Walk-in Closets with Panels

Walk-in wardrobes with panels: freestanding and double-sided

Explore our selection of walk-in wardrobes with side and back panels. These self-supporting structures are made from wood or metal and can be customised with a wide range of finishes and optional accessories, such as drawer units, pull-out trays, clothes hangers and additional shelving. You will also find options with reduced depth for smaller spaces or double-sided models for using in the centre of a room.

  • Pacific walk-in wardrobe matched with elements with glass doors


    Pacific is an elegant walk-in wardrobe which can also be equipped with optional smoked glass doors. Open metal sides or with wood panels, finishing in melamine or lacquer.

  • Pacific double-sided walk-in closet

    Pacific - Double-sided

    Pacific double-sided walk-in closet, with side against the wall or for the middle of the room. Also possible to match it with wardrobes. Open sides with metal frame or wooden panels.

  • Scarpiera di lusso a vista Pacific cm h.255,6 nella versione con n.2 ripiani lineari + n.5 ripiani inclinati portascarpe (per ogni modulo)

    Pacific Open Shoe Rack
    Wardrobe with Reduced Depth

    Luxury open shoe rack Pacific, customisable also with LED light, perfect to complete a refined open walk-in closet.

  • Player free-standing closet system


    Player free-standing closet system with modular elements without doors; available in 4 height and up to 4 metres of width.

  • Cassettiera ad isola per cabina armadio Pacific in nobilitato materico olmo medio

    Pacific Island

    Pacific island for walk-in closet in melamine or matt lacquer. Smoked glass or wood fronts, pocket emptier and leather dividers.

The luxury of a large walk-in wardrobe without doors

Thanks to their self-supporting metal structure, some models in our walk-in wardrobe collection can be transformed into modern compositions featuring open sections without back panels. Distinguished by a minimalist yet tidy appearance, with metal and wooden elements available in various lacquered colours, double-sided walk-in wardrobes are perfect for large rooms dedicated exclusively to wardrobe design. Positioned in the middle of the room, they allow greater accessibility to clothing and contribute to the division of two areas within the same room, to differentiate styles and seasons or to ensure that each user, in the case of a walk-in wardrobe shared with a partner and family, has a large space dedicated to him or her.

The double-sided modules can also be integrated with wall-mounted structures from the same collection, thus creating an organised and capacious corner wardrobe that can be freely accessed, while remaining in sync with your tastes and needs.

Create an island of drawers in the heart of your walk-in wardrobe

One of the most interesting modules in this particular collection of walk-in wardrobes is the drawer island; a low and compact piece of furniture for placing in the centre of your walk-in closet. Featuring glass panels at the front and practical compartments with leather-covered dividers, the drawer island is a valuable accessory that integrates with the rest of your wardrobe layout and increases storage space.