No Assembly or Basic Assembly - This category includes all products that do not require any assembly or can be assembled with simple steps that do not require any particular knowledge or specific tools. This includes chairs, armchairs, poufs, chests of drawers, bedside tables, coffee tables, and accessories in general. An example of a simple installation is fixing the seat of a chair to its frame with screws. Some items classified as "No Assembly" may require the help of a second or third person for delivery to the floor or removal of the packaging: please refer to the Product Sheet or Customer Service for an indication of volumes.
Easy Assembly - Extendable tables and beds are usually included in this category: Easy assembly refers to the bed purchased without the storage box. If you have chosen the option with storage, please refer to "Medium assembly". Another example are storage elements or TV stands on the floor.
Medium Assembly - This category includes wall units, beds with storage units and some bookcases. Two people are not strictly necessary, but a helpmate is highly recommended for those with little experience. The instructions are detailed but clear. For these products, the use of a drill is often required to fix suspended elements to the wall with fischer plugs, an operation that evidently requires a specific tool and particular attention when drilling the holes. An electric screwdriver is recommended, although not strictly necessary.
Elaborate Assembly - Elaborate assembly products, such as wardrobes and kitchens, require at least 2 workers and, if not specific experience in the field, at least a strong sense of practicality and relative handedness. In this case too, specific tools may be required, even if they are commonly used, such as a drill (for suspended elements) or a screwdriver (to speed up any numerous operations).
Advanced Assembly - These articles require at least 2 experienced persons to assemble or, alternatively, professional fitters. The use of specific tools is necessary and, above all, knowledge of the many tricks that only previous experience can provide. At the moment offers very few products with these requirements.
Large Volume Packages - The presence of this indication means that one or more parcels of the same article may be particularly bulky and require the assistance of several people to handle them. You may also need to assist the courier in unloading packages that are too large for one person to handle.

Assembly Services does not offer Assembly Services.

However, it is important to note that most of our products travel pre-assembled: assembly generally consists of assembling pre-defined parts (e.g. a drawer can travel in its sliding structure or detached from it, but always assembled, there is therefore no need to assemble the bottom, back, side panels, front, slides, etc.).

To help the customer identify the type of assembly required, we have come up with a classification that is then applied to each of our products: going from "No or Basic Assembly" to "Advanced Assembly" we have an indication of the increasing assembly requisites in terms of experience or practical sense required, any specific tools, and collaboration by a second or third person. In any case, assembly instructions are normally included; in addition, Customer Care is always available.