Classic Coffee Tables

Classic living room coffee tables: hand-crafted excellence

Discover our exclusive collection of classic coffee tables made from glass, wood and metal in a wide range of shapes and sizes. With their discreet taste of luxury, these coffee tables in classic styles are handmade by experienced Italian craftsmen and add a unique touch of elegance to any formal setting.

  • Bloomy classic white coffee table

    Classic Coffee Table

    Starting from €786

    Bloomy classic white coffee table available in other several finishes. Elegant and sophisticated design, square or rectangular top.

  • Calice classic gold leaf end table by Cantori

    End Table

    Starting from €1,028

    Calice classic gold leaf end table by Cantori. Art deco style with a modern luxury flavour and bronze smoked glass top.

  • Tavolino da fumo George con struttura in fusione d'alluminio

    Classic Coffee Table

    Starting from €1,814

    George mirrored coffee table with classic feet in die-cast aluminium by Cantori. Elegant and sophisticated design for classy living rooms.

  • Tavolino da caffè rotondo elegante Godot di Borzalino

    Wooden Round Coffee Table

    Starting from €1,392

    Godot round coffee table by Borzalino with legs crafted from solid, hand-turned wood and table top in glass or marble. Three sizes available.

  • Tavolino Intrigo interamente realizzato in vetro trasparente extrachiaro

    Glass Coffee Table

    Starting from €1,072

    Intrigo coffee table made of extra-clear glass, available rectangular or square.

  • Tavolino con base oro Isidoro di Cantori

    Design Coffee Table

    Starting from €3,036

    Isidoro classic oval smoke coffee table with gold base by Cantori. Also in a round end table version, with marble or smoked glass top.

  • Seraphina coffee table with black marble base

    Stone Coffee Table

    Starting from €621

    Seraphina coffee table with black marble base and glass top, also available with white base. Oval, rectangular, or shaped top.

Gold leaf and marble: classic coffee tables with luxurious finishes

Some finishes are typical of Italian hand-crafting furniture tradition. In particular, finishes such as gold leaf can enhance the look of a coffee table and create hand-made works of art. These types of finishes and decorative elements can not be mass made with the use of machines, so every piece is unique and one-of-a-kind.

A coffee table in a luxury context might also feature a marble top, a typical symbol of extreme elegance. The beauty of natural stone, especially when placed on top of a finely designed and well-made base structure, creates artistic pieces for placing in front of the sofa, or next to it as an end table. Equally formal and sophisticated, our glass coffee tables are another classic and luxurious option. Light and delicate, these models become a symbol of elegance and refinement, naturally reflecting the light in the living room and lending a sense of visual spaciousness to both classic and contemporary settings.

The versatility and elegance of classic coffee tables

Next to leather or velvet sofas and armchairs, classic coffee tables have the potential to become the protagonist of any sophisticated living room. Clear glass coffee tables offer interesting furnishing solutions for living rooms that are already loaded with a variety of colours and finishes. Glass has two advantages: on one hand, transparency allows you to see through tops and structures, highlighting the floor or carpet, and on the other, it increases the perception of space and brightness. If positioned next to the sofa as an end table with a small lamp, the models from this collection are perfect for replacing a large floor lamp or for using in the bedroom as a bedside table.

Classic wooden coffee tables: timeless elegance

Wood is a classic, versatile and long-lasting material. Italian hand-crafting tradition has always used wood as a prime material, decorating it with beautiful inlays or small carvings on the legs or top edges. Wood can be finished with gold or silver leaf, or can be transformed into a vintage or antique-looking piece with shellac decorations or high-quality varnishing. The traditional skills of Italian artisans are translated into this exclusive collection which you can buy online now.