Built-in Wardrobes

Fitted or built-in wardrobes: a perfect space-saving solution

Optimise your space and furnish every corner of your home with a bespoke and beautiful piece of furniture. We offer a selection of fitted wardrobes with hinged or folding doors, perfect for closing up nooks and recesses and to create closets and small utility or laundry rooms. Available as a linear or corner wardrobe, with plain or decorated doors, wooden or lacquered: they can truly meet every requirement.

  • Ripostiglio angolare su misura Lounge

    Lounge Corner

    Starting from €1,986

    Customised corner cupboard Lounge, to create a wall cupboard in every corner of the house. Available in lacquered, veneered or paintable with wall paint.

  • Armadio a muro lineare Lounge

    Lounge Linear

    Starting from €1,371

    Lounge customizable wall door, to separate door and walk-in closet or bedroom and en-suite bathroom. Also perfect for laundry rooms or broom closets.

  • Porta scorrevole da esterno muro in legno Lounge

    Lounge Porta Scorrevole

    Starting from €1,595

    Lounge wooden sliding door with customised door and track, to separate the bathroom from the master bedroom or the kitchen from the living room. Smooth or machined doors with carvings or applied slats.

Fitted Wardrobes: utility closets or cloakroom?

Designed to provide maximum functionality without sacrificing aesthetics, built-in wardrobes allow to close up otherwise open niches to optimise storage. Along corridors, in entryways or between the bedrooms and living area or in a large entrance hall facing the living room, discreet framed storage doors hide work tools, ladders, small appliances or food supplies. Their versatility and design also allow you to neatly organise bags, backpacks, jackets and, if necessary, guests' coats. The secret of their success is the extreme customization of the doors: we offer light or dark wooden doors, matte lacquered, with brilliant colours or metallic finishes. Also available are doors decorated with geometric patterns or painted to match the walls, making it almost invisible.

Create a laundry room behind the doors of a fitted wardrobe.

Organise a laundry room where to place a washing machine or dryer, without hiding it behind a column or cupboard. The fitted wardrobes from our collection offer a very practical solution: they are able to store laundry products, detergents, laundry baskets, an ironing board and everything else needed to maintain the house. All the space available is efficiently used to the last centimetre, thanks to an exterior frame: available bespoke, with customisable height and width, it allows to find made-to-measure solutions. The inside of the wardrobe is just as customisable, with shelves, where to store boxes, containers, spare laundry or winter blankets.