Round Mirrors

Round bathroom mirrors

Simple and modern, round mirrors are the perfect accessories to embellish and give a touch of class to any bathroom. A round mirror, available in several sizes and therefore able to fill even large walls, is a clever solution for illuminating a room and making it look larger, while giving it a dynamism and lightness that square models are not always able to ensure.

  • Specchiera da bagno su misura Julius con cornice sagomata in cristallo colorato

    Bathroom Mirror with Frame

    Starting from €165.16

    Specchiera da bagno su misura Julius con disegno personalizzato, fascia perimetrale in cristallo, cornici sagomate e retroilluminazione led.

  • Sfera cm Ø 85 round bathroom mirror with Point lamp

    Round Bathroom Mirror

    Starting from €142.62

    Sfera round bathroom mirror with a versatile and modern look; available in seven sizes with halogen or LED lamp.

Round mirrors for a bright bathroom

Round bathroom mirrors are the best example of a modern and essential design, in which geometry plays the main role.Their simple and harmonious lines can be enhanced with a spotlight, a frame or LED backlighting, that will help it stand out from the wall and embellish it, despite its minimalistic nature. Its ability to reflect light and make any room look larger will be especially useful in smaller bathrooms, without risking cluttering the room.