Walk-in Closets

Modular fitted walk-in closets, the right solution for every space

Our walk-in closets have been designed to fit both large and small spaces, to be combined directly inside bedrooms or entire rooms intended for open wardrobes. Thanks to the different types available (with wall panelling, with racks, metal rods, free-standing wardrobes without doors...) you can compose L shaped walk-in closets, on a wall or on three and more walls, behind the bed, on a sloped ceiling, without limit of measurements and with many accessories to choose from in addition to the standard shelves.

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Joyce Pacific

Joyce Pacific Walk-in Closet

Walk-in closet with rack system and paneling Joyce Pacific. It can be equipped with drawers, shoe racks and floor bench.

Depth: cm 43,2 / 56,7
Height: cm 223,6 / 239,6 / 255,6 / 287,6
Finishes: melamine, matt lacquer, mirror


Pacific Walk-in Closet

Free-standing walk-in wardrobe with wardrobe structure with or without doors and metal frame or wooden panel sides.

Depth: cm 43,5 (47,4) / cm 59,5 (63,4)
Height: cm 223,6 / 239,6 / 255,6 / 287,6
Finishes: melamine, matt lacquer, glass, metal

Pacific Double-sided

Pacific Double-sided walk-in closet

Free-standing double-sided walk-in closet, customisable with open modules or modules with backrest finished on the rear side.

Depth: cm 43,5 / 59,5
Height: cm 223,6 / 239,6 / 255,6 / 287,6
Finishes: melamine, lacquer, mirror, faux-leather

Pacific Open Shoe Rack

Pacific Open Shoe Rack

Pacific shoe rack, designed to be matched with Pacific and Joyce Pacific walk-in closet. Available in 10 widths: from 62,5 to 242,5 cm.

Depth: cm 43,5
Height: cm 223,6 / 239,6 / 255,6 / 287,6
Finishes: textured melamine, matt lacquer

Pacific Island

Pacific Drawers Unit Island

Island with drawers to be matched with Pacific and Joyce Pacific walk-in closets, available for a position against the wall or double-sided.

Depth: cm 54,7 / cm 92,2 / cm 105,7
Height: cm 83,3
Finishes: melamine, matt lacquer, glass


Betis Walk-in Closet

Design walk-in closet Betis with metal rod system to be fixed to the ceiling or wall, perfect for sloped ceiling too.

Depth: cm 32 / 41,6 - 44 / 50 - 52,4
Height: variable up to a max of cm 310
Finishes: melamine, wood veneer, lacquer, metal

Bliss Player

Bliss Player Walk-in Closet

Walk-in closet with rack system and wall panelling modular and with many equipment at disposal.

Depth: cm 46,3 / 57,8
Height: cm 229,5 / 255,1 / 277
Finishes: melamine, wood veneer, lacquer, mirror


Player walk-in closet

Free-standing closet system Player with wardrobe structure without doors. It can be equipped with drawers, racks and LED light.

Depth: cm 59
Height: cm 226 / 239 / 255 / 291
Finish: melamine


Byron Walk-in Closet

Byron Walk-in closet composed of a structure with rods that can be fixed to the wall or ceiling. Custom cut height, perfect for sloping roofs.

Depth: cm 50
Height: variable up to a max of cm 300
Finish: melamine, aluminium


Tilt walk-in closet

Tilt laminate walk-in closet with wardrobe structure without doors. It can be equipped with drawers, racks and LED light.

Depth: cm 58,4
Height: cm 232 / 241,2 / 259,6 / 296,5
Finishes: laminate

Bespoke walk-in closet: not just for the stars

You don't have to be Carrie Bradshaw or Chiara Ferragni to have a true VIP walk-in closet. Thanks to our solutions you can create the perfect custom-made open closet for you. Organization and optimization are the key words to create a beautiful and functional walk-in closet, even in a few square meters. Think about it: you can exploit those two unused walls of the room, recover the attic, a niche or a closet in the hallway. With the many modules available, measurements will not be a problem. You can also create a small and compact walk-in closet, perhaps using the space up to the ceiling and adopting some space-saving solutions. Just add drawers and containers to optimize the room and make it even more tidy and elegant. Create a little corner of paradise where you can store clothes, bags, accessories and all the shoes you can not give up.

Corner walk-in closet, the dream of a true fashion victim

What woman has never dreamed of having an L-shaped walk-in closet? On one wall endless rows of shoes, drawers overflowing with jewelry and accessories, shelves crammed with bags of every brand. On the other wall hangers full of clothes for all occasions, coats and jackets for every season. Corner walk-in closets are ideal for all true fashionistas because they allow you to create two distinct areas, one for clothing, the second for accessories. But the real news is that you can create a custom walk-in closet capable of transforming over time according to your needs: to expand and grow with your collection of sneakers or heels, just as you always wanted! In fact, our structures for walk-in closets are modular and allow you to add a chest of drawers, a shelf or a shirt rack whenever you need it. One more piece of advice: include a large mirror with lights to make you feel like a real Hollywood star.

Walk-in closet on a sloped ceiling or behind the bed?

Post structures, modules that can be moved on rack rails, independent wall panels are ideal to create a walk-in closet in the attic or in the loft. These solutions follow the course of the walls and are perfectly adapted to sloping ceilings, exploiting the space at full height. Clothes, jackets, bags and shoes will find their ideal location in a room of their own, hidden from prying eyes. If, on the other hand, you love fluid environments and the mixing of functions, you can stay in the bedroom by opting for a walk-in closet behind the bed. In this case, the ideal are the models consisting essentially of an open closet, without doors, to be placed behind a nice bed placed in the middle of the room. Here you have the utmost convenience: you can see everything and find everything, in a moment.

Buy the perfect walk-in closet at discounted prices

On diotti.com you can design and purchase the perfect solution for your wardrobe and closet in few simple clicks and at disounted prices all year long. You don't know where to start? You can count on our expert interior designers that will help you drawing your own bespoke walk-in closet online or in the showroom.