Walk-in Closets with Racks

  • Cabina armadio bassa Joyce Pacific ideale in mansarda o per un posizionamento sottotetto

    Joyce Pacific - H.223,6

    Joyce Pacific low walk-in closet, ideal for attics or lofts. Sectional walk-in wardrobe paneling 223,6 cm high for reduced and restricted spaces.

  • Cabina armadio salvaspazio Joyce Pacific alta 239,6 cm

    Joyce Pacific - H.239,6

    Joyce Pacific space-saving walk-in closet 239.6 cm high with reduced 43.2 cm or 56.7 cm depth. Rack system with wall panels.

  • Cabina armadio boiserie componibile Joyce Pacific nell'altezza 255,6 cm

    Joyce Pacific - H.255,6

    Modular wooden walk-in closet Joyce Pacific 255,6 cm height in melamine, matt lacquer or mirror, corner or linear closet.

  • Cabina armadio per soffitti di altezza oltre 3 metri Joyce Pacific

    Joyce Pacific - H.287,6

    Walk-in wardrobe Joyce Pacific for ceiling heights of 3 metres and above. Modular wall panels with shelves, LED light, drawers, ground board and shoe racks.

  • Cassettiera ad isola per cabina armadio Pacific in nobilitato materico olmo medio

    Pacific Island

    Starting from €418.48

    Pacific island for walk-in closet in melamine or matt lacquer. Smoked glass or wood fronts, pocket emptier and leather dividers.

  • Cabina armadio componibile con boiserie Bliss Player

    Bliss Player - H.229,5

    Bliss Player modular walk-in wardrobe with wall panelling, for attics or low ceilings. Accessorise with shelves, cubby holes, floor platforms and drawer units.

  • Cabina armadio boiserie ad U Bliss Player

    Bliss Player - H.255,1

    Bliss Player bespoke walk-in wardrobe with rack system and wall panelling. Melamine, lacquer or mirror panels.

  • Cabina armadio con pannelli boiserie Bliss Player

    Bliss Player - H.277

    Bliss Player bespoke walk-in wardrobe with wall panelling, up to a maximum height of 277 cm. Linear or corner wardrobe with custom measurements.