Sliding Wardrobes

Modular and bespoke: customise your sliding wardrobe

Choose a modular wardrobe with 2, 3 or 4 sliding doors and create a practical, space-saving solution with a high aesthetic value. Create your customised sliding wardrobe with lacquered, wooden, mirrored or TV panel doors and accessorise with a range of internal accessories. You can also opt for a reduced depth if needed, for smaller spaces or children’s bedrooms.

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Bespoke sliding wardrobes: modular systems for large and small spaces

One of the main characteristics of our sliding wardrobes is their modularity, which allows us to create a range of different compositions in terms of size and layout. From small, 150 cm wide, two-door wardrobes to large, 3, 4 or 5 metre wardrobes, every need is met within our collection. The made-to-measure designs, which are available in a dedicated section, make it possible to customise the size of each module to the centimetre and make the most of the modularity of the different elements.

The wardrobe’s height is also subject to customisation, so that it can be adapted to a small niche or a high-ceilinged room. In some cases, these models are customisable to the millimetre, so that you can adapt your composition to suit your space requirements and possibly create a floor-to-ceiling wardrobe system. This range offers all standard sizes such as 230, 250 or 260 cm, without excluding other non-standard, 290 cm models.

Sliding wardrobes: multiple sizes for optimum practicality

Regardless of the shape, size or finish of the sliding wardrobe, our collection offers a range of accessories for all models that are designed to optimise the internal space and increase its storage capacity. In addition to shelves and clothes rails, which are standard fittings in most wardrobes, you will find a selection of drawer units, shirt racks, trouser racks, additional shelving, pull-out trays, LED lighting and much more. A wardrobe that is well-organised and tidy will make a huge difference to the efficiency of your storage space.