Modern lighting for an elegant and bright home

Explore our collection of pendant, table, floor, ceiling or wall lamps, available in glass, metal or fabrics. Choose and personalise the model that best fits your style and embellish your home with a high quality piece of furniture. Combine chandeliers, bedside table lamps or lamps sitting flush against the walls or create interesting light effects on the living room walls with a designer floor lamp. Our models can fit every requirement about both style and lighting.

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  • Antigua curved floor lamp in metal and glass


    Starting from €253

    Antigua curved floor lamp in metal and glass, with double emission integrated LED light; also available as pendant light, wall lamp and ceiling lamp.

  • Apollo glass ball pendant lamp by Cattelan, with clear and painted glass shade


    Starting from €269

    Apollo glass ball pendant lamp by Cattelan, with lampshade in clear and painted borosilicate glass. Customisable and can be used in multiples.

  • Lampada in vetro a coste Bluebell


    Starting from €292

    Bluebell ribbed-glass lamp features a long and sleek glass base. A beautiful artisanal masterpiece ideal for tables and suspended.

  • Demi Moon dome-shaped floor lamp

    Demì Moon

    Starting from €2,279

    Demi Moon floor lamp with dome-shaped shade, three-legged base white or black. LED light integrated, dimmer and adjustable lampshade.

  • Diphy modern leaf-like pendant light by Linea Light


    Starting from €614

    Diphy modern leaf-like pendant light. Diffuser is transparent when lights are off but bright and impactful when lights are on.

  • Lampada a cilindro in cristallo Diver di Prandina


    Starting from €710

    Lampada a cilindro in cristallo Diver realizzata in vetro soffiato, con doppio diffusore e luce LED. Proposta nei modelli a sospensione, da tavolo, da soffitto e applique.

  • Lampada d'arredo in vetro Fez di Prandina


    Starting from €811

    Lampada d'arredo in vetro Fez con diffusore esterno in metallo lucido rame, ottone e nero o verniciato opaco. Disponibile da tavolo, a sospensione e piantana.

  • Lampadario moderno con pendagli in cristallo Giogali


    Starting from €642

    Modern chandelier with glass pendants Giogali. Crystal hooks in different colours applied to pendant lamps, ceiling lamps, wall lamps and floor lamps.

  • Lampada stile liberty in vetro soffiato Japan


    Starting from €241

    Japan Art Nouveau lamp in clear or frosted blown glass in 5 colours. Pendant or table lamp with a black metal base.

  • Jengo designer copper lamp.


    Starting from €253

    Jengo designer copper lamp is made up of a metal cage and a blown glass lampshade. Floor and pendant lamp.

  • La Mariée spherical pendant lamp in blown glass by Linea Light

    La Mariée

    Starting from €513

    La Mariée spherical pendant lamp in blown glass with clear, smoked, copper or gold diffuser. Available as a pendant or table lamp.

  • Lampada a lanterna moderna Luisa di Prandina


    Starting from €662

    Lampada a lanterna moderna Luisa, proposta da tavolo o a sospensione, con diffusore in vetro soffiato e struttura in metallo in più combinazioni cromatiche.

  • Manhattan is a floor metal vertical lamp by Cattelan made of parallelepipeds that remind of a skyscraper


    Starting from €1,367

    Manhattan is a vertical metal floor lamp by Cattelan made of parallelepipeds which resemble a skyscraper. Black, graphite or titanium embossed finish.

  • Lampada da terra di design Miss


    Starting from €1,225

    Lampada da terra di design Miss con paralume in vetro opalino bianco, struttura e "cappello" in bronzo pietra opaco. Disponibile nelle altezze cm 150 e 185.

  • Lampada a sospensione in metallo Mongolfier di Linea Light


    Starting from €549

    Mongolfier luxurious metal cage pendant lamp with dimmable LED for traditional light or a warmer and more relaxing ambience.

  • Lampada di design per la zona living Mr.Magoo


    Starting from €406

    Mr.Magoo design lamp in white polyethylene, perfect for a living room. Available as a floor lamp, ceiling light or pendant light.

  • Oh! modern spherical ball light by Linea Light


    Starting from €118

    Oh! modern spherical ball light by Linea Light. Available in various models and sizes; wall light, floor light or pendant light.

  • Lampada a sospensione Pandora con elementi in legno essenza rovere naturale


    Starting from €797

    Pandora pendant lamp in glass and wood, single or from 2 to 6 lampshades. Modern design with alternating geometric elements.

  • Planeta by Cattelan ground design lamp


    Starting from €654

    Planeta by Cattelan design floor lamp with spheres in blown glass. Available as a suspension, ground, table and applique lamp.

  • Lampada moderna in bronzo Rodin di Cantori


    Starting from €805

    Rodin modern bronze pendant lamp by Cantori. Also available in the table version for a sophisticated desk.

  • Lampada abat-jour da tavolo Sino di Prandina


    Starting from €546

    Lampada abat-jour moderna da tavolo Sino con diffusore a campana in vetro soffiato e struttura in metallo. Luce a LED integrata, anche applique.

  • Lampada con sfere in vetro soffiato a mano Sofì di Bonaldo nel modello a sospensione con 7 paralumi e struttura esagonale


    Starting from €663

    Sofì by Bonaldo lamp with hand-blown glass globes and a unique and exclusive design. Pendant, wall, table or floor lamp.

  • Squash table lamp with LED light and white diffuser


    Starting from €191

    Squash table lamp with LED light and white polyethylene diffuser. Also available as a ceiling light, pendant lamp or floor lamp.

  • Sunset minimal table lamp in satin brass by Cattelan


    Starting from €278

    Sunset minimal table lamp in satin brass by Cattelan. Smoked borosilicate glass lampshade for a warm tone. Also in the pendant ceiling version.

  • Lampada da terra di design Thriller di Cattelan, finitura acciaio verniciato grey opaco


    Starting from €1,119

    Thriller contemporary designer floor lamp by Cattelan. Steel structure in several finishes, over two metres tall.

  • Lampada a sospensione in vetro soffiato Acquerelli di Bonaldo nel modello singolo piccolo, grande e doppio


    Starting from €912

    Acquerelli by Bonaldo ceiling light in hand-blown glass, single, double or 3 lampshade chandelier. Also available as a desk lamp.

  • Armonia by Vistosi, a lamp with balloton and rigadin glass cylinders - twisted or straight


    Starting from €417

    Armonia lamp with straight or twisted balloton and rigadin glass cylinders and metal frame. It's available as a 2- or 4- light pendant or wall light.

  • Lampada di design con sfere in vetro Atomo


    Starting from €1,035

    Atomo design lamp with glass spheres, available in two models: table lamp or pendant lamp, and in a variety of colour combinations.

  • Lampada a sospensione a grappolo Bulle


    Starting from €146

    Bulle round metal and glass lamp available pendant, as a table lamp or wall lamp in several colours.

  • Clepsydra lamp in a modern environment


    Starting from €1,874

    Lounge floor lamp Clepsydra in white or coloured blown glass. Tall lamp with sleek shape, it provides soft light, adjustable with a dimmer.

  • Demì dome-shaped pendant lamp


    Starting from €942

    Demì dome-shaped pendant lamp with integrated LED light with dimmer for a high visual comfort. Available in two sizes, also ceiling / wall fixed.

  • Ecos glass ring striped lamp with rigadin technique by Vistosi


    Starting from €1,057

    Ecos glass ring striped lamp with rigadin technique, in colours white and transparent. Pendant lamp, ceiling, wall lamp and floor lamps.

  • Lampada da terra con braccio regolabile Effimera di Prandina


    Starting from €2,429

    Lampada da terra con braccio regolabile Effimera, ideale in salotto o sopra al tavolo. Disponibile nera o bianca, con paralume in tessuto o con diffusore a vista.

  • Applique ad arco Flyer orientabile


    Starting from €1,430

    Applique ad arco Flyer in metallo nei colori nero o bianco. Una lampada da parete a sbalzo orientabile e disponibile in due lunghezze. Luce a LED dimmerabile.

  • Lampadario a foglie in metallo Fred


    Starting from €360

    Fred metal pendant lamp with leaves-shaped lampshade, available in white or copper. Also as a ceiling lamp; halogen or LED light.

  • Lampada retrò in vetro e metallo Futura di Vistosi


    Starting from €525

    Futura retro lamp in glass and metal; available as pendant, table lamp, wall lamp, ceiling and floor lamp. Lampshade in clear and frosted glass with metallic ring.

  • Lampada da appoggio in vetro soffiato con filo rosso Glam di Prandina


    Starting from €491

    Lampada da appoggio in vetro soffiato con filo rosso Glam, con diffusore in 4 colori su base in cristallo trasparente. Proposta in 4 dimensioni.

  • Lampada da tavolo in vetro soffiato Gong di Prandina


    Starting from €497

    Lampada da tavolo in vetro soffiato Gong sofisticata e originale, anche a sospensione e applique. Diffusore tondeggiante verniciato o specchiato metallizzato.

  • Lampada pendente in vetro soffiato Gong Mini di Prandina

    Gong Mini

    Starting from €370

    Lampada pendente in vetro soffiato Gong Mini a sospensione singola o in sofisticate composizioni a grappolo. Diffusore in cristallo verniciato o metallizzato.

  • Lampada in vetro soffiato Jube dal design vintage


    Starting from €690

    Jube blown glass lamps. Vintage design collection composed of pendant lamps, wall lamp, table lamp and floor lamp; all coming with LED lighting source.

  • Karibù concrete steel floor lamp by Cattelan


    Starting from €650

    Karibù is a modern concrete and steel floor lamp fitted with a Cotonette fabric lampshade in black.

  • Waterfall crystal chandelier Minigiogali by Vistosi


    Starting from €458

    Waterfall crystal chandelier Minigiogali. Glass hooks in different colours applied to pendant, ceiling, wall, table or floor lamps.

  • Oxygen LED design lamp with circular lampshade by Linea Light


    Starting from €370

    Oxygen LED design lamp with circular lampshade, available in 4 colours as a pendant lamp, ceiling light, wall light or floor lamp.

  • Lampada da terra per divano Paraph di Prandina


    Starting from €546

    Lampada da terra per divano Paraph, per angolo lettura o da scrivania. Struttura in alluminio nero, con braccio girevole a 360° e luce LED orientabile.

  • Lampadario chandelier moderno Puppet di Vistosi


    Starting from €294

    Modern chandelier with crystal spheres Puppet. Also available as a single pendant lamp, or other layouts up to 36 lighting sources.

  • Lampada con sfere in cristallo Puppet Ring di Vistosi

    Puppet Ring

    Starting from €812

    Pendant lamp with crystal spheres Puppet Ring; characterised by a metal ring structure and available from 5 to 15 lighting sources. Also available as wall lamp.

  • Lampada moderna in vetro colorato Riflesso di Vistosi


    Starting from €465

    Modern coloured glass lamp Riflesso with lampshade in three shapes and structure in gold or copper. Pendant, ceiling and table lamp models.

  • Lampada a lanterna portatile wireless Shuttle


    Starting from €552

    Lampada a lanterna portatile wireless Shuttle con LED a batteria ricaricabile. Disponibile anche la sospensione coordinata. Nei colori bianco o nero.

Elegance and style with a modern designer lamp

Available in many unique models, different for installation, diffusion and finishes. Our modern designer lamps fit perfectly in any room, from the kitchen to the living room and the bedroom. A well thought out source of light from a wall sconce or pendant can focus attention on certain furnishing details, or create a relaxing well lit and functional reading corner.

Often grouped together with lamps of different sizes, our modern lamps are available in handblown glass, acid etched or lacquered glass or in metal, sometimes upholstered with fabrics for a classic look, able to reinvent itself and adapt to modern spaces.

Dining or living room lamps: every room has its own light

Choosing the right lamp is fundamental to find the right lighting for every room and double so for the kitchen. Above kitchen counters or islands, in an open space or in a kitchen-diner, the most trendy option is a large suspended chandelier, ideal for lighting the cooking and dining surfaces. Many suspended light sources, for example a set of three lamps, with similar or different finishes, create dynamism without sacrificing functionality and brightness.

The living room, on the other hand, can forgo direct lighting and opt for a soft and suggestive atmosphere that enhances the volumes of the furnishings. Very common are therefore wall sconces and ceiling lights, available in different models and finishes to create pleasant tone-on-tone effects with the walls or equally interesting contrasts with the colour palette of the living area. Floor lamps are often used to create well-lit corners for reading.