Rectangular Mirrors

Rectangular mirrors to furnish your bathroom

Rectangular mirrors are a practical, functional and modern piece of furniture which can include LED backlighting, magnifying glasses, shelves and open compartments. Explore our collection of rectangular bathroom mirrors and make your bathroom brighter and larger, choosing the size that best suits your composition.

  • Specchiera da bagno su misura Julius con cornice sagomata in cristallo colorato

    Bathroom Mirror with Frame

    Starting from €170

    Specchiera da bagno su misura Julius con disegno personalizzato, fascia perimetrale in cristallo, cornici sagomate e retroilluminazione led.

Rectangular bathroom mirrors with LED backlighting

Bathroom mirrors are often rectangular in shape: they are ideal both in wider or narrow walls, especially when placed vertically. Near a window, a rectangular mirror can create the illusion of a second light source, doubling the effect.

In a room without windows or with poor natural light, the best choice is a model with lamps or a backlit one with light diffusion. Single lamps and a light all around the edges, despite fulfilling different purposes, can coexist, to ensure both functionality and sustainability, given LEDs high energy efficiency.