No - Basic

No Assembly or Basic Assembly: This category gathers all products which do not need any kind of assembling or that they can be assembled through simple operations without any particular expertise or tool like chairs, armchairs, ottomans, dressers, nightstands, coffee tables and more in general objects and accessories. Also products which require basic operations like fixing a seat to a structure with screws belong to this category. For some items classified under the "No Assembling" category the collaboration of a second or third person can be necessary for the transportation inside the house/flat and the removal of the packages; please refer to the Product Card or ask our Customer Care about volumes.


Easy Assembly: This category usually gathers extending tables and beds: Easy assembling refers to beds without storage boxes. If you've chosen a model with storage box please refer to the Medium Assembling. Other example are storage units or TV stands which can be wall mounted or floor standing.


Medium Assembly: This category gathers wall systems, beds with storage box and some bookcases. The assembling process can require the collaboration of a second person, especially for people lacking experience. Instructions are articulated but clear. For these products it is often required the use of a an electric drill to fasten hanging elements to the wall with fischers; please perform this task with a specific tool and attention in drilling. It is recommended, though not strictly necessary, an electric screwdriver.


Elaborated Assembly: Products with an Elaborate Assembly, for example wardrobes and kitchens, require at least 2 people and it is recommended, if not a specific experience in the furniture field, at least a good practical sense and manual skills. In this case specific tools are also needed, even if quite common, such as an electric drill (for hanging elements) or an electric screwdriver (to accelerate all the operations).


Advanced Assembly: The assembling process requires at least 2 people with experience or, as an alternative, a professional assembler. You will need some special tools and above all particular care that only a previous assembling experience can give. At present only has a few products with these requirements.

Large Volume Packages

Large Volume Packages: If you find this sign it means that one or more packages of the same item can be voluminous. You will need the help of more people to move them. You will also need to help the carrier unloading packages which are too heavy or too voluminous to be handled by one person only.

Assembly Assembly Classification does not supply any assembly service. Most of our collections are already pre-assembled: if they are unassembled you should probably only need to fit some already fixed parts together (for example a drawer can be already integrated into its sliding rails or not but it has already been assembled anyway. This means you do not have to assemble bottom, back, partitions, fronts, hinges and so on... )

To help you finding your assembly category easily, we have figured out a classification that is applied to each of our products: moving from 1 to 5, the "small screwdrivers" give instructions about the level of assembling required in terms of experience or practical skills, possible tools needed or a possible collaboration of someone else. At any rate, assembly instructions are usually included; moreover our Customer Care team is always at disposal for assistance.