Rectangular Mirrors

Rectangular mirrors to furnish your bathroom

Rectangular mirrors are practical, functional and modern. Among our collection you can choose bathroom mirrors with simple outline, with frame or with built-in or back light. Configure your favourite rectangular mirror choosing among several models and measurements.

Rectangular bathroom mirrors with LED light

The most widespread shape for bathroom mirrors is the rectangular one. Perfect in case of a narrow wall or little space at disposal. A rectangular mirror placed in a vertical position is the perfect choice to increase the feeling of space in a bathroom. If placed next to a window, a mirror creates the illusion of a second source of light. What if we don't have a window? In this case, other than the main lighting source we can add a back-lit rectangular bathroom mirror, with either built-in LED light or with a fixed or adjustable spot light. According to your needs you can add bathroom mirrors with single LED light or covering the whole frame, with double spot light to put on the sides or on the top and below. Don't forget that LED lights are the most recommended light sources: they consume less energy compared to traditional light bulbs and they last longer.