Single Modular Elements

Modular living-room furniture

Start building your living room with our high-quality range of individual modular elements. This collection offers a wide range of TV stands, wall-mounted cupboards, shelves, storage compartments, open compartments and wall panelling. Choose between units that are tall or short, suspended or floor-standing, or with doors or drawers. Each element has been carefully selected to help you create a customised wall system, either for a linear composition or perhaps for an asymmetric and more eclectic layout.

Wall-mounted units and suspended living-room furniture

Explore our rich catalogue of wall-mounted furniture and furnish your living room with sophisticated style. We offer an extensive range of wall-mounted units that come in square or rectangular, vertical or horizontal, large or small forms. You will also find elegant cupboards or display cases which provide spacious storage solutions with practical shelves and innovative opening systems. Hinged doors, drop-down doors and vasistas doors in glass or wood (in a smooth or textured finish) can feature handles or a push-pull system. These wall-mounted pieces can assist you in creating a living room with a high-quality, design look that combines the excellence of Italian production with the aesthetic features of today’s current trends. Suspended furniture from the collection also includes open recessed compartments, panels, linear shelves and storage units for integrating into a pre-existing wall system or for inserting into the corners of a living room, study, or open space.

Low base units for the living room

Modular living-room furniture offers the compositional freedom you need to create elegant and sophisticated designs for your living space. In addition to suspended options, our collection also offers a selection of low furniture, floor-standing furniture, and furniture standing on legs or a plinth. These units can be used to optimise the free space on a bare wall, to rationalise a small amount of space, or to organise an entire wall. With the ability to adapt to your specific needs, the modules with drawers can be transformed into discreet storage solutions for storing dishes, table linen and accessories. Design and aesthetics come together in our exclusive audio/video solutions, such as base units with cable holes or front panels with perforated surfaces that are designed to diffuse the sound in a living room.

Column cupboards, closets and storage compartments for the living room

Refined aesthetics and a dedication to practicality are two values which define the range of storage solutions by Created with a dedication to storage and order, the column cupboards and closet elements transform into unique pieces of furniture which are customised in height and enhanced by exquisite finishes, geometric patterns and textural effects. Lacquer finishes in white, grey, taupe, beige and brown can be combined with bolder colours such as peacock blue, teal green, rust, ochre and sage, finding the perfect balance between traditional Italian craftsmanship and other international trends. By blending styles and aesthetics, and by choosing lighter finishes of elm or oak wood, you can create a Scandinavian-style living room with tall and elegant pieces of furniture.