Hinged Wardrobes with TV

Modern and functional: hinged wardrobes with a TV panel

We have selected an exclusive range of hinged wardrobes with TV panels that will allow you to put a TV in your bedroom without sacrificing on space. These customisable TV units are also available with doors and drawers, combining the practicality of a TV cabinet with the storage space of a wardrobe.

TV wardrobes with optimised space and hi-tech accessories

In many bedrooms, the TV is an integral part of the furniture, often resting at the end of the bed on a large chest of drawers or on a dedicated TV cabinet. Thanks to our collection of hinged wardrobes with TV panels, having the TV set in the heart of the bedroom becomes a space-saving and design solution: the screen is, in fact, fixed to a central module which can be customised above and below with spacious drawers, cupboard doors or open compartments.

The TV panel, which plays a central role in the composition of the wardrobe, can be freely combined with other linear modules from our collection to create larger wardrobes that cover an entire wall. It also conceals an additional section of shelves and compartments for storing clothes, DVDs, electronics or books. Furthermore, the TV panel allows for a swivelling screen so you can change the angle between the bed and the wardrobe, giving you total comfort that can be customised according to the position in bed.