manufacture or distribute customised products in detail furniture and architectural goods.

More in specific Velve Solutions offers to brands strategic consulting on "Digital Retail", info-commerce and e-commerce portals developing and handling, solutions for the graphic configuration of products, material digitalisation as well as solutions for the digitalisation of physical stores.