Corner Hinged Wardrobes

Corner wardrobes and walk-in wardrobes

Discover our collection of corner wardrobes with hinged doors, perfect for furnishing two adjoining walls and increasing the overall storage space in your bedroom. We have also selected a range of ‘dressing room’ models with folding doors that can function as small walk-in wardrobes.

Practical and space-saving corner wardrobes

Distinguished by their modular nature, corner wardrobes with hinged doors are the ideal choice for anyone seeking to optimise the space in their bedroom. Suitable both in large bedrooms with long walls, as well as in smaller rooms, corner wardrobes solve the problem of the blind space between two adjacent walls and make it an easily accessible storage area.

In addition to standing out for their high standard of quality and current designs, the corner modules in this collection are characterised by a very high level of compositional freedom. Available in various materials and finishes, including melamine, wood veneer and matt or glossy lacquer, these corner elements can also be combined with linear elements from the collection to create a unique and customised composition that fits in perfectly with the surrounding environment.

Corner walk-in wardrobes: spacious and practical

By choosing a deeper corner module and bringing the doors forward, we can create a functional walk-in wardrobe with enough space to store and try on clothes. These options are ideal in a large bedroom that isn’t suited to or that isn’t quite big enough for a standard walk-in wardrobe. Corner dressing rooms offer an elegant and sophisticated solution for reclaiming an otherwise unused space and turning it into the main storage space in the bedroom.

Although slightly more compact than a traditional walk-in wardrobe, the internal section can still be equipped with a range of accessories such as drawer units, jewellery boxes, clothes rails, hat racks and deep drawers. As well as customising the accessories, you can also customise the look of the wardrobe with our extensive range of materials, colours and finishes.