Apollo glass ball pendant lamp by Cattelan, with lampshade in clear and painted borosilicate glass. Customisable and can be used in multiples.

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Apollo is a glass ball pendant lamp by Cattelan. The lamp is made up of two borosilicate glass shades that comes in clear or painted glass in chromed, copper or bronze colours. You can personalise the lamp by switching the colour of the upper ball, while the lower one remains in clear glass.
Apollo is available in several models, from 1 to 8 diffusers. With 8 diffusers, the ceiling rose can be either round or oval. It is also possible to customise the diffusers by choosing to have all of the upper balls in the same finish, or in different finishes. This lamp is suitable for a modern and elegant living room, characterised by warm shades.

customisable pendant lamp
available in single units or in compositions
upper ball available in various colours
lightbulbs included for all models

Materials and Finishes
- steel
- borosilicate glass

Information for your Quote
By selecting 'create your own personalised Apollo composition' at the checkout, you can customise the number of diffusers (min. 1, max. 8) as well as the colour of the upper sphere on each diffuser. If you select a number of diffusers which is less than the maximum number permitted, you can request rubber pads to cover the excess holes.

Technical study

Technical Specifications and Equipment
Pendant lamp with 1 light:
- G4 screw base: led, 1 light bulb, max. 1.5W
Pendant lamp with five lights:
- G4 screw base: led, 5 light bulbs, max. of 1.5W for each lightbulb
Pendant lamp with eight lights:
- G4 screw base: led, 8 light bulbs, max. of 1.5W for each lightbulb

Further Info...
Borosilicate Glass is a material known for its resistance to thermic changes and for its low widening coefficent. It has also optimal characteristics in terms of shaping, transparency and solidity that make it perfect for various uses: from precision use to everyday home tool.

Additional Information

Oriano Favaretto
Area of Production
Easy Assembling
Assembling Instructions
Download Assembling Instructions
Number of Packages
1 - 9
from 1,2 to 17,5 Kg
Cubic Metres
from 0,03 to 0,28 m³
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Partner Factory

This item is the result of the great creative energy of Cattelan Italia, a company from Veneto region, founded in 1979. The initial manufacturing focused on small marble furniture accessories and tables designed for the foreign market. In the 80s the interest of the national market for these refined products increases, encouraging the company to widen its offer of dining tables, chairs, bookcases and accessories for sitting and living rooms.

The house is the symbol of the things most dear to you – Giorgio Cattelan loves to say – a world were you are surrounded by items comforting in both shape and essence. Because for me what is beautiful has to be functional too”. For more than thirty years this brand furnishes both modern and classic houses, while constantly widening the offered items. In 2011 Cattelan assimilate ARKETIPO, a renown company from Florence famous all over the world for the production of design upholstered items.

The company is today present in more than 150 countries worldwide. Cattelan Italia attends every year to national and international furniture fairs, such as Milan's International Furniture Fair, Cologne IMM Expo, the Maison et Objet in Paris.

Their headquarters is developed on 33.000 square metres, a breeding ground of creative minds collaborating with renowned architects and designers.


Cattelan: modern furniture

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