Bed Bases

Wooden slatted bed frames

Fixed or motorised wooden slatted bed frames with an ergonomic and refined design. Available in the following models: single, large single and double, standard or king size.

  • Active Frame wooden slatted bed base

    Active Frame

    Starting from €146

    Active Frame wooden slatted bed base with fixed frame in steel. With dorsal rigidity adjusters with double slat.

  • Rete motorizzata a doghe SaniMove - Versione per letto matrimoniale


    Starting from €755

    SaniMove electric slatted base composed by 26 slats with variable rigidity. 4 motorized sections adjustable through remote control.

  • UniMove electric double bed base


    Starting from €1,174

    UniMove electric double bed base with a single lifting movement made up of three bent sections. Metal frame and slatted surface.

  • Wood Frame slatted bed base for double beds

    Wood Frame

    Starting from €172

    Wood Frame slatted bed base for double bed with a wooden frame. Also available for single and large single beds.

  • Rete motorizzata WoodMove - Versione per letto matrimoniale


    Starting from €671

    WoodMove electric bed base. Available for single mattresses or for double mattresses with a single lifting movement; composed by 4 bent sections.

Your best allies for a comfortable sleep: electric slatted bed bases

Electric bed frames are equipped with a small motor and a remote control, which can raise and lower the mattress to the desired position in a few seconds. Our motorised bed base can raise and lower the bed in slow and gradual movements without jerking motions, thus allowing the user to easily find the position that best suits them.

Motorised slatted bed frames can have a major impact on sleep disorders related to back and neck pain or breathing problems, but those simply seeking greater comfort will also benefit greatly from adjustable electric bed frames.

Electric double bed frames: with a single or two individual lifting mechanisms

Double beds elettric frames are available in two different versions: with a single lifting motion or with two independently adjustable sides of the bed. The motorised frames with independent lifting systems, are actually two single bed frames and therefore two single mattresses, that can operate independently of each other. If you prefer the comfort of a single double bed mattress, you can opt for a bedframe with a single lifting mechanism. This version utilises double bed sheets, as the movement affects the entire surface of the mattress.

Wooden slatted frames, the right support during sleep

Both single or double slatted frames are made of wood, a very flexible yet resistant material. The elasticity of the slats pushes the mattress upwards so that it adheres perfectly to the body, sometimes with the help of dorsal rigidity adjusters.