Laminate Extending Tables

Extending laminate tables: practicality in service of your home

Explore our collection of modern extendable laminate tables, resistant to intensive, daily use. Tops and extensions leaves in melamine and hpl are available in numerous colours and material effects, including wood or marble effect, for a complete customisation of the product.

  • Albus extending table with white painted metal structure and primordial oak HPL top

    Kitchen Table

    Starting from €685

    Albus extending square table with corner legs, also available in rectangular models, and with fixed tops. Laminate or white glass top.

  • Basil modern rectangular extending table

    Extending Table

    Starting from €1,047

    Basil modern rectangular extending table with 4 metal legs as a structure and top in melamine, wood, glass. fenix or ceramic.

  • Katie white extending kitchen table with practical HPL melamine top

    Kitchen Table

    Starting from €909

    Davis white extending kitchen table with practical HPL melamine top. Also available in glass or stone this table has a light look.

  • Elio extending round table with central leg

    Extending Table

    Starting from €1,332

    Elio extending round table with circular top that becomes oval when extended. Central base that recall vintage look Bauhaus tables.

  • Hiroshi extendable dining table perfect for both the kitchen and dining area

    Extending Table

    Starting from €1,377

    Hiroshi extendable kitchen table available rectangular 120, 140, 160 or 180 cm wide. Top and legs in a selection of finishes.

  • Jason round stone effect table for the living room cm Ø 130 with tilted legs in white metal

    Dining Table

    Starting from €880

    Jason is a round stone effect table in ceramic, also in wood, melamine and laminate. Also with elliptical, rectangular and boat extending top shape.

  • Saarinen is a round elliptical table originally projected and designed by Eero Saarinen

    Design Table

    Starting from €818

    Saarinen table designed by Eero Saarinen. Round or elliptical top in marble, wood or liquid laminate. Fixed or extending versions available.

  • Shore Modern Glass Ceramic Table

    Modern Table

    Starting from €1,679

    Shore modern ceramic glass table in various sizes and finishes, fixed or extending version up to 3 m. Painted metal structure.

  • Table with marble effect glossy ceramic

    Kitchen Table

    Starting from €720

    Adrian modern kitchen table with metal legs, also for the living room; wood, resin or glass top. Inner butterfly extension leaf.

  • Alastor table with tubular metal legs - completely extended with op in Primordial Oak HPL

    Design Table

    Starting from €636

    Alastor table with tubular metal legs available with rectangular or shaped top in Fenix HPL or natural oak wood. For modern living rooms.

  • Tavolo allungabile in ceramica Albert

    Extending Table

    Starting from €1,014

    Extendable ceramic dining table Albert, from 120 to 160 cm including from one to three extensions. Also available with top in melamine, glass and laminate.

  • Argus extending table with crossed metal base - Vintage Walnut HPL top and white painted metal base

    Table with Central Leg

    Starting from €745

    Argus modern extending living room table with crossed metal base; top made of Fenix laminate, HPL or veneer. From cm 170 to 200.

  • Finnigan 3 meter long dining table

    Extending Table

    Starting from €1,163

    Finnigan 3 meter long dining table with melamine, stone, laminate or glass top and design shaped legs in painted beech wood.

  • Tavolo da cucina moderno Freddie

    Kitchen Table

    Starting from €993

    Freddie modern kitchen table, available in several sizes with one, two or three extensions in melamine or laminate. Customizable in all its parts.

  • Jake extending table with wooden top

    Modern Table

    Starting from €1,175

    Jake extending table with wooden top with a remarkable textured effect and contemporary style; painted metal legs.

  • Tavolo stile industrial con gambe in metallo Logan

    Kitchen Table

    Starting from €1,043

    Industrial style table with metal legs Logan, available with ceramic, wood or glass top. Versatile and modern in style.

  • Neville low-cost modern kitchen table available fixed or extending

    Kitchen Table

    Starting from €474

    Neville low-cost modern kitchen table available fixed or extending. Top in melamine, laminate, or glass. Painted metal structure.

  • Nimbus dining table with ceramic laminam top

    Kitchen Table

    Starting from €685

    Nimbus dining table with stone laminam top; also available with glass or melamine top in several finishes.

  • Tavolo sagomato allungabile in ceramica Trevor

    Design Table

    Starting from €1,914

    Extending ceramic shaped Trevor table in various sizes, with matching extension leaves. Made with fine finishes in modern style.

  • Basin Young everyday use kitchen table

    Basil Young
    Kitchen Table

    Starting from €617

    Basil Young everyday use kitchen table is rectangular, extendable and comes with a top available in laminate, glass or ceramic.

  • Clancy wall-mounted extending dining table

    Peninsula Kitchen Table

    Starting from €628

    Clancy wall-mounted extending dining table with top in melamine or glass; the biggest version extends up to 2,60 mt.

  • Clancy centre leaf extending dining table

    Kitchen Table

    Starting from €628

    Clancy centre leaf extending dining table. The top measures either 120 or 140 x 80 cm and is available in laminate or glass. Selection of legs.

  • Tavolo moderno in ceramica da cucina David

    Kitchen Table

    Starting from €706

    David modern ceramic kitchen table, extending and available in several sizes. Highly customizable for the structure and top.

  • Extending white glass Desire table

    Dining Table

    Starting from €1,296

    Desire white glass extending table with prominent central metal base. Top available in numerous other finishes.

  • Tavolo da cucina allungabile in ceramica Diogo

    Kitchen Table

    Starting from €968

    Diogo kitchen ceramic table with extensions, available in several sizes and with one, two or three extensions. Several finishes for top, structure and legs.

  • Eddard wood dining table with debarked natural oak wood top and white painted metal legs

    Dining Table

    Starting from €910

    Eddard wood dining table with debarked top and metal trestle legs. Top also available in many laminate finishes. For kitchens or living rooms.

  • Tavolo su misura fisso o allungabile Egon

    Kitchen Table

    Starting from €297

    Egon fixed or extendable bespoke kitchen table, perfect for a kitchen or cafe. Painted metal legs and laminated table top.

  • Tavolo moderno con gambe a cavalletto in metallo Gladio

    Dining Table

    Starting from €846

    Gladio modern table with metal trestle legs and a laminate or ceramic table top, either 220 or 180 cm, with optional extension leaves.

  • Tavolo da pranzo allungabile in laminam Jacob

    Dining Table

    Starting from €910

    Tavolo da pranzo allungabile a botte Jacob. Proposto in pietra laminam, Fenix, HPL, legno essenza o scortecciato, disponibile anche rettangolare fisso.

  • Jeremy table with central folding extension in Cimant Ash HPL melamine

    Dining Table

    Starting from €752

    Jeremy table with central folding extension, rectangular or barrel shaped top available in Laminam stone or HPL melamine. Also available with 2 fixed versions.

  • Tavolo da pranzo rotondo allungabile Lawrence

    Dining Table

    Starting from €596

    Extendable round dining table Lawrence, also available as a fixed or rectangular table, in different sizes. Laminate, wood, glass or Laminam top.

  • Mistral extending rectangular table with four sabre-shaped legs

    Dining Table

    Starting from €1,776

    Mistral extending rectangular table with sabre-shaped legs. Tabletop from 120 to 160 cm, in wood veneer, or wood, marble or stone-effect laminate.

  • Pedro extending laminate table by Cattelan

    Extending Table

    Starting from €1,331

    Pedro extending laminate table with corner legs by Cattelan. Metal legs with optional stainless steel inserts. Fixed version also available.

  • Shield extending table for open spaces

    Extending Table

    Starting from €1,047

    Shield extending table for open spaces, with 4 metal legs and top in laminate, wood, glass, fenix or ceramic.

  • Basin Young everyday use kitchen table

    Shield Young
    Kitchen Table

    Starting from €617

    Shield Young laminated kitchen table, an extending rectangular dining table with metal structure; great for a daily use.

  • Tavolo rotondo con allunghe centrali Space

    Extending Table

    Starting from €1,182

    Space round table with central extensions also available in a rectangular version with a painted metal base available in several colours.

  • Tavolo allungabile con struttura a cavalletto Stark

    Extending Table

    Starting from €1,356

    Stark extending dining table with glass, ceramic or laminate top mounted on a trestle base. Black painted metal structure.

  • Tavolo rotondo con allunghe a libro Station

    Round Table

    Starting from €1,001

    Station round table with folding extension, available with melamine or ceramic glass top. Base with four painted metal legs.

  • Tavolo da cucina allungabile moderno Tom

    Kitchen Table

    Starting from €1,019

    Tom modern extending kitchen table, available in several measurements, also with a ceramic glass top.

  • Ship marble-effect ceramic extending table

    Modern Table

    Starting from €1,475

    Ship marble-effect ceramic extending table, also in glass, laminate or wood veneer with straight or debarked edges. Elegant and sophisticated design. 

  • Dant rectangular shaped extending kitchen peninsula

    Peninsula Kitchen Table

    Starting from €2,153

    Dant rectangular or shaped extending kitchen peninsula. Functional top in numerous sizes and finishes.

  • Dede satin glass dining table - detail of the extension leaf

    Kitchen Table

    Starting from €1,016

    Dede satin glass dining table can feature a fingerprint resistant tabletop and an extendable metal structure, seating up to 12 guests.

  • Tavolo in legno da cucina Elton

    Kitchen Table

    Starting from €582

    Elton wooden kitchen table, available square or rectangular and extending. Top and extension leaves in several melamine finishes.

  • Garrick grey extending dining table with London Grey Fenix laminate top with London Grey Fenix laminate top

    Modern Table

    Starting from €813

    Garrick grey extending dining table available in cm 120, 140, or 160 wide models with legs always at the corners. Suitable for kitchens.

  • Tavolo allungabile dal design minimal Giasone completo di 2 allunghe

    Kitchen Table

    Starting from €1,616

    Giasone extendable table with minimalist design and glass top. Wide dining surface to host up to 10 guests.

  • Hermione extending laminate dining table. Structure painted in London Grey and top in grey oak melamine

    Kitchen Table

    Starting from €474

    Hermione extending laminate dining table with cm 120, 138 or 160 top suitable for modern kitchens. Fixed versions also available.

  • James modern-style extending table

    Modern Table

    Starting from €1,269

    James modern-style extending table with wooden, ceramic or glass top. Rectangular or barrel-shaped, also fixed, with metal legs with a particular design.

  • Jean extending table by Eileen Gray

    Extending Table

    Starting from €797

    Jean design extending table created by Eileen Gray with chromed steel tube structure and black laminate top.

Laminate kitchen table: minimal, durable, hygienic

Their resistance to heat, light, and temperature changes and their anti-scratch properties, which make them almost immune to small cuts, scrapes, and bumps caused by falling objects, make laminate extension tables a perfect fit for a modern, lived-in kitchen, that has to deal with the preparation of lunches and dinners, with children playing and any other activity, that can put any countertop under a great amount of stress.

The high density of the material and its compact surface, independently from the matt, glossy or textured laminate finish, make the tops waterproof, antistatic, easy to clean and therefore highly hygienic, an important feature when it comes to kitchen furniture.

Their resistance and the other intrinsic properties of laminate tops are not, however, the only point of strength of this exclusive collection: the most striking feature of laminates is their ability to visually recreate any material, wood, marble, ceramic and also metal. This makes them highly customisable and easy to coordinate with other furnishings, providing a beautiful effect without renouncing to a durable and easy-to-maintain piece of furniture. Last but not least, the versatility of these tables should not be understated: thanks to carefully installed mechanisms these tables can be extended in a few simple steps.

Our selection, carefully handcrafted and refined in every detail, cannot be complete without minimal 4-leg structures in wood or metal, with slender, essential lines that emphasise the finish of the top. Also available, more imposing central or crossed bases, more suitable for a dining room or living room than for a kitchen, however large or modern.