Design Tables

Design tables for distinguished homes

If you wish for a truly unique dining room or kitchen, a designer table could be the right solution: the table is not only a fundamental piece of furniture for everyday life, but also a key element in defining the character of your décor. That is why offering a variety of options is so important. Tops can be rectangular, round, square, oval or shaped, in different materials such as glass, wood or marble. The legs too can be a game changer: in our selection we offer special models with three spokes, sculpture-like central basis and crossed or trestle-like legs, without renouncing to more traditional 4-legs structures, characterised by fine workmanship and sometimes joined into one large structure by wooden beams.

  • B130 rectangular marble table with leather base by Borzalino

    Design Table

    Starting from €5,790

    B130 rectangular marble table by Borzalino with base in real leather. Seats between 10 and 18 people, suitable for a dining room or meeting room.

  • Tavolo con base a fasce intrecciate Bon Bon

    Bon Bon
    Table with Central Leg

    Starting from €4,563

    Bon Bon table with woven band base in charcoal, burnished brass or corten. Top in different shapes and sizes, in marble, walnut or glass.

  • Tavolo elegante da soggiorno con base in legno massello Conrad

    Design Table

    Starting from €3,220

    Elegant Conrad table with solid-wood base. Round or shaped-rectangular top in marble, glass or wood and up to 350 cm.

  • Tavolo ovale in marmo Indigo

    Oval / Elliptical Table

    Starting from €2,763

    Indigo marble oval table, also available round. Marble, wood, glass or ceramic top and sail-shaped metal base.

  • Tavolo da pranzo in legno massello Larkin

    Design Table

    Starting from €3,408

    Larkin dining table with solid-wood base, available in a rectangular or round model in various sizes. Table top in wood, marble or glass.

  • Saarinen is a round elliptical table originally projected and designed by Eero Saarinen

    Design Table

    Starting from €818

    Saarinen table designed by Eero Saarinen. Round or elliptical top in marble, wood or liquid laminate. Fixed or extending versions available.

  • Table with central base with slatted finish Savannah

    Wooden Table

    Starting from €4,170

    Table with central base with groove Savannah in two sizes with metal or marble top. Ideal for warm living rooms.

  • Still dining table with porcelain stoneware top

    Dining Table

    Starting from €2,823

    Still dining table with porcelain stoneware top, also available in glass or ceramic. Fixed or extending with shaped or rectangular top.

  • Tavolo con struttura incrociata in metallo Stratos di Cattelan con piano in legno essenza con bordi irregolari

    Table with Central Leg

    Starting from €4,070

    Stratos wooden dining table with central metal crossed plinth by Cattelan. Also available in CrystalArt glass or Keramik stone

  • Tavolo rotondo con base centrale in pietra Anfora

    Table with Central Leg

    Starting from €5,085

    Anfora round table with central base in stone, available in Ø140 or 160 cm, with circular top in wood, marble or bronzed glass.

  • Argus extending table with crossed metal base - Vintage Walnut HPL top and white painted metal base

    Table with Central Leg

    Starting from €730

    Argus modern extending living room table with crossed metal base; top made of Fenix laminate, HPL or veneer. From cm 170 to 200.

  • Big Table by Bonaldo with colourful legs

    Big Table
    Design Table

    Starting from €2,880

    Big Table with coloured legs by Bonaldo; fixed or extending dining table; lacquered, solid wood or ceramic stone top.

  • Tavolo con gambe incrociate e inserti Blade

    Modern Table

    Starting from €3,519

    Modern table with crossed legs and wooden inlays and available in rectangular or curved shapes with uneven solid wood edges.

  • Connor bespoke table with crossed metal legs

    Table with Central Leg

    Starting from €1,967

    Connor is a modern bespoke table with crossed metal legs and oak wood or glass top. Available in several fixed rectangular sizes.

  • Even round table with sculptural base

    Round Table

    Starting from €4,227

    Round table with sculpture-like foot Even, characterised by a peculiar "floating effect". Wooden or lacquered base and clear glass or marble top.

  • Hidalgo elegant dining table with central base

    Table with Central Leg

    Starting from €2,226

    Hidalgo elegant dining table with central base available in round, rectangular or shaped with glass, wood, ceramic or marble top.

  • Tavolo rotondo con basamento in legno massello Intreccio

    Table with Central Leg

    Starting from €6,979

    Intreccio round table with solid wood base, offered in extendable all stained ash wood or fixed with marble top.

  • Modern table with a crystal top Odyssey

    Fixed Table

    Starting from €3,552

    Odyssey is a modern table with crystal top, available rectangular or barrel shape. Base with hollow structure in painted metal.

  • Tavolo rotondo di grandi dimensioni in legno Otab

    Wooden Table

    Starting from €6,042

    Otab large round wooden table available in Ø160 or 180 cm. Central base in wood, top in marble or wood with beveled edges

  • Tavolo rotondo allungabile in legno Pipe

    Design Table

    Starting from €4,625

    Pipe round extending wooden dining table, also available in fixed rectangular 260 or 300 cm with wooden, white marble or black porcelain stoneware top. 

  • Tavolo in gres porcellanato con basamento centrale Tenso

    Design Table

    Starting from €3,239

    Tenso porcelain stoneware table with a central base with a distinctive weave of curved metal tubes. Also available in marble, glass or solid wood.

  • Tavolo da soggiorno Velum con basamento centrale in legno

    Table with Central Leg

    Starting from €3,369

    Tavolo da soggiorno con basamento centrale in legno Velum, piano in legno o in marmo. Proposto rotondo, rettangolare, a botte o ellittico.

  • Viper glass table for 8 people

    Glass Table

    Starting from €3,921

    Glass table for 6/8 people with rectangular barrel-shaped top, also available in ceramic or wood. Central design base made of metal.

  • Axis classic sculptural base living room table

    Table with Central Leg

    Starting from €4,129

    Arex classic sculptural base living room table with clear or bronze glass top and wooden shaped base. Available in different sizes.

  • Tavolo Arpa con sedie Lisetta

    Modern Table

    Starting from €5,153

    Arpa design extending table with marble, ceramic or gres porcelain top. Fixed version also available.

  • Art faux marble dining table by Bonaldo

    Dining Table

    Starting from €3,238

    Art faux marble dining table by Bonaldo featuring a base with inserts; also available in other materials and with rectangular, round and shaped top.

  • Atlantis decorated glass dining table by Cattelan

    Design Table

    Starting from €4,183

    Atlantis decorated glass dining table by Cattelan, available with rectangular and shaped top. Top also available in wood and Keramik stone.

  • B140 round marble table of 160cm by Borzalino

    Round Table

    Starting from €6,695

    B140 round marble table of 160cm by Borzalino, with base in real leather and optional lazy Susan. Top-quality materials, perfect for a refined living room.

  • Benjamin designer glass table

    Design Table

    Starting from €2,651

    Benjamin designer glass table with a wooden structure available in several finishes. Up 240 cm long can seat 10 guests

  • Tavolo rotondo con base sagomata Birch

    Design Table

    Starting from €4,779

    Tavolo rotondo con base sagomata Birch, in multistrato di betulla con piano in cristallo. Dal design originale, disponibile in due dimensioni.

  • Tavolo in marmo da soggiorno Birkey

    Dining Table

    Starting from €2,558

    Birkey marble living room table with oval shaped top in marble, wood or ceramic. Double metal base in modern design.

  • Tavolo minimalista Boulevard di Cattelan

    Extending Table

    Starting from €2,814

    Boulevard di Cattelan è un tavolo minimalista con struttura in metallo goffrato, rettangolare da cm 160 a 240 e quadrato otto posti con lato da cm 160.

  • Butterfly by Cattelan clear glass table with steel base

    Design Table

    Starting from €4,577

    Butterfly by Cattelan clear glass table with steel base with minimum length of 240 or 300 cm. Rectangular or shaped top, also in ceramic.

  • Butterfly design marble table

    Dining Table

    Starting from €3,072

    Butterfly design marble table available in different models and finishes. Fixed or extending dining table for refined and sophisticated environments.

  • Tavolo rotondo di design con piano in vetro e struttura con base in marmo Capri

    Table with Central Leg

    Starting from €3,695

    Capri round or oval design table in glass and marble. Marble base, painted metal structure and wooden or glass top.

  • Carioca bevelled glass table by Cattelan

    Glass Table

    Starting from €4,674

    Carioca bevelled glass table with fixed top by Cattelan. Original solid-wood base composed of three interlocking ovals.

  • Cavalletto contemporary solid wood table

    Modern Table

    Starting from €3,834

    Cavalletto contemporary solid wood table with glass top; crossed legs structure made without the use of screws.

  • Tavolo a cavalletto con trave in legno massello Cedar

    Fixed Table

    Starting from €2,774

    Cedar trestle table with solid wood beam intersecting the pair of curved metal legs. Oval top in glass, ceramic or marble. 

  • Tavolo rotondo con base a sfera Circus di Bonaldo

    Design Table

    Starting from €5,076

    Circus round table with sphere base by Bonaldo, with top in solid wood, ceramic or marble. Great scenographic impact for a table with a unique design.

  • Tavolo rotondo in marmo Emperador Colosseo

    Table with Central Leg

    Starting from €4,191

    Colosseo round marble table with solid-wood base laid out in a circle. Available in numerous sizes, shapes and materials.

  • Tavolo da pranzo in marmo Curzio di Borzalino

    Fixed Table

    Starting from €5,631

    Curzio marble top dining table by Borzalino. Square, round or rectangular top with a 4-leg metal-core structure. Made in Italy with high-quality materials.

  • Dandelion è un tavolo ovale con gambe perpendicolari in noce Americano e marmo Sahara Noir

    Oval / Elliptical Table

    Starting from €4,263

    Dandelion oval table with perpendicular legs and wooden, ceramic or marble top. Available in three sizes, also with parallel legs.

  • Cover elliptical table with solid wood structure

    Wooden Table

    Starting from €4,203

    Dean living room elliptical table with solid wood structure available in different finishes including open pore matt lacquer.

  • Diapason marble and glass table by Cattelan

    Stone Table

    Starting from €3,008

    Diapason table by Cattelan with marble legs and clear glass top; available in Travertine or White Carrara marble. Round, rectangular, oval or elliptic top.

  • Tavolo rotondo con piano in pietra Dorian di Bonaldo

    Modern Table

    Starting from €4,849

    Dorian stone top round table by Bonaldo also available in wood or ceramic. Central round or oval base for the barrel-shaped version

  • Dragon by Cattelan dining table ceramic top

    Table with Central Leg

    Starting from €4,108

    Dragon dining table with ceramic top, by Cattelan. Top also in wood or CrystalArt glass. Central base in black, graphite, titanium or bronze metal.

  • Tavolo fisso con base centrale a pieni e vuoti Echo

    Table with Central Leg

    Starting from €3,165

    Echo fixed table with central base. Available with a rectangular or shaped top in marble, ceramic, glass or wood.

  • Eliot table with wood top and steel structure

    Design Table

    Starting from €3,326

    Eliot table with wooden top and steel structure by Cattelan. Available fixed or extending, and also with glass or marble top.

Glass and design, a winning combination for a luxury table

A designer glass table is the perfect solution to add lightness and refinement to any room, regardless of size. Bigger models can be placed in large living rooms with striking results, thanks to the contrast between the transparency of the glass and sturdy metal or wooden structures. Smaller dining rooms will also still be able to shine thanks to the 4- or 6-seater models, in which the combination of different materials creates a single product of great value, with an unmistakable industrial style.

Designer wooden table

A wooden dining table with a distinctive design is an all time favourite for furnishing a modern living room. Discover an exclusive selection of refined, handcrafted wood essences: from oak to Canaletto or American walnut, from ash to numerous vintage, heat-treated or brushed variants. Wood is also a durable and versatile material to which various colours and stains can be applied, either to darken a light wood or to give it a bolder look with an open-pore lacquer.

Discover the charm of a designer marble table

Marble is no longer associated only with traditional luxury furniture: Carrara white, Marquinia black and Emperador brown are now leading materials in the world of design. From iconic pieces such as the Saarinen table - which essential feature is its marble top - to innovative models of modern inspiration, there are numerous examples in our collection that celebrate this precious material by making it the protagonist of a unique, resistant and long-lasting table.