Classic Chairs

Chairs in a classic style: timeless and luxurious

Discover a fine selection of upholstered classic chairs, in wood or metal, with or without armrests or with high quilted backs. Whether combined with a classic writing desk or a large dining table, or used individually in a refined and formal bedroom in front of a dressing table, the classic chairs in our collection are all made by expert Italian craftsmen from the finest raw materials.

  • Ghirigori chair with sabre-shaped legs

    Metal Chairs

    Starting from €1,380

    Ghirigori chair with sabre-shaped legs available in different finishes. Ideal in classic dining rooms.

  • Sedia da attesa rivestita in cuoio Katla

    Belting Leather Chairs

    Starting from €857

    Katla is a leather chair for waiting rooms, with high armrests and thin structure, also available for classic livings. Available also in full grain leather with customisable colours.

  • Komaki classic living room chair with armrests

    Wooden Chairs

    Starting from €485

    Komaki classic living room chair with armrests, structure made of grey or natural walnut wood. Also without armrests.

  • Raffaello upholstered classic chair

    Wooden and Upholstered Chairs

    Starting from €1,235

    Raffaello upholstered classic chair with carved wooden structure and hand-made fabric, eco-leather or leather cover.

  • Aurora minimal gold chair with velvet seat and radial metal seat-back

    Metal Chairs

    Starting from €984

    Aurora minimal gold chair with velvet seat. Available with upholstered or radial metal seat-back.

  • Sedia versatile Ginevra con seduta imbottita e gambe in ferro

    Metal Legs Upholstered Chairs

    Starting from €926

    Ginevra industrial quilted chair by Cantori. Econubuck cover and memory foam filling with iron legs and crossed structure.

  • Liz velvet tufted chair by Cantori with low seat-back

    Upholstered Chairs

    Starting from €1,911

    Liz velvet tufted chair by Cantori. Upholstered chair with classic design and modern metal feet.

  • Miss brass chair with padded seat and metal seat-back by Cantori

    Metal and Upholstered Chairs

    Starting from €560

    Miss brass chair with padded seat by Cantori. Available with upholstered seat-back or minimal rounded metal backing in a wide range of finishes. With or without armrests.

  • Sedia con struttura in ferro e seduta rivestita sartorialmente Vilma

    Metal Chairs

    Starting from €550

    Vilma modern iron dining chair by Cantori with a classy and essential look. Available in a wide range of finishes and covers.

Classic finishes for upholstered chairs

Not only the design of a chair defines its style, but also the materials used and the way they are treated. This is why the materials and finishes of our classic pieces are drawn exclusively from a catalogue of classic-style samples, to maintain an authentic, refined and elegant classical style.

Wood, strictly solid, favours the warm, dark hues of oil-finished walnut, while metal goes in the opposite direction and is often juxtaposed with gold or silver leaves finishes. Satin or polished metal finishes in shades of bronze and brass are also good alternatives for a classic piece with a metal frame.

The classic upholstery par excellence remains leather, a noble material often used in shades of white and brown or the one inbetween. On the other hand, fabrics offer more freedom, given the variety of weaves and colours offered by our sample book. For its timeless elegance, velvet remains one of the most traditional choices, although modernised by bright shades such as blue, green or red.

Today one of the most popular trends is to combine a classic piece of furniture, such as an art deco or baroque chair, with modern furniture with neutral lacquered colours. That is why we made sure to include in our collection finishes and upholstery suitable for more contemporary spaces. Black and white lacquers and fabrics in bright and striking colours fit perfectly with older designs: we are able to revisit classics chairs with a modern spin and stylistic elements of the past meet the most up-to-date materials, for a elegant result of great aesthetic value.