Walk-in Closets

Modular walk-in wardrobes: modern solutions for every bedroom

An exclusive selection of bespoke walk-in wardrobes, suitable for simple wall structures and for entire rooms used as a wardrobe. Thanks to the wide range of models offered (e.g. models with racks, panels and upright supports, as well as self-supporting and double-sided options), you can create a linear or corner wardrobe along a wall, behind the bed or fixed to a low and sloping ceiling.

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Joyce Pacific

Joyce Pacific Walk-in Closet

Walk-in closet with rack system and paneling Joyce Pacific. It can be equipped with drawers, shoe racks and floor bench.

Depth: cm 43,2 / 56,7
Height: cm 223,6 / 239,6 / 255,6 / 287,6
Finishes: melamine, matt lacquer, mirror


Pacific Walk-in Closet

Free-standing walk-in wardrobe with wardrobe structure with or without doors and metal frame or wooden panel sides.

Depth: cm 43,5 (47,4) / cm 59,5 (63,4)
Height: cm 223,6 / 239,6 / 255,6 / 287,6
Finishes: melamine, matt lacquer, glass, metal

Pacific Double-sided

Pacific Double-sided walk-in closet

Free-standing double-sided walk-in closet, customisable with open modules or modules with backrest finished on the rear side.

Depth: cm 43,5 / 59,5
Height: cm 223,6 / 239,6 / 255,6 / 287,6
Finishes: melamine, lacquer, mirror, faux-leather

Pacific Open Shoe Rack

Pacific Open Shoe Rack

Pacific shoe rack, designed to be matched with Pacific and Joyce Pacific walk-in closet. Available in 10 widths: from 62,5 to 242,5 cm.

Depth: cm 43,5
Height: cm 223,6 / 239,6 / 255,6 / 287,6
Finishes: textured melamine, matt lacquer

Pacific Island

Pacific Drawers Unit Island

Island with drawers to be matched with Pacific and Joyce Pacific walk-in closets, available for a position against the wall or double-sided.

Depth: cm 54,7 / cm 92,2 / cm 105,7
Height: cm 83,3
Finishes: melamine, matt lacquer, glass


Betis Walk-in Closet

Design walk-in closet Betis with metal rod system to be fixed to the ceiling or wall, perfect for sloped ceiling too.

Depth: cm 32 / 41,6 - 44 / 50 - 52,4
Height: variable up to a max of cm 310
Finishes: melamine, wood veneer, lacquer, metal

Bliss Player

Bliss Player Walk-in Closet

Walk-in closet with rack system and wall panelling modular and with many equipment at disposal.

Depth: cm 46,3 / 57,8
Height: cm 229,5 / 255,1 / 277
Finishes: melamine, wood veneer, lacquer, mirror


Player walk-in closet

Free-standing closet system Player with wardrobe structure without doors. It can be equipped with drawers, racks and LED light.

Depth: cm 59
Height: cm 226 / 239 / 255 / 291
Finish: melamine


Byron Walk-in Closet

Byron Walk-in closet composed of a structure with rods that can be fixed to the wall or ceiling. Custom cut height, perfect for sloping roofs.

Depth: cm 50
Height: variable up to a max of cm 300
Finish: melamine, aluminium

Big corner walk-in wardrobes, a functional luxury

Whatever structure has been chosen, the high customisation of our models will allow you to easily create big corner modules, L- or U-shaped, to furnish two or more walls of a room used as a walk-in wardrobe. The creative possibilities are almost endless: we offer wardrobes with or without sides, with back panels or freestanding, for unique double-sided compositions to divide a space. All the corner walk-in wardrobes in our collection are embellished by a variety of internal equipment and accessories: drawers, shoe racks, shelves, coat hangers, trousers or shirt racks and other practical accessories will improve your wardrobe and optimise space, to create an authentic and made to measure piece of furniture.

Customisable finishes and compositions: a walk-in wardrobe for every need

Thanks to the high modularity and customisation offered by our collection, enjoying the charm of a quality walk-in wardrobe is possible, even without the luxury of an entire room intended only for a large corner composition with islands. A simple bedroom wall can in fact accommodate a compact linear wall unit with back panels or freestanding units, replacing the wardrobe with an open walk-in closet that leaves the compartments and accessories in view. Similarly, an attic with a sloping ceiling, taking advantage of the ability to adjust the upright poles, could be the ideal place to insert a walk-in wardrobe with rods and reclaim a space that would otherwise go unused. The uniqueness and exclusiveness of our collection is reflected in the finishes available, a detail not to be overlooked once the structure and equipment have been selected. Melamine, veneered wood and coloured lacquered, matt or glossy, are among the many alternatives offered by our sample catalogue, all carefully selected from a list of trendy materials and colours. The models with rods, wall-mounted poles or freestanding structure also include elements in satin-finished metal, for a mélange of different materials with an unmistakable industrial effect.