Wall Mounted Bookcases

Wall mounted modular bookcases to fix directly to the wall; original hanging shelving systems in different shapes and design. Available in metal, lacquered wood, wood veneer or trendy plastic materials.
  • Almond d.32,8 lacquered modular bookcase white and yellow: cm 243 (modules 60 + 30 + 60 + 30 +60) h.222,8 - height modified in h. 232

    #Almond d.32,8
    Modular Bookcase

    Starting from €83.00

    Almond d.32,8 lacquered modular bookcase; also available in laminate. Combinable with Tilt hinged wardrobe.

  • Almond d.45,6 wall modular bookcase in wood effect melamine

    #Almond d.45,6
    Modular Bookcase

    Starting from €93.00

    Almond d.45,6 wall modular bookcase. Available with doors and combinable with Tilt hinged wardrobe.

  • Betis aluminium modular shelving system, modern and functional wall-mounted bookcase

    Modular Bookcase

    Betis aluminium modular shelving system. Floor-ceiling or floor-wall fixing, shelves in glass, wood or lacquered; optionals drawers or storage units.

  • Libreria minimalista di design Castle

    Partition Bookcase

    Starting from €867.60

    Castle low wood and metal bookcase, also available 180 cm high. Ideal for modern living rooms with a design touch.

  • London is a modern pantry shelving unit

    Modular Bookcase

    Starting from €275.28

    London is a modern pantry shelving unit for kitchens and open spaces made of metal and wood, customisable measurements and many accessories to choose from.

  • Matt white lacquered Abaco bookcase

    Modern Bookcase

    Starting from €1,501.20

    Abaco is a wooden modular bookcase customizable with optionals and many colours. Original geometric lines.

  • Airport design modular bookcase by Cattelan

    Modular Bookcase

    Airport design modular bookcase with pipes by Cattelan is made to measure in wall or ceiling mount versions; suiting the living room.

  • Albero minimal design bookcase in mother of pearl wood and champagne metal

    Shabby Bookcase

    Starting from €3,176.55

    Albero minimal design bookcase with a classy tree shape. Mother-of-pearl shelves and thin harmonious metal structure.

  • Arsenal double sided metal bookcase by Cattelan

    Modern Bookcase

    Starting from €1,541.28

    Arsenal is a double sided metal bookcase by Cattelan fitted with shelves in wood or lacquered finish.

  • Bellatrix multicolour hanging bookcase

    Wall Bookcase

    Starting from €962.04

    Bellatrix multicolour hanging bookcase including 5 different colours, and also available all in one colour. With 25 open compartments.

  • Berchet wall hung bookcase with sliding doors in painted glass

    Wall Bookcase

    Starting from €1,694.96

    Lyceum wall hung bookcase with glass sliding doors. Structure with 4 shelves available in ashwood or canaletto walnut wood veneer.

  • Eris plexiglass wall bookcase

    Wall Bookcase

    Starting from €534.20

    Eris plexiglass wall bookcase made up of two shaped plates, one transparent and the other coming in several colours.

  • Fifty white wall-mounted modular bookcase by Cattelan

    Wall Bookcase

    Starting from €778.24

    Fifty wall-mounted modular bookcase in white/bronze embossed wood. Geometrical design by Cattelan ideal for modern sitting rooms.

  • Hill tree shaped wall bookcase

    Wall Bookcase

    Starting from €384.47

    Hill tree shaped wall bookcase made up of two transparent plexiglass plates or painted in several colours.

  • Nautilus by Cattelan embossed metal bookcase

    Design Bookcase

    Starting from €1,050.32

    Nautilus by Cattelan design bookcase in embossed metal available in 6 measurements. Finish to be chosen among black, graphite, titanium or bronze.

  • Piquant bookcase with sliding doors

    Design Bookcase

    Starting from €1,937.24

    Piquant bookcase with sliding doors by Cattelan is available in three colours or in Canaletto walnut and asymmetric structure.

  • Socrate wall mounted bookcase with matt white painted steel shelves

    Socrate Wall
    Modular Bookcase

    Socrate wall mounted metal bookcase by Caimi Brevetti and a high degree of customization.

  • Swing wall mounted steel bookcase by Cattelan

    Wall Bookcase

    Starting from €809.40

    Swing wall-mounted steel bookcase by Cattelan in white or graphite embossed painted steel. Bookcase 180 cm high, with 4 compartments.

  • Treccia wall mounted glass bookcase in the model with back cm h.96 equipped with n.4 shelves

    Wall Bookcase

    Treccia wall modular glass shelves with back panel. Custom made width for a highly customised compositional bookcase.

  • Libreria in noce canaletto Tripodio di Bonaldo

    Design Bookcase

    Starting from €4,723.98

    Tripodio bookcase by Bonaldo with shelves in Canaletto walnut, wall-mounted or double-sided room divider. Steel structure with an original design.

  • modern asymmetrical bookcase by Cattelan

    Design Bookcase

    Starting from €889.20

    Wally modern asymmetrical bookcase by Cattelan suits your living room in black, white and many more colours.

  • Bagel minimalist modular bookcase - floor model

    Modular Bookcase

    Starting from €17.80

    Bagel minimalist modular bookcase, available in floor, wall-mounted or ceiling versions. Metal columns and wooden shelves.

  • Big aluminium modular bookcase by Caimi Brevetti

    Design Bookcase

    Big aluminium modular bookcase by Caimi Brevetti. Sleek, modern shelving system designed by Marc Sadler.

  • Elisabeth asymmetric bespoke bookcase, fixed to the wall

    Wooden Bookcase

    Starting from €2,557.24

    Queen asymmetric bespoke bookcase made of Canaletto walnut, wengé finish or lacquered. Also fixable to the ceiling.

  • Ginny suspended bookcase for entrance, with 3 compartments (2 modules side by side)

    Wall Bookcase

    Starting from €565.43

    Ginny suspended entrance bookcase with asymmetrical structure in matt white melamine. Available in versions with 3 or 6 compartments.

  • Libra di Connubia libreria a giorno con ripiani in legno in finitura rovere naturale

    Modern Bookcase

    Starting from €720.76

    Modern bookcase with wooden shelves Led by Connubia with metal structure. Available single or double and in 4 measurements.

  • Myoko bespoke walnut shelving system

    Wooden Bookcase

    Myoko bespoke walnut shelving system with live edge wood shelves and sides. It also features optional metal shelves and storage units.

  • Libreria a giorno in acciaio e pelle Sestante

    Modern Bookcase

    Starting from €2,603.25

    Sestante open wall bookcase with leather shelves, available in two height. Vintage style with steel structure.

  • Libreria componibile Socrate di Caimi Brevetti con ante colorate e ripiani in acciaio bianco

    Socrate Floor
    Modular Bookcase

    Socrate modular bookcase by Caimi Brevetti highly versatile and customizable for sizes, finishes and accessories.