Sliding Wardrobes

Bespoke and made to measure sliding wardrobes

If you don't have much space between the wardrobe and bed, a wardrobe with sliding doors might be the right solution for you. The passage in the room will remain free even when the doors are open and you will keep a sleek design. Choose among dozens of modern wardrobes with 2 sliding doors or more, customise the finishes choosing among wood, lacquer or mirror and equip the interior with drawers, shirt racks, shelves LED light and more.

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Wardrobes with 2 sliding doors, 3 or 4? Choose the right one for your space

Whether you live in a small one-room flat or in a big villa here you can find the customisable sliding wardrobe that will fit your needs: smaller 160 cm or 180 cm wardrobes up to maxi 5 metres compositions. If you want you can customise the width and height even more thanks to our optional custom cuts and get measurements to the centimetre. Depth is also a characteristic you should consider, that is why our catalogue also includes 50 cm deep wardrobes. Choose a wardrobe with recess grip or built-in handle to save even more space in depth: practical, minimalist and trendy.

Wardrobe with mirror, wood or lacquered sliding doors: to each his own

A white wardrobe with sliding doors works well with every kind of furniture style, if you like Scandinavian design you can select oak or walnut doors. If you want play with volumes choose mirror sliding doors, they are beautiful and at the same time they make the bedroom look bigger. If you want to add colours to the room then we also have a lot of lacquered wardrobes available, customise doors, handles and internal accessories with your favourite colour.

Organise, tidy up, keep everything behind doors

Optimise the space inside your wardrobe, this will not only help you to keep everything organised and tidy but it allows you to store other than clothes also scarves, shoes, bags and jewellery. Not only chest of drawers but also shirt racks, trouser and skirt racks for a functional wardrobe. Organise ties and cuff links (for him) and earrings and necklaces (for her) in practical pull-out trays and add light to the internal compartments with a LED system.

Online wardrobes for all needs

Choose on among dozens of wardrobes with sliding doors, customise them, compare prices and buy Made in Italy pieces in just a few steps directly from home.