Bed Linen and Pillows

  • Bonnenuit duvet cover set made of double-faced Percale cotton

    BonneNuit Duvet Cover Set

    Starting from €210

    BonneNuit duvet cover set: customized bed linen in a wide range of fabrics and colours, also in cotton or in non-ironing linen.

  • Double pillow cases with flywheels for double bed

    BonneNuit Bed Sheet Set

    Starting from €168

    Bonnenuit bed sheet set. Customised bed linen for single, large single and double bed.

  • BonneNuit Pillowcase

    BonneNuit Pillowcase

    Starting from €31

    Bonnenuit pillowcase in cotton or linen; available in several models, with different hems and in one or two-coloured versions.

  • BonneNuit four seasons duvet

    BonneNuit Duvet

    Starting from €157

    BonneNuit four seasons duvet, available in fibre or goose down for all bed models from single to super king size.

  • Piumotto scaldapiedi imbottito BonneNuit

    BonneNuit Piumotto

    Starting from €228

    BonneNuit padded foot warmer in cotton, linen or satin, with "baguette" quilting. Medium weight for mid-season, ideal at the foot of the bed or as a blanket on the sofa.

  • BonneNuit double bed throw

    BonneNuit double bed throw

    Starting from €283

    BonneNuit double bed throw: warm and comfortable, available in many colours.

  • BonneNuit Quilt

    BonneNuit Quilt

    Starting from €272

    Mid-season quilt which can be matched to BonneNuit bed linen, available in a wide selection of fabrics.

  • BonneNuit winter double bedspread

    BonneNuit Bedspread

    Starting from €272

    BonneNuit winter double bedspread. Customized bed linen for single, large single or round bed.

  • Guanciale anallergico in fibra Basic Dream

    Basic Dream

    Starting from €35

    Hypoallergenic fibre pillow Basic Dream, machine washable at 40°. External cover 100% cotton.

  • Guanciale ergonomico in Memory lavabile ErgoClean


    Starting from €64

    ErgoClean washable ergonomic memory foam pillow for comfort and hygien. Breathable and hypoallergenic memory foam.

  • Guanciale in Memory lavabile e anallergico MemoClean


    Starting from €68

    MemoClean washable and hypoallergenic memory foam cushion for comfort and hygiene. Highly breathable memory foam.

  • MemoDream Memory Foam pillow - Pillow measurements: cm 72 d.43 h.13


    Starting from €49

    MemoDream Memory Foam pillow. A shape memory foam pillow which can adapt to anatomical shapes.

  • Guanciale in memory rinfrescante MemoBreeze di HomePlaneur


    Starting from €100

    MemoGel fresh foam pillow that features a breeze breathable foam layer. Washable natural fabric cover. Available in two heights.

  • ErgoMemo cervical pillow in Memory Foam


    Starting from €50

    ErgoMemo cervical pillow in Memory Foam. The pillow is shaped to offer an ergonomic support to the cervical area.