ErgoMemo cervical pillow in Memory Foam. The pillow is shaped to offer an ergonomic support to the cervical area.

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ErgoMemo is a cervical pillow in Memory Foam, an innovative material which can adapt to anatomical shapes, therefore offering a perfectly calibrated support to the cervical area.
The shaped pillow in Memory Foam for the cervical area is especially designed for those who prefer the supine position while sleeping.

Quality and Value
cervical pillow in Memory Foam, an evolved foam which adapts to the user to reduce pressure points
protective cover in Jersey to preserve quality through time
shaped profile for the ergonomic support of the cervical area

Technical study

Materials Specifications

Memory Foam: an evolved foam sensitive to body heat, which influences its molecular structure perfectly adapting it to the anatomical shapes of the user. Memory is crushproof and it gradually and constantly regains the original shape, independently from the pressure it undergoes, reducing at minimum pressure points during sleeping.

Additional Information

Area of Production
Not exportable to the UK, EIRE or USA.
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5 years warranty

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