Sliding Wardrobes with Reduced Depth

Sliding wardrobes with reduced depth: maximum functionality in minimal space

Furnishing a small bedroom with a sliding-door wardrobe is possible if you choose a model with reduced depth. Here we have gathered together a unique collection of space-saving, sliding wardrobes that are Made in Italy and of exceptional quality. Add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your compact bedroom with a wardrobe that is just 45 or 50 cm in depth.

Shallow sliding wardrobes, space saving but with care for design

Without hinged doors and with limited depth, our wardrobes with sliding doors are ideal in bedrooms, home offices and guest rooms and can be used as a valid alternative to 2 or 3-doors closets or coat stands. Outside of the bedroom the key feature of this product is not only its small size, they share with big bedrooms wardrobes an impressive variety of customization options. For this reason our wardrobes can adapt to any room and stilistic requirement: not only striking finishes, to make your room pop with more colour and a modern touch, are available but also more subdued shades, ideal for more limited spaces, in which a darker colour might not work.

To optimise space and utilise an unused niche, without sacrificing lightness and brightness, you can opt for a white lacquered sliding wardrobe or a classic finish in the same shade of the wall. In a wide entryway, well lit and modern, veneer wood, (in darker shades like Walnut, Wenge or Heat-treated Oak) or melamine (able to recall natural materials like stone or wood), should not be overlooked. Glossy lacquers or bright matt shades remain a valid option for those looking for a strong personality and design, suitable for rooms with a strong style and bold, original colour palettes.