Coat Stands

Modern, designer coat stands

Coat stands are a must-have accessory for furnishing the entrance of your home with style. In wood, steel or plastic materials, floor-standing coat racks can be minimalistic in shape, inspired by the organic silhouettes of the natural world, or more distinctive, the result of careful, contemporary design with sinuous lines or fabric-covered elements.

  • Appendiabiti da terra in metallo Alga


    Starting from €600

    Alga free-standing metal coat stand with an original design. It is made of lacquered metal available in two finishes.

  • Appendiabiti in plastica rivestito in tessuto Anemone


    Starting from €466

    Anemone fabric covered plastic coat stand by Bonaldo with a distinctive "tree" shape design. Ideal for residential and professional environments.

  • Appendiabiti da ingresso di design Kali


    Starting from €1,368

    Deva minimal hallway coat stand in solid American cherry or ashwood in natural or fashion colours.

  • Kadou coat stand with an original design


    Starting from €559

    Kadou coat stand with an original design; customizable structure and end hooks. Optional internal light.

  • Appendiabiti angolare da terra in legno massello Kaori


    Starting from €614

    Appendiabiti angolare da terra in legno massello Kaori disponibile in noce grigio o naturale. Stender appendiabiti elegante e di design.

  • Oscar wooden coat stand by Cattelan


    Starting from €905

    Oscar wooden coat stand by Cattelan with natural Traventine marble base and Canaletto walnut structure.

  • Nicchia appendiabiti di design in tessuto Parentesi di Bonaldo


    Starting from €1,971

    Parentesi by Bonaldo design coat stand covered in fabric, easy to move around. Shelf and hanger rail covered in black faux leather.

  • Appendiabiti da terra in legno massello Rieko


    Starting from €653

    Appendiabiti da terra in legno massello Rieko dalle linee sobrie e minimali. Disponibile con struttura in noce naturale o grigio e giunti a vista.

  • Sipario design coat stand with internal light by Cattelan


    Starting from €471

    Sipario design coat stand with internal light, made of white polyethylene. A made in Italy Cattelan furniture accessory for your hallway.

  • Appendiabiti in polietilene ecologico Spiga proposto in due modelli con la possibilità di inserire la luce interna


    Starting from €507

    Spiga coat stand in ecological polyethylene, also suitable for outdoor use. Available in five colours and two heights, with optional internal light.

  • Tree by Bonaldo floor standing coat stand


    Starting from €320

    Tree by Bonaldo floor-standing coat stand in glossy or matt coloured polyethylene in different colours.

  • Valdo graphite metal coat stand by Cattelan


    Starting from €616

    Valdo is a graphite metal coat stand by Cattelan available also in white and titanium. Valdo coat stand is suitable for modern hallways.

Coat stands: an elegant solution for the entrance hall and bedroom

Unique and distinctive pieces of furniture, the modern floor-standing coat hangers in our collection are a great example of originality, with sinuous metal shapes recreating natural elements or essential solid wood structures suitable for Scandinavian style rooms. Wall-mounted coat hangers are not only useful in entrance halls or in living rooms with direct access from outside, but they are also an interesting solution for the bedroom, thanks to their usefulness, style and because they are so easy to move. Some floor-standing hangers are enhanced with useful accessories to increase their functionality: mirrors, shelves or built-in lights are all optionals that transform a simple coat stand into a furnishing accessory capable of standing out even in the most refined of rooms.