Built-in Wardrobes

Custom made closing systems with doors to create built-in wardrobes, perfect to close and equip all recesses on walls in order to create storage closets with or without shelves according to your needs
  • Tilt bespoke corner utility room with doors and frame in matt lacquer (handles model no longer available)

    Tilt - Corner

    Starting from €367.69

    Tilt bespoke corner utility room, a built-in wardrobe to close a corner of the house and turn it into a laundry or a storage unit. Available in matt lacquer or laminate.

  • Tilt bespoke built-in wardrobe: laundry cabinet with shelving unit matching door and frame finish

    Tilt - Linear

    Starting from €367.69

    Tilt bespoke built-in wardrobe. Available in matt lacquer or in laminate finish that can also be painted with the same paint of your wall. Perfect for linear niches and recessed walls.