Walk-in Closets with Racks

Walk-in wardrobes with racks and panelling: the secret to large, modular closets

Furnish a wall of your bedroom or an entire room with one of our customised walk-in wardrobes made up of wooden, lacquered or mirrored panels that are fixed to the wall. You can create large storage systems, innovative open wardrobes or compact cupboards for your hallway by customising your chosen model and adding accessories such as shelves, drawers, mirrors, shirt racks, shoe racks and more.

  • Cabina armadio con LED Horizon Lounge

    Horizon Lounge H.225,4

    Horizon Lounge LED walk-in closet, complete with back panels that can be customised in size and finish. Shelves with integrated light in wood, glass or metal.

  • Cabina armadio con accessori sospesi Horizon Lounge

    Horizon Lounge H.243,2

    Walk-in wardrobe with hanging accessories, modular structure for customised compositions. Freely positioned equipment in wood or lacquered.

  • Cabina armadio con sistema a cremagliera Horizon Lounge

    Horizon Lounge H.259,2

    Walk-in wardrobe with Horizon Lounge rack system and customisable boiserie back in wood, mirror or upholstered fabric and matching accessories.

  • Cabina armadio con mensole e appendiabiti Horizon Lounge

    Horizon Lounge H.294,4

    Horizon Lounge walk-in closet with shelves and hangers, can be equipped with drawers and shoe racks. Suitable for 3 meter ceilings, available in other standard heights.

  • Isola centro stanza con cassetti Horizon Lounge

    Horizon Lounge Island

    Single and double-sided Horizon Lounge center island with drawers and organisers. Also with electronic object holder.

  • Isola centrale per cabina armadio Izar Lounge

    Izar Lounge Island

    Single or double-sided Izar Lounge walk-in wardrobe centre island with drawers, storage grid and glass top. Also with upholstered seat.

  • Joyce Pacific low walk-in closet, ideal in the attic or in a loft

    Joyce Pacific - H.223,6

    Joyce Pacific low walk-in closet, ideal for attics or lofts. Sectional walk-in wardrobe paneling 223,6 cm high for reduced and restricted spaces.

  • Joyce Pacific space-saving walk-in wardrobe 239.6 cm in height

    Joyce Pacific - H.239,6

    Joyce Pacific space-saving walk-in closet 239.6 cm high with reduced 43.2 cm or 56.7 cm depth. Rack system with wall panels.

  • Modular wooden walk-in closet Joyce Pacific 255,6 cm height

    Joyce Pacific - H.255,6

    Modular wooden walk-in closet Joyce Pacific 255,6 cm height in melamine, matt lacquer or mirror, corner or linear closet.

  • Walk-in wardrobe for high ceilings Joyce Pacific

    Joyce Pacific - H.287,6

    Walk-in wardrobe Joyce Pacific for ceiling heights of 3 metres and above. Modular wall panels with shelves, LED light, drawers, ground board and shoe racks.

  • Pacific Luxury Open Shoe Rack cm h.255,6 in the version with 2 linear shelves and 5 tilted shoe racks (each module)

    Pacific Open Shoe Rack
    Wardrobe with Reduced Depth

    Luxury open shoe rack Pacific, customisable also with LED light, perfect to complete a refined open walk-in closet.

  • Pacific medium elm melamine closet island dresser

    Pacific Island

    Pacific island for walk-in closet in melamine or matt lacquer. Smoked glass or wood fronts, pocket emptier and leather dividers.

  • Bliss Player modular walk-in wardrobe with wall panelling

    Bliss Player - H.229,5

    Bliss Player modular walk-in wardrobe with wall panelling, for attics or low ceilings. Accessorise with shelves, cubby holes, floor platforms and drawer units.

  • Bliss Player bespoke walk-in wardrobe with rack system and wall panelling

    Bliss Player - H.255,1

    Bliss Player bespoke walk-in wardrobe with rack system and wall panelling. Melamine, lacquer or mirror panels.

  • Cabina armadio boiserie ad U Bliss Player

    Bliss Player - H.277

    Bliss Player bespoke walk-in wardrobe with wall panelling, up to a maximum height of 277 cm. Linear or corner wardrobe with custom measurements.

  • Isola cassettiera bifacciale per cabina armadio Bliss

    Bliss Island

    Bliss island drawer for walk-in wardrobe, single, double and also with glass fronts. Drawers, open compartments and shelves for your walk-in closet.

Modular, customisable and modern: walk-in closets with racks

Fixed to the wall with perforated steel bars and concealed by wooden, lacquered or mirrored panels, wall-mounted walk-in wardrobes are a practical and highly sought-after solution for the bedroom. In fact, they make it possible to use entire rooms as wardrobes, leaving ample walkable space in the centre, and to create a large, modern open wardrobe in a bedroom.

Available in elaborate corner structures or in simple linear compositions without side panels, the walk-in wardrobes we have selected enjoy considerable dimensional freedom, to cover entire walls with panels and accessories or to create more compact modules to be used in hallways or in rooms with smaller dimensions.

Another special feature of walk-in wardrobes with racks is their high degree of customisation, determined by shelves, clothes rails, open compartments, drawer units and pocket-emptier trays that can be freely positioned along the walls. Each design will be unique and adapted to your needs, with more or less space for hanging garments as required. For an even more modern and functional look, the panelling and shelves can be fitted with LED lights, effectively illuminating both the adjacent shelf and the entire room.