Relaxing Armchairs

Modern relaxation armchairs: reclining and lift-up mechanisms

A collection of modern reclining armchairs, equipped with motorised or manual mechanisms, adjustable backrests and lift-up seat systems. These high-quality and comfortable chairs are ideal for creating a dedicated relaxation area in the corner of your living room.

  • Iris swivel relax armchair, upholstered in fabric, faux-leather, velvet or leather. Polished chromed base.

    Relax Armchair

    Starting from €1,908

    Iris swivel relax armchair, available upholstered in fabric, faux-leather, velvet and leather. Dual electric movement controlled by concealed hand control.

  • Appeal armchair with lift-up mechanism

    Relax Armchair

    Starting from €788

    Appeal relaxing armchair with lift-up mechanism. Available manual or automatic with lift-up device in fabric, velvet or faux leather.

  • Bolt electric recliner armchair

    Relax Armchair

    Starting from €1,324

    Bolt electric recliner armchair features a dual motor that allows backrest and footrest to move autonomously. Manual mechanism version.

  • Dalia electric recliner riser armchair

    Relax Armchair

    Starting from €1,599

    Dalia is an electric recliner riser relaxing armchair, available with single e dual motor mechanism; available in fabric, velvet and faux leather.

  • Icaro wall saver recliner armchair

    Relax Armchair

    Starting from €1,199

    Icaro wall saver recliner relaxing armchair is suitable for those having limited space in the living room; fabric, velvet or faux leather.

  • Pierrette relax armchair with removable cover

    Relax Armchair

    Starting from €1,507

    Pierrette relax armchair with removable cover in fabric, velvet or faux leather with manual or motorised mechanism.

  • Poltrona motorizzata per anziani Viola

    Relax Armchair

    Starting from €1,427

    Motorized armchair for the elderly Viola with double electrical movement. Removable cover in fabric, velvet and faux-leathers in several colours.

Automatic reclining armchairs: electric, motorised, with remote control

The electric recliners in our collection represent the ultimate in comfort: their movement is regulated by a simple remote control that allows you to choose the desired degree of inclination. The double motor versions provide independent backrest and footrest movement.

The comfort of our relaxation armchairs is not only due to the presence of a motorised mechanism but also to the comfort of the seat itself, which is soft and enveloping thanks to the high-quality Italian padding and ergonomic shapes. Another practical factor, to have an armchair that takes up minimum space in the living room, is the space-saving zero wall solution: the recliner slides the seat forward, avoiding the inclination of the backrest, which can therefore remain leaning against the wall in any position. Some armchairs are also equipped with an assisted lift-up system, a powerful electric motor that, moving in a vertical direction, helps the seated person get up effortlessly, independently and safely.

Manual and ergonomic relaxation armchairs for optimum comfort

Our reclining armchairs are not only electric but can also be fitted with a manual mechanism that is adjusted with a simple lever. These motorless recliners, which in some cases can be activated by simply applying pressure to the backrest, are an excellent alternative for those who want a comfortable armchair that can easily be moved around the room, as it is not attached to electrical sockets.

Also known as mechanical recliners, these relaxation armchairs have become famous for their ergonomic structures, enhanced by adjustable headrests and integrated footrests, as well as for the same meticulous design and quality seen in their motorised counterparts.

Reclining armchairs with modern and practical designs

Modern recliner armchairs are characterised by their contemporary and attractive appearance. Sinuous shapes, rounded armrests, and two-tone upholstery are enough to ensure that these modern-style relaxation armchairs are the perfect accessory for positioning next to the sofa, in a reading corner, or next to a fireplace.