SaniMove electric slatted base composed by 26 slats with variable rigidity. 4 motorized sections adjustable through remote control.

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SaniMove is an electric slatted base composed by 26 slats combined with polymeric joints, which give elasticity and make the slats slightly twine: the slatted base can perfectly adapt to body solicitations. The remote control with wire commands the engine which, in turn, controls the four different sections of the base: the head, back, pelvis and legs. The lumbar area is equipped with rigidity adjusters calibrated on the body weight. In the double bed version it is possible to purchase the cable which allows to control both bed bases together, in order to use a double mattress instead of two single ones.
SaniMove bed base has a width of cm 7,5 and for this reason it is recommended to verify the compatibility with the bed base compartment height.

SaniMove slatted base has a significant thickness of cm 7,5 for this reason we recommend you to verify the compatibility with the height of your bed compartment as well as of the corner bed bases support. For electric bed bases with bent surface, do not use sprung mattresses.

Quality and Value
26 slats with variable elasticity
polymeric joints allowing the slats to twine and ensuring the highest ergonomics
slatted base with bent surface divided into four sections controlled via remote
possibility to use a double mattress with a single lifting movement
lumbar rigidity adjusters
frame completely made of wood, natural, nontoxic and antistatic material

Info for your Quote
SaniMove obtained a certification as a class 1 Medical Device and therefore benefits of the deduction of VAT for health care costs in Italy.
Sprung mattresses are not compliant with the motorised bed base.

Technical study

Model and Specific Measurements
Slats number: 26
Slat thickness: mm 38
Frame thickness: mm 60 x 30
Electric sections: 4

Technical Specifications and Equipment
Wood Frame bed base has a width of cm 7,5. It is necessary to verify the compatibility in case of combination with wrought iron beds or with wooden bed-ring, lacquered or upholstered with a reduced width. This depends in part on the height of the bed base compartment and in part on the use you wish to make.
In case you want to tuck the bed linen in, for aesthetic reasons we recommend you to verify that the bed base compartment height is not inferior to the one of the bed base; in this way the bed base will not stick out from the bed-ring and the final effect will be harmonious. 
While, if you want to use fallen bed linen, the bed base compartment height can also be inferior than the one of the frame; in this case, indeed, the bed base will be covered by the bed linen themselves.

Additional Information

Area of Production
5 years warranty
Easy Assembling
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