Elliptical / Oval Mirrors

Wall hung or free standing oval mirrors

Icons of luxury and beauty, oval mirrors stand out for their timeless elegance. Our collection includes both wall and floor mirrors, with or without frame or stand, with different sizes, from big full-body mirrors to small entrance tables mirrors.

  • Julius custom-made wall mirror


    Starting from €184

    Julius custom-made wall mirror in natural, smoked or bronzed glass. Available in any shape or size. Colourful edges, shaped frames and LED lights.

  • Specchio con bordo diamantato Gemma


    Starting from €1,368

    Gemma mirror with diamond-cut edge, suitable for an horizontal or vertical position.

  • Ghirigori mirror with curly shaped metal frame


    Starting from €1,009

    Ghirigori by Cantori is a mirror with curved iron frame, elegant and refined design. The frame is available lacqured or with foil decoration.

  • J'Adore frame has a pleasant irregular shape that goes out of the mirror surface


    Starting from €951

    J'Adore oval mirror with metal swirls by Cantori. Laser cut decorative iron frame with creamy and champagne shades.

  • Kolonaky column mirror covered in blue eco-leather (on the left) e in aubergine violet eco-leather


    Starting from €1,341

    Kolonaky column mirror covered in leather in several finishes. Also available in eco-leather.

  • Mirabelle has a minimal design with classic curl-shaped decorative clasp and polished borders


    Starting from €621

    Mirabelle oval mirror with iron hook. Minimal design with classic curl-shaped decorative clasp and polished borders.

  • Olmi etched elliptical shaped mirror with dark coffee lacquered border


    Starting from €864

    Olmi etched elliptical-shaped mirror with lacquered border available in four different colours.

  • Specchio da ingresso con mensola Mirage.


    Starting from €1,320

    Vegas modern wooden mirror with shelf available in a clear or bronze finish with round, elliptical or square smooth frame.

Oval mirrors, a classic accessory

Despite its traditional feel, oval mirrors can be reinvented in modern rooms. Oval dresser mirrors are a versatile and practical solution, for those looking for a wide and very bright reflective area, both in an horizontal and vertical position. Useful to visually enlarge entryways and living areas up, thanks to its brightness and light effects. It can be implemented with an imposing back-lacquered glass or metal frame, for a modern piece with white black or silver shades, to recreate a magical mirror for classic and formal spaces.

Large oval mirror for the bedroom

An elegant and sophisticated accessory, a large oval mirror in the bedroom can also prove highly functional: a full-length mirror not only serves as a distinctive furnishing accessory, but also allows you to try on outfits and always look perfect before leaving the house.