Hallway Furniture

Modern hallway furniture: our collection

Find out our modern hallway furniture online catalogue! We offer several solutions: from classic hallway coat storages, to hallway mirrors with hooks, cabinets with shoe rack, bench storages or entrance hall wardrobes. Opt for our customisable panels to furnish one or more corridor walls: more than 50 different bespoke layouts for you to configure in just a few clicks.

Small corridors, big solutions: space saving hallway storages

Space is the first thing to keep in mind when choosing furniture for the entryway or your corridor. Even more than all the other environments of the house the entrance hall requires multi-purpose furniture that take up very little space but at the same time able to provide in few centimetres everything you need to keep your entrance hall cosy and functional. That's why you will be able to find on diotti.com a selection of great space-saving hallway furniture. Wall panelling solutions with a reduced depth that can be equipped with mirrors, shelves and hooks as well as narrow storage cabinets with a depth of 20, 25 or 30 cm, you can also find some ideas to cover up corners. Also a wall-mounted cabinet can be a good idea; it does not stand on the floor and at the same time it adds a touch of style to the entryway!

Don't be late in the morning, choose a hallway mirror with hooks

If you don't want to loose too much time before heading out to work or school, a good idea would be to furnish your wall with a modern and functional hallway unit. According to your space needs you can choose a complete set of console tables with mirror or reduce the space at the minimum by placing close to a door a mirror with shelf. If the space is more generous you can choose among several other ideas,such as wardrobes to be used as coat storage, sideboards, bench storages, cupboards, shoe racks, full-height mirrors (for a last look before leaving the house). And, if you like the idea, you can just opt for a coat rack closed behind a door or a mirror, in this way you can have it all: a reflecting surface and a place where to store coats, bags and scarves.

Hallway ideas: multi-purpose furniture for your entrance

Who said hallway furniture have just one purpose? In small houses the key is optimise the space you have and use at best every furniture piece. That's why we offer not only classic hallway wall panelling or traditional shoe racks but we also have some functional multi-purpose solutions to wisely optimise the space. An example? Have a look at our hallway pocket emptiers with mirrors, dividing double-sided bookcases and storage units with big drawers.

Wooden hallway furniture: classic with a modern twist

Let's face it, resist the charm of wooden furniture is almost impossible. That's why you can find wood in all its variants and colours. We were inspired by big classic pieces here revisited with a contemporary twist to follow the latest trends. If what you're looking for is an elegant entryway furniture our models in oak, grey oak, wengé, walnut and cherry finish are perfect for you.

Want to refurbish your house? Start from a design entrance hall furniture

The entrance hall is basically your introduction for the external world. It's the first thing your guests will see once they are welcomed inside your house, it can give precious hints on your furniture style, the harmony of the different environments as well as the tastes of the ones who live there. That is why when we decide to change the furniture of our home many of us start from the pieces set in the entryway. You can start looking at our selection of design hallway cabinets with a modern and catchy look. On diotti.com you will find original propositions, perfect to add a bit of contemporary vibe to the corridor. Other than peculiar sets (one above all: our best seller, the boat shaped cabinet with drawer!), you can also choose among hundreds of finishes and trendy colours: black, red, gloss or matt white lacquer... customise furniture has never been so easy.

Online entrance hall furniture: which one is yours?

Choose the convenience of our online store and browse among more than 50 different entryway furniture pieces. Use the filters to select the measurements, the material, the position and the layout or again browse freely among the different product cards. Inside each one you will find prices, technical details and images that will help you draw the inspiration you need.