Round Mirrors

The charm of round mirrors

Round mirrors have a timeless elegance, which will enhance your home independently from a modern or classic décor. A large circular mirror, over 100 cm in diameter, can bring light and lightness to a living room wall, while sets of round mirrors, which can be assembled and freely combined, will help to ennoble the wall of a bedroom or entrance hall with an original and luminous composition.

  • Specchiera rotonda con cornice in acciaio Rodin di Cantori


    Starting from €1,096

    Specchiera rotonda con cornice in acciaio Rodin di Cantori, disponibile in più dimensioni e ideale per ingressi, soggiorni o camere eleganti

  • Specchiera con struttura rotonda Circe di Cantori


    Starting from €1,096

    Circe mirror by Cantori with round structure, shaped and half-moon painted, metallic or patinated metal mirror.

  • Hopes round bronze mirror


    Starting from €445

    Hopes round bronze mirror available in two sizes 30ø cm or 40ø cm and in a natural version. Ashwood frame painted in several wood colours.

  • Specchio Julius quadrato e rettangolare con fascia perimetrale colorata


    Starting from €184

    Julius custom-made wall mirror in natural, smoked or bronzed glass. Available in any shape or size. Colourful edges, shaped frames and LED lights.

  • Opal è uno specchio con cornice in vetro martellato


    Starting from €1,214

    Opal mirror with a hammered glass frame featuring a distinctive inward curve. Available in bronze and smoked versions.

  • Specchio retroilluminato rettangolare Cincinnati


    Starting from €507

    Cincinnati rectangular back-light mirror, also available round. Arranged both to be fixed to the wall or standing on the floor.

  • Emerald octagonal design mirror by Cattelan


    Starting from €1,254

    Emerald octagonal design mirror with mirror frame by Cattelan, available in two shapes and sizes, totally made in Italy.

  • Era Ora Round Mirror Clock with Ribbed Glass Inlay, Gold Hands and Bronze Finish.

    Era Ora

    Starting from €2,009

    Era Ora is a round mirrored glass clock featuring divided dials according to glass type. Available in smoked and bronze finishes with an eleagant appearance.

  • Specchio con orologio Fusion


    Starting from €1,212

    Fusion clock with mirror distinguished by two circular surfaces forming the dial. The hours are divided between Arabic and Roman numerals.

  • Specchio Africa con cornice barocca - Finitura P1 Pollock


    Starting from €766

    Africa cream rectangular mirror with gold decoration by Cantori. Shabby chic charm with modern design and hand made details.

  • Ariel round mirror in gold patinated leaf


    Starting from €449

    Ariel round mirror with frame of 12 cm, available in several finishes and mirror at the same level of the frame.

  • Asia mirror with white lacquered frame by Cantori


    Starting from €757

    Asia mirror with white lacquered frame by Cantori. Also available in other finishes, in a round, square and rectangular model.

  • Specchio con cornice circolare Cosmos di Cattelan


    Starting from €1,770

    Cosmos by Cattelan is a mirror with a circular bush-hammered glass frame and an irregular mirrored plate. In two circumferences, 120 or 157 cm.

  • Specchio rotondo con incisioni decorative Crop


    Starting from €1,542

    Specchio rotondo con incisioni decorative Crop, in due versioni e più finiture, tra cui il rivestimento foglia d'oro. Diametro 120 cm.

  • Egypt square gold framed mirror by Cattelan


    Starting from €1,161

    Egypt gold framed mirror by Cattelan is a luxurious furniture accessory for living rooms or master bedrooms.

  • Half Moon di Borzalino è un specchio rotondo in ottone con una parte rivestita in tessuto, velluto e pelle

    Half Moon

    Starting from €980

    Half Moon is a round brass mirror with one side covered in fabric, velvet and leather. Available in Ø 40, 55, 75 and 110 cm

  • Hawaii modern design mirror by Cattelan


    Starting from €336

    Hawaii modern design mirror by Cattelan; 7 measurements available with standard, smoked or bronze mirror.

  • Specchio rotondo con cornice in vetro Jolan


    Starting from €800

    Jolan glass-framed round mirror available in bronzed or smoked finishes, ideal for use in refined environments with a vintage feel.

  • Specchio orologio con decorazione Memphis


    Starting from €1,244

    Memphis is a mirror clock with an original cogwheel design complemented by large screen printed numerals on its silver plated surface.

  • Orologio specchiato con lancette in alluminio nero Moment, con lampada Medusa di Cattelan


    Starting from €635

    Moment is a wall mirror clock by Cattelan; 90 cm in mirrored glass and smoked mirrored glass. A sophisticated furniture accessory.

  • Oberon mirror in pure oxidized silver


    Starting from €551

    Oberon round mirror with frame available in oxidized silver finish, patinated leaf or matt lacquer.

  • Specchio rotondo con cornice vuota Oblio


    Starting from €920

    Oblio is a round mirror with a hollow frame that can be placed on the wall in different directions. Frame and mirror are available in two finishes

  • Ring engraved round mirror by Cattelan


    Starting from €699

    Ring engraved round mirror by Cattelan is suitable for bedrooms, living rooms and sitting rooms. A Made in Italy furniture accessory.

  • Specchio rotondo da 120 cm Rising


    Starting from €800

    Rising 120 cm round mirror features a frame with one part mirror and the other decorated, available in a bronze or smoked finish

  • Stripes italian design wall mirror by Cattelan


    Starting from €1,043

    Stripes is an Italian design wall mirror by Cattelan. This furniture accessory is made of glass slats set one next to the other.

  • Specchio rotondo con led Sunset


    Starting from €2,074

    Sunset round mirror with Canaletto walnut or oak wood shelf and LED lights.

  • Tebe round mirror


    Starting from €470

    Tebe round mirror with a groove pattern. Wooden frame available in different finishes.

  • Orologio a specchio di design Times di Cattelan


    Starting from €2,065

    Times wall clock in glass mirror with circular shape and classic taste from Cattelan collection. Mirrored or smoked glass with steel details.

  • Specchio da ingresso con mensola Mirage.


    Starting from €1,320

    Vegas modern wooden mirror with shelf available in a clear or bronze finish with round, elliptical or square smooth frame.

  • Wish round mirror with shelf by Cattelan


    Starting from €587

    Wish is a round mirror with shelf by Cattelan; also available in a square or rectangular shape. Frame made of steel.

Round mirror: which size should I choose?

Round wall mirrors are a suitable furnishing solution in various settings, thanks above all to the great range of different sizes available. Together with large pieces of furniture such as sofas or long sideboards, a large round mirror with a diameter of 150 cm, or at least over one metre, fits particularly well. Round mirrors of 70 or 80 cm, while providing a considerable reflective surface, will find their ideal placement in less open and imposing spaces, for example in the bedroom above the headboard of the bed or the dresser. Smaller mirrors lend themselves to more original and creative uses: from a simple round entrance mirror placed above the console table, to a composition of circular mirrors to fill bare walls.

Round mirror with frame or without?

Functional and discreet, frameless round mirrors are often preferred in minimalist settings or near the entrance to the home, where they help to keep the environment light and bright even in the presence of corridors or narrow passages. Simple and essential, these mirrors rely entirely on their reflective quality, but can be embellished with a shelf.

More demanding from an aesthetic and decorative point of view, framed round mirrors are actually just as versatile. This is possible thanks to a wide and varied collection that includes different types of frames and finishes: in wood, in bronzed or gilded metal or in painted glass.